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Caption: The Fibonacci sequence appears in nature more frequently than one might expect; the branching of trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruitlets of a pineapple, and even the spiral galaxies all exhibit Fibonacci patterns.

In mathematics, the Fibonacci sequence is a sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceding ones. Numbers that are part of the Fibonacci sequence are known as Fibonacci numbers, commonly denoted Fn.


Bullet Points:

** You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

** If you want to make everything electric in America, start with the border wall.

** Burger King’s new synthetic meat sandwich.

** (American Thinker) Most Americans believe that mail-in ballot fraud tainted the 2020 election, but most state and federal officials continue to pretend the results were aboveboard.  A majority of Americans wish to put an end to mass illegal immigration, but the Department of Homeland ()Security continues to do nothing to protect our borders from foreign invasion.  Most Americans are worried about rising inflation, but the federal government continues to print and spend money and issue costly regulations.  A majority of Americans oppose widespread government surveillance programs that intrude upon their privacy. Still, elected officials continue to give the Intelligence Blob full access to Americans’ most sensitive records and communications, in total disregard for the Constitution’s protections against warrantless searches.  A majority of Americans distrust mainstream news sources, but prominent news organizations continue to push ideological propaganda at the expense of truthful and objective reporting.  (more)

** Lithium-free sodium batteries. Are they the answer?

** They called Noah a crazy conspiracy theorist until the rain came and drowned the fact-checkers. Maybe we should start seeding the clouds the way they do in Dubai…

** This sounds like bullshit to me. What do you think? (Wired Magazine) “JOIN YOUR LOCAL Militia or III% Patriot Group,” a post urged the more than 650 members of a Facebook group called the Free American Army. Accompanied by the Three Percenters militia network logo and an image of a man in tactical gear holding a long rifle, the post continues: “Now more than ever. Support the American militia page.”  — The FBI needs to reel in the trolls. This is just stupid.

** Storming the Capitol is likely OK now, so long as you wave Palestinian flags and chant, “Death to America.” We finally have that straight.

** If you want to start a revolution, teach children how to grow their own food. I realize that the present generation sees that as regressive.

** evaluates the most gun-friendly states for your consideration.

** My TSA friends searched my luggage using their master key to get into the built-in 007 lock on my Tumi suitcase. There wasn’t anything to find, but to show me how much they cared, they reset my combination (which they can do through their key), forcing me to spend half an hour on YouTube trying to figure out how to hack the lock. The hack worked, but my buddies didn’t amuse me. I know they care. You know they care. They’re the Transportation Security Agency. My contribution to the national treasury pays them.

** General Question: Are the VM sermonettes too ‘preachy?”

** The Pentagon this week formally ordered all 1,000 U.S. combat troops to withdraw from Niger, a blow to the Biden administration’s effort to counterterrorism and Russian influence in West Africa. Stringshot brought this up. We need to demo the US buildings and crater the runway so that it can’t be used (we have special munitions for that). How much US equipment will Pedo Joe leave behind for the Russians?


Identify the Armor


Hint: This vehicle has five road wheels. A Gepard has seven road wheels (on a Leopard 1 hull).






Identify the Aircraft






No ID Required – Parting Shot




51 thoughts on “Fibonacci Numbers

  1. Identify the Armor:
    1. Japanese Type 87 SPAA
    2. Redback IFV
    3. Cubam T-55 with SA-3 (Goa) missile
    4. MT-LB with S-60 57 mm gun
    5. TBD
    Identify the Aircraft:
    6. F-82 Twin Mustang
    7. B-50B with experimental tracked landing gear

  2. I kinda snickered a little bit about the impossible burger (you can’t beat our fake meat). Aptly named as being impossible for me to swallow. But he should know, and probably already does, that hexane is used as a solvent in the production of virtually all widely available vegetable oils (the oil does not want to efficiently release from the seed stock without it) so good luck to him finding an alternative to hexane.

    Hexane is, by the way, highly explosive in addition to being a known carcinogen. You want to see those guys running oilseed extraction plants get real excited, let ’em get a whiff of hexane. Use is also highly regulated by your federal government, with strict rules about loss during production. Also used as a carrier in many aerosol spray lubes for resizing your brass, so do read the whole label and use that stuff outdoors and away from ignition sources. If, of course, you want to stick around to read L-L’s homilies, which I’m pretty sure most of us look forward to.

    1. Florida just banned mystery meat, plant based meat, fake meat, lab-grown meat.

      I love Florida.

  3. Niger is also a big fu to the French, their colonial franc influence on Nigerian finances, and their (French) uranium supply. Will the Russians whisper into Nigerian ears that they should sell all of Left Behind Joe’s gear to Isreal? It would be poetic justice.

    1. I’m sitting in the Buffalo – Niagara (or is it Viagra) airport, waiting for a flight to Chicago -Obamatown USA- talking to a guy about the uranium supply to France from Mali. I think the French took more out of Mali. However your point is well taken.

      1. AOC says that’s where buffalo come from…but she has no idea where American Bison come from.

  4. On the BK synthetic meat hamburger back a couple of years ago my boss bought one and came in at lunch telling us all about it. My response was: I am not a cow, I eat cow. He shut up about the fake meat.

    1. YES. Plants convert solar to cellulose. Cows convert cellulose to protein. Therefore my steak is solar powered plant based. Gee, I wonder who designed that.
      VM is not too preachy.

  5. >Are the VM sermonettes too ‘preachy?
    Uh, no?

    Tumi bag? I thought you used Rimowa.
    I started using an aluminum rollaboard a few months ago. Some sub-$200 knockoff from “Sierra Trading Post”. The latches seem dodgy, but they’ve held up so far, despite having been gate-checked a few times. And wheels and telescoping handle work well. I like it. Which is bad, because it’s probably a gateway to Rimowa. 🙁

    Fibonacci sequences: Here’s another one for you. Chain immigration [1] numbers. Because the US needs more cultural enrichers. And while I used to be opposed to such immigration, now I WANT it. I want cannibals, people who think sex with a 12-yo girl is perfectly normal, parkway poopers, and so forth to move en masse to the US. I want them to move right next door to the Beltway Think Tankers, the Academics, the Big Finance people, the Tech Titans, you get the picture. Those good people have worked tirelessly to turn this nation into a sub-third world craphole, and they should reap the benefits of their hard work. (While I’m at it, I also want a pony that can fly FTL and poops Krugerrands. We WILL get the useless, violent, impulsive, and stupid, you betcha, but the Best People will be protected from them. Normal people, us sub-humans, will be the ones forced to deal with the trash.)

    [1] in the Before Times when Detroit was a viable concern, it had a Chinatown. A gigantic proportion of the denizens were named “Yee”. This is not because there were a lot of wretched refuse in China named Yee who were yearning to breathe free in the Motor City. What happened was that some people called Yee somehow established legal residency. (Remember when legal residency was A Thing? Yeah. I miss those times.) Word got around. The yearning wretched refuse declared themselves relatives and gave their name as Yee to prove it. And I have no proof of this, but I would not be surprised if the actual Yees didn’t receive “stipends” for vouching that the New Yees were indeed their kin. (A disappointing proportion of Chinese, especially Chinatown-type Chinese, are prone to this sort of shoddy behavior. Here’s an admittedly egregious example: In my home town there was a self-proclaimed “famous chef” who owned a pretty good restaurant. He had the habit of marrying girls from China for money, even though he made good money from his business. He’d marry some woman for $30k USD (in 1980’s money!), which she worked off as an unpaid waitress or kitchen staff. After her debt was paid (typically 2-3 years) he’d divorce her and marry another one. We stopped going to his restaurant after learning about this practice. I apologize for the anti-Sinotism inherent in Noticing, but there we are.)

      1. Pan-Asian Month? I must have missed the memo.
        Seth is guilty of anti-Desitism because his Asian joke clearly is aimed at East Asians and cruelly excludes South Asians. Shame on you. Do Better, Seth!

        Desi (per Wikipedia that unbiased fount of all human knowledge): Desi is a loose term used to describe the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent and their diaspora

        Hmmm. I never got the card, alas. An Indian kid once tried to shame me because I refused to join a medical student society that had “United” and “Asian-American” in the organization name.
        IK: You’re ungrateful. [I don’t even know what this meant in the context. But that’s what he said.] Why won’t you join?
        MC: I refuse to have anything to do with “Hyphenated-American” because you are or you aren’t American. And we are most definitely NOT “united”.
        IK: Well, we need to be, to stand up to racism.
        MC: What racism? From whom?
        IK: Society! [looks around, lowers voice] You know, like, racist institutions.
        Sigh. There’s no discussion with someone like that. He wasn’t a bad kid. Bit of a dork, but meant well. Meanwhile I’m looking around at the class. It was 15 maybe 20% Asian, meaning Asians were 3 to 4-fold OVER-represented relative to population percentages. Surely permitting a bunch of “visible minorities” to enter a lucrative and trusted (back then at any rate) profession in over 3x excess is a certain sign, nay not sign but proof (PROOF, I say!) of “institutional racism”.

        1. Mike_C, yer missin’ out…”Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership summit”, they shoulda called you as keynote because apparently our incoherent brained VEEP spoke, and dropped the f-bomb..on mic. “The expletive came after Yang asked Harris to reflect on her experience as the first Black American and South Asian American vice president of the U.S.”
          And here I thought she was Jamaican and Indian…how’s that anywhere near South Asian? If I was South Asian I’d be seriously frosted over this overt cultural appropriation by a useless bag of cells in Keds.

          1. Mike_C: I’ve been moving fast with little time to launder clothes at hotels. I knew this would happen and I brought my Tumi folding Suiter. I would prefer to travel light but it didn’t work out in this case. I prefer metal suitcases.

          2. Indians (and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) are “South Asian”. East Asians are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Thai, Filipinos, Indonesians, etc are generally called Southeast Asians. Some female comic has a routine about “Jungle Asians” (SEA) vs “Fancy Asians” (EA). I haven’t heard the whole thing, but I’m sure it’s very politically incorrect.

    1. MikeW’s and my friend, The Infamous Person X used to marry Chinese women for $30-40K each, divorce rinse repeat. He’d spend it in a day on something frivolous. We didn’t disown him because of it. It was among the least of his sins, which were legion.

      Now that everyone is welcomed to vote democrat I’m not sure how that would work

      On one occasion I was in Vegas when he married a pretty Thai whore who wanted a passport. I asked if he consummated the union. He said that he got 1 for free. After that he’d have to pay like everyone else.

      MikeW I think that’s the same arrangement he had with Zhou Ping

      1. PS- on reflection, I don’t know if he was sober enough to manage the act at the time. I doubt that his blood alcohol level dropped below 3.0 in those days. He appeared sober at a 3-0. Who know how high it went?

      2. >he got 1 for free
        Not the best dowry, not a feast [1], but maybe not the worst either. Didn’t you once show a photo of Person X with a Chinese bride and His Honor Willie Brown? Was that ZP?
        “Doctor, we found red blood cells in his alcohol stream.”

        [1] Here is the great Liam Clancy performing Mary Hynes, with Joannie Madden’s accompaniment on Irish Whistle. “A feast is no bad dowry; Sit down now and taste it.”

        1. That was Zhou Ping — the infamous Zhou Ping. Person X burned down her whorehouse in Las Vegas and was convicted of Arson and did some time behind it.

      3. Yes, I too think that was his arrangement with Ping. From memory the Las Vegas whorehouse was called “………… Accupressure”. Cannot recall what the first word of the name was. It was quite a classy looking setup if one took it at face value. The girls she had working there were quite attractive, in a slutty sort of way, if you like that sort of thing. I have several photographs of Person X and Ping’s nuptials, officiated over by His Honour Willie Brown. The groom was resplendent in a dark suit and the bride wore a skin tight, red Qi Pao or, if you prefer, cheongsam. An interesting day to say the least. The small reception, I think there were only seven of us (including the groom and the blushing bride) was held at a restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

    2. I’m sure LL has the titanium hard shell… so it’s ok to slum a bit vs the more expensive Rimowa. Plus Tumi has rounded corners and softer aesthetics much more fitting than the boxy Rimowa for a man of LL’s standing.

  6. Fibonacci, includes one of my favorite “design” numbers, the Golden Ratio (Phi)…works like clockwork.
    “You are what you do…” – I’d offer a slight variation on that thought (“character matters”)…comes from a great line/scene in Aron Ralston’s book, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (“127 Hours” was the movie..Ralston had quit his Ohio engineering job and moved to Aspen for “the outdoors”): “I’ve been thinking about what my wise friend Rob in Aspen says to me several… frequently… several times (upon returning from a mountain climbing trip) that, confusingly, ‘It’s not what you do but who you are’. I kind of got hung up on that a lot, because I always thought who I was, was very much wrapped up with what I did. That I was happy because of the things that I did that made me happy. If things you do make you happy, then they can also make you unhappy. I think that’s why I found myself being as ambitious and energetic…” — Rob was telling him he valued their friendship because of Aron and “who he was”, not because Aron climbed mountains.
    TSA is a bogus shop under the guise/ruse of “anything/everything for public health and safety”. It is a constraining arm of Homeland “Security” (another bogus nefarious shop). Heck, just look at the hires. MrsPaulM, a United million-miler/Pre Check, flew for the first time in 4 years…First Class because I told her that was a better spot to sit considering the state of The General Public these days. Said “security” has gotten weirder, especially for those with a couple of Titanium plates in their body. They now take your picture at TSA scanning, so not only stupid personal space-invading body scans they have a facial database going at NSA et al. Next they’ll be strip-searching everyone. These shops have gotten out of hand. Time For A Reset ™
    Sidebar (as I know the place) – Wildwood, NJ Rally: Gee, how refreshing…no anarchy, protesting, or trash. America the way it supposed to be; normal American’s enjoying a good time on the Boardwalk “at the Shore”. The mayor is great. And Trump is a SISU Warrior! considering the asinine weeks prior he’s had sitting in a intentionally cold courtroom over a nothing burger (which is worse than lab meat that Florida has banned to support their large ranching industry)…forced to be subject to stupid irrelevant testimony from a used up porn actress and magazine editor, both trying to stay relevant while being used by The Husk’s Administration to destroy a political opponent. SISU MAGA ™ [got ’em both in one long-ish comment]
    No…VM sermonettes are not “too preachy” (especially for us who have been on that side of the pulpit). They are perfectly designed to invoke proper introspection by way of a concise thought. I like ’em.

    1. >Next they’ll be strip-searching everyone
      So I was talking to this sales rep over the weekend. Few months ago this middle-aged guy underwent knee surgery and was wearing a brace under his pants, which of course showed up on the RapeyScan machine at airport security. For some reason this guy was wearing a form of “skinny jeans” tight over the calf. (Editorial aside: this looks good on no one, not even hot girls. Skinny jeans are an abomination. Especially on middle-aged men with a bit of a belly.) TSA wants to see the brace, so the brave boy (a big boy, shockingly /sarc) in blue starts trying to pull up the rep’s pant leg. This is non possumus because of the aforementioned skinny jeans. Also, big-boy-blue is pulling so hard [1] he’s torquing the guy’s leg, which is not great considering the recent surgery. So the rep says, “You’re hurting me. Stop and I’ll show you the brace.” He undoes his belt and pulls his pants down. Suddenly TSA decides they don’t need to see the brace after all.

      In exchange for that nugget I traded my tale of taking my shirt off in a thrift store after some doofus insisted that I wear a facemask and refused to believe that I had a partially collapsed lung at the time (“You look pretty good to me”). Another guy who was standing around listening to us and laughing suddenly went pokerfaced then turned and walked away when I revealed myself as a facemask denier. O! The horror. The humanity! Won’t you think of the children? Why do you hate baby whales?

      Me and the sales rep and Chris Pratt. Only I don’t particularly like getting naked in public. But willing to do it to mock and annoy jerks.

      1. Pratt is funny…great clip. And epic moves on both your parts…sometimes worth calling the bluff when ninny’s and goofballs forget they aer in public when invading ones personal space and/or commenting. Makes you wish people came with a visible “thumbsdown” tally indicator so you can avoid the numbnutz of society. (Had the thought back in the 90’s that we “good drivers” should install paintball guns behind the grill and anyone doing a stupid move in traffic gets splatted…see some car with 15 splats and avoid at all cost.) Maybe there will be an in-between mode instead of going straight to stripping people (of more than just freedom): Warrantless DNA grab of every passenger…for “safety” doncha know…of course the data will be kept safe and secure in CODIS. (This is similar to the warrantless FISA crappola).

        Getttin’ outta hand.

  7. ** Lithium-free sodium batteries
    Being a bone deep cynic, WSF predicts the many alternatives being offered to replace sodium batteries are wonderful means to separate investors from their loose cash. Often some breathless report appears in SciTech Daily Newsletter proclaiming the next great thing. Need sodium? Check out Southwest Wyoming.

    1. First time I drove through portions of Wyoming (I was an avid “Outdoor” mag reader at the time) my first thought was, “The cows can have it!”. Usable resources should be used in a respectful manner for the betterment of society. (a concept lost on the Gaia First Religiosity crowd)

  8. “You are what you do…” not what you have done.
    Are the VM sermonettes too ‘preachy’? At times – Yes! though sometimes insufficiently, too. I’m happy to see you won’t refrain from stepping on toes, even “protected” ones..
    I’ve even argued (as I’m cetain you’ve noticed) with some points. Not a Christian and 80+, I look at problems/situations through different lenses (from many different approaches/angles), though I’m usually strongly in agreement with Paul M’s Weltanschauung

    1. “Weltanschauung”…great word!

      I have two brothers and a cousin who “chat” daily…we’re all different in personality but on the same page with our worldview. We were taught to not be a robot, and to never stop exploring and learning…faith being the big one for me, took a while coming out of the Catholic church to “explore”, discovered Christian “religion” and spirituality are two different things, man-made vs. God breathed. Harder in this modern era to clear the machine and listen to that small voice.

        1. Me too, for a short while…mom’s way of getting us involved. But church & Scouts went hand-in-hand (when it was the real BSA), and I was really into Scouting, and we’d trundle into the closest church on Sunday, sat in the back smelling of woodsmoke…got to hear many denominations. Yet much of my spiritual exploration and growth came from being in nature and seeing God’s hand in everything. Later discovered a local 50,000 watt Christian radio station with the likes of Chuck Swindoll and J. Vernon McGee…never heard that type of straight Biblical instruction before (which also helped me understand the Catholic Mass better). But mostly those quiet moments away from the fray on weekends and extended backpacking excursions, tends to force self-reliance and flow which brought me better introspection on the grander concepts. Then I moved here and they needed someone to run the Service. God’s funny that way.

  9. Sermonettes. Please keep as is. I find them interesting and thought provoking.
    TSA. There is a reason it is called security theater. I try very hard to drive on any trip less than 2000 miles. That has worked pretty well for me so far.
    Batteries. So instead of trying to get rid of waste lithium we will be trying to get rid of waste sodium. I am not so sure that is a step forward. Sodium is a pretty active element.
    Fibonacci numbers. And when we find out why actual physical objects seem to follow the rule it will help open our eyes to a better understanding of the universe. I do wonder why following the “golden rule” in carpentry just seems to make the thing you are building look “right” though.

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