Throwing More Spaghetti Against the Wall

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Caption: Sometimes it sticks. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Sometimes, you’re the Louisville Slugger; sometimes, you’re the ball.

Tank: So far, it’s been a parade tank. They need to have something to show at public events.


Bullet Points:

** Advice from Confucious: “Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.

** The graphic (left) is for DRJIM.

** Old NFO discusses the transformation of the Boy Scouts of America to Scouting America…sort of a pro-tranny/pro-homo/gender fluid outfit. He does a better job than I can. I was the council commissioner for the California Inland Empire Council (33,000 boys) back in the 90s. That’s before the organization went woke, went broke, and decided to double down recently in a desperate move to attract the gender confused among us. There was no confusion with the original scouting program.

** I’m still on the road and will be for most of the rest of May. If the blogging is less robust than usual, that’s why. I’m still working on graphics in my downtime to decompress.

** I realize that it’s not politically correct to say it, but watching the left burning its colleges where rich kids are brainwashed has been fun.

** HIMARS Shell Game (h/t Claudio) This addresses the training op in the P.I., but you know that it’s going on in Taiwan. Does the PRC care? I doubt they’ll invade Taiwan under the present conditions. If they do, loss of life on either side isn’t much of a consideration. Loss of international trade might not mean much to President Xi, who is intent on rebuilding the Bamboo Curtain, but it would be tough for China in general. (good)

** Am I the only one who thinks that it’s weird – an archeologist finds three human bones in a cave, gets them carbon-dated — then gives it a name and tells a story of its life?

** What is the divorce rate among special forces operators? Close to 100%. These days, they get divorce letters by e-mail. It’s cold. PS – She has your dog. All your crap is either in storage, or she threw it on the lawn for the neighbors to pick over. If you’re lucky, she sold it at a garage sale, and the $52.61 she got for everything you own, including your guns and surfboard, was sent to you by Venmo. Thank you for your service. It’s worse when you’re barely clinging to life in the hospital when the news arrives.

** Claudio knew this would send me into rant mode – thanks, Claudio. This seaplane boondoggle will land in heavy seas, and I have no problem with wing-in-ground-effect WIG aircraft. The Russians developed some for use on the Black, Caspian, and Baltic Seas. But will this American abomination ever be built and deployed? Doubtful. It’s $8.3 million more tossed into a toilet. But where’s the limit when you deficit spend and print money and buy your bonds? I’m sure that Aurora (recipient of the contract) barfs up 10% for the Big Guy.

** Am I a barbarian? (yesterday’s post) Yes, it’s a fair characterization. Am I an infidel by Islamic standards? Most definitely. A crusader? Yes, that, too. A cracker? I don’t own a whip, but I’m willing to learn.


When Your Hearing Goes


Me in Home Depot these days…


Cultural Appropriation meets Toxic Masculinity

The 101st Airborne Division’s “Filthy Thirteen” volunteer pathfinders were preparing to parachute into France just after midnight on June 6, 1944.


Identify the Tank (or amphib tank)




Two prototypes were built



Identify the Aircraft



Parting Shot



60 thoughts on “Throwing More Spaghetti Against the Wall

  1. God speed on your long strange trip through the Midwest. Dr. Jim and I both waved at your when you cruised through Kansas, because we wave at every decent person after we look them in the eye on their way bye. The roads are full of crazies, more so everyday.

    1. I’m in New York to stay for a while. New York (and I’ve been here many times) is where everyone is always peeved. It’s like they’d strangle baby chicks if you offered them a dozen, but even that wouldn’t be enough. Maybe baby bunnies? I was up in the Finger Lakes, stopped at a lovely diner in a lovely area, and thought, “Maybe these people will be happy?” No, not even in one of the most picturesque spots in the state. In White Plains, a man screamed at me for taking his place in a nearly deserted parking lot. I moved a space, and it satisfied him. There had to be 150 open spaces. I guess I picked it wrong. I looked twice; no, they weren’t numbered. I guess he liked that spot. I’ve had similar reactions from people in New England. Not on this trip because I haven’t been there. Mike_C might relate. I can’t explain the underlying angst. In Kansas, when I was eating BBQ, the owner brought me out some of his brisket to try when he learned I was in from out of town. No charge. He just wanted me to try it. He sat down, and we talked about guns for half an hour until I had to leave. I left a large enough tip to cover the delicious brisket.

      1. That parking spot guy? He was crazy but being crazy is ok these days, the crazies help with the pulling down of our civilization.

      2. Sadly the New Yorkers have discovered the gulf coast of Florida. They are bringing the massholes with them, too. I would prefer locusts. I could at least sell those to Bill Gates.

        1. Sell the New Yorkers and New Englanders back to them under the Soylent Green Label. There’s a market for protein drinks in NY.

      3. Lots of good BBQ here in Kansas. The local one is at a small airport and was once featured on the Food Channel. People fly in to eat there. Marine 1 landed there once when Prez Barry made a speech in a nearby small city. The Marines sent a thankyou. Nothing from Barry.
        Like FHubert and Dr.Jim, I’d have waved if I saw you. We’re like that here, at least in the rural parts.

      4. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

        At least you have the situation awareness skill to assess the angry people and adjust accordingly. Be careful “out there among the English”.

        1. I just smile at the insane. — “It’s so nice to be insane, no one asks you to explain.” Delta Dawn, Helen Reddy

  2. One is Special Type 2 Launch Ka-Mi WW2 era 1943 or so Japanese Navy arrived too late to make any difference.

  3. Identify the Tank (or amphib tank):
    1. Type 2 Ka-Mi
    2. Jagdpanzer IV
    3. Fiat 2000
    4. T-14 Armata
    Identify the Aircraft:
    5. XB-29H (a guess)

      1. Yes, a B-54 – prototype. And yes on the rest. Well done.
        Yes, RCC on the Type 2 Ka-Mi. Victory disease kept them from developing that sooner. And lack of manufacturing capacity kept them from being able to replace was losses in general. The Japanese entered WW2 more or less with everything they were gong to have and after Midway, pride kept them from cutting their losses and throwing in the towel. It took two atomic bombs to persuade them. By then the flower of Japanese manhood had been destroyed.

  4. Of the military organizations, Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) out of MacDill in Tampa has the highest divorce rate.

  5. Dear John (a poem written by Private Kilroy, who was here, but has now gone ahead):
    Ain’t no sense in goin’ home,
    Jody got your girl and gone.
    Ain’t no sense in lookin’ back,
    Jody got your Cadillac.

  6. Being a Barbarian-As a native Texan (5th Gen.) I’ve been called all sorts of names. Some were funny, some made me steam but mostly remain in control. The one that really sticks with me was being warned to not be a “Barbarian” by a 5 year old German youngster. Was sitting in his parents living room and offered a lukewarm bottle of beer with a glass. Reverting to my native habits I declined the glass and said I’d just drink from the bottle. That’s when the 5 year old reverted to his mothers teaching and blurted out “Don’t be a Barbarian, drink from the glass”. While in polite company. spurting warm beer through your nose due to a stifled laugh is frowned on by Mrs. Manners too.

  7. “Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day” Maybe Harry Truman got it from Confucius.
    Still, words to live by.
    Of the Filthy Thirteen, half were killed, wounded, or captured on the jump. On the flips side, half made it through, even with their leadership gone, or maybe because of.

    1. Filthy 13: They had to be young guys. Mohawk haircuts don’t look so good on old guys… I guess you could scrape up leavings from the barbershop floor and work with some Guerrilla glue to make it happen.

  8. Study just came out, but I thought I had heard similar before: Lefty’s are always unhappy, thus their leftism and fomenting change.
    Conservatives are more likely personally content. But I still want to see a few people hang on a regular basis.
    And I think a relationship with God and His assurances helps with the lack of crazy.

    1. It’s no wonder that Mike_C works in the Boston/Mass area. There must be more cardiac issues there.

    2. Lefty’s demand the rest of us wallow in their self-loathing. The screecher-screamers at college campuses proves the point, like it’s some sort of therapy for them to act like 2 year-olds in Target because mom didn’t put them down for the requisite nap.

      X2 your last statement…keeps one humble, grateful, and grounded.

        1. Still do…apparently they now use sticks to beat out the pent up “unrealized” emotions. My mom never needed to do that and she was very balanced.

          1. Beating the crap out of Ivy League schools must feel extra good. I’ve thought of doing it myself.

  9. If the perm-ginger-haired “guy” had on a decent cowboy hat then the ascot would be an okay wild rag…but as with Brokeback Mountain aftermath, “It wasn’t filmed in Wyoming…our cowboys aren’t homosexuals!” (said the tourism office woman to the umpteenth caller).

  10. Middle Eastern “Home Disappointment” – Clearly not the fencing aisle, unless the stock boy was making a statement: “I’ll have your Infidel head on a pike!” That guy makes “what you see in Walmart” look like a day at the lake.
    “Scouting” – Dead to me. The Demented Left wrecks everything it touches. Weak men running that shop now…but what does one expect when the “war on fathers/fatherhood” through easy divorce and everything going to the “mom”. This is the result…weak men bending out of fear of woman who hold the cards in such matters. Give someone a little power and watch their true character come out. Provide an avenue for fear…same result.
    Incredible graphic. Again, very cool.

  11. You in Home Depot–with a Walmart cart. I’m in.

    About the guy who yelled at you over a parking space. I call it the “Last Straw” syndrome. Seems to be on the increase these days.

  12. Is that sea plane electric? Shame on the government if not..

    Loved the hearing memes.
    And Home Depot gave me a chuckle, too.

    Can’t imagine why people in New York would be unhappy…

    Be safe and God bless.

    1. It might not be welds, just poorly applied Bondo. They only have to make it to the end of the parade route, one turn past the reviewing stand.

      1. That used to be one of the funniest things at Aberdeen. I guess Fort Knox now, can the armor museum still be visited?
        Looking at the welds and cuts on the Soviet machines… I guess they worked, but geeze.
        – Kle.

  13. Saw a car carrier head up the highway, had 4 or 5 Cybertrucks on it. Oy!…talk about hideous, look like door wedges in Delorean tone skin. Geez.

    1. They’re said to be bulletproof. You should test the claim. Take my .50 Barrett with API ammo and see how they deal with it.

      1. Probably ruin the warranty, and that part is pricey due to the self-driver “problems” (driver sets the cruise then reclines all the way for a nap).

      1. A lot of cashola for a social statement, but hey, free to do as one chooses with their bank roll, including foolishness.

        1. They’re bigger than I expected. IDK what they are really supposed to be for… I can;t imagine that they can be
          used as trucks any more than the other BS “electric pickups”.

  14. That Russkie POS tank? Just look at all the shot traps on the front of the turret. No reactive armor, no sloped plates, nothing to stop long rod penetrators or a HEAT warhead.

    Dumbasses. Have they forgotten everything they learned from WWII?

    As Walter (Jeff Dunham’s old man dummy) would say, “Dumbasses!”

    As to the 8 engine flying boat, that sucks. Though the military is looking at possibly purchasing some ShinMaywa US-2 from Japan. Which is a really nice flying boat. Sad that at one time we were the premier flying boat designers.

  15. Thanks for the graphic. I can almost smell the food from the vendors.
    I worked with a former SEAL in the Summer of 1973. He was thrice divorced. His last wife tried to wake him from a bad dream, and he karate-chopped her in his sleep and broke her collarbone.
    The first seaplane reminds of the H-4 Hercules. All that’s old is new again….
    One of my Dad’s brothers jumped into Normandy on the midnight flights. He never talked about it.
    Hope your trip is safe and profitable.

  16. Thanks for the shout out! We bitched back in the day with a 52% divorce rate, guess we were ‘lucky’! And yes, one shipmate I gave a ride home found his house sold, his cars sold, wife and kids gone. As far as I know, he never did find her, she didn’t go home…

  17. >What is the divorce rate among special forces operators?
    Certain top-ranked Surgery residency (training) programs boast of “over 100% divorce rate”. The Duke program, for example, proudly tells applicants that the average number of divorces during training is greater than 1.0. (Talk about failing to learn your lesson.) Incidentally, medical people (or at least we cardiologists) also use the term “operator”. Not to denote doing surgery (though surgeons can be operators) but to denote high-speed, low drag ass kickers, either interventionalists (cath lab cardiology jocks), or cardiac surgeons. Or those who claim to be HS/LG/AK at any rate. (I’m not one of them. Either claimed or actual.)

    >Boston/Mass area. There must be more cardiac issues there
    Mebbe so, though New Englanders and New Yorkers (by which I mean The City) like to make fun of the South for its (claimed/stereotypical) poor diet and obesity leading to more cardiac problems. Either road, it doesn’t affect me because I got out of the clinical world. (Somehow I managed to get a job with Academic salary and Industry workload. This is a sarcastic remark about myself. The dream is “industry (or clinical) salary and academic workload”. Apparently I mis-read the memo and got it backwards. Ooops.) I blew off today and spent money on stuff I don’t need. But tomorrow I’m delving into a pile of data from Uruguay (of all places). It’s truly an international world.

    >In White Plains, a man screamed at me for taking his place in a nearly deserted parking lot
    A good friend lives in neighboring Scarsdale. She reports similar encounters with unbalanced individuals. (Including a neighbor who encouraged his little yappy dog to bite her leg after she objected to it crapping on her lawn (again). My friend’s dog barked at the little dog when it started worrying at her pants leg. The neighbor and his dog scurried away like the rodents they are. About a half-hour later, the police showed up at my friend’s door responding to a complaint about her “dangerous dog that tried to kill my harmless little dog for no reason.” The cops announced that Animal Control was on its way, and that they showed up as a courtesy to give her warning. (It’s a rich, very rich, town; apparently police actually respond to stuff like this. I would not want to be a Scarsdale cop, if they have to keep whackjobs like the neighbor happy. Because nothing is good enough to satisfy that type.)

    Finally (whew, you say): kicking a turd on a really cold day isn’t a great idea either. I grew up in the upper midwest. When I was probably 7 or 8 we’d had a snowfall of several inches of very light, fluffy snow in the afternoon. So we were walking home after school, shuffling our feet to make the snow billow. Suddenly my friend tripped. We thought he’d hit a sidewalk section that had risen because of frost heaves or something. Nope. It was a dog turd, frozen to the sidewalk and about the consistency of cast iron. Who knew?

  18. 100? Wow, I’m not surprised but that doesn’t make me any less sorry. It’s a terrible thing.

    In an alt universe I’d have gone back in as a chaplain and maybe helped. As it is, attempting to caution wisdom to the current… cadre.

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