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I wish all of you a very happy Easter. And no matter how you celebrate, please remember Him, and his sacrifice for us all.
Study of the subject of some of the people contemporary to the time wrote books about Jesus the Christ beyond what it written in the Bible. 
Authenticating some of these accounts such as The Gospel of Nicodemus, can be challenging. But it is still interesting reading. The Nag Hammadi Library can be instructive, should you wish to delve.
More books have been written on the subject of Jesus Christ than any other living person, yet, he had no Earthly kingdom, no standing army, no support system beyond living on the charity of others. His ministry only lasted three years. He didn’t write a book, he didn’t travel outside of Israel, and most of his teachings were given near his home in Galilee. 2000 years after his death, many revere his teachings and his example and strive to be like him. He overcame death so that we all may live again.

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  1. Happy Easter Larry! It is truly the time of the year to contemplate and reflect over the values Jesus communicated.

  2. I have said that the Gospel of Nicodemus has value if, for nothing else, it demonstrates that the general public was aware that their was a resurrection, or they never would have given that book a chance.
    Happy Resurrection Day!

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