The Kool Aid is Sweet!

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Little Marco Drinking Kool-Aid

(note the little rat claw hands wrapped around the pen)

A 25-year-old Marco Rubio creating campaign signs for Bob Dole for President in 1996 (h/t Right Pundit).

I have a couple of things to say about that. First, Bob Dole was a SORRY EXCUSE for a presidential candidate.  They liked him in Kansas. I get that. I realize that it was “his turn” and the GOP stacked the deck in his favor, the same as with John McCain and Mitt Romney.  All three lost when they should have won against some of the most rotten curs ever to occupy the Oval Office. I’m not surprised that Marco was on the stump for Dole.

12 thoughts on “The Kool Aid is Sweet!

  1. On the rare occasions the GOP wins the White House they have to do real work instead of raising money (and lining their own pockets).

  2. Dole was wounded in action and I don't disrespect the sacrifice that he made for the nation. I just don't think that he would have made a good president, any more than I thought McCain would have.

    Our political masters have made it very difficult to find somebody worthy of leadership to pick to run the place. Remember what a despised outsider that Reagan was back when he was in the mix.

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