Bullet Points

* Farmers have been declared to be the scapegoats of the mass formation of global warming loons and destroying food production is at the top of their list. Any nation that has bought into this madness is attacking the very means of our survival – food. The world is at war but nobody is crying out.

In America, farmers are under unprecedented attack but so also are food processing plants. The fact that the entire universe of disingenuous fact checkers have labeled all of this as conspiracy theories are proof enough that we are indeed at war.

* If somebody tells you that you have enough ammunition, ignore them. You don’t need that sort of negativity in your life.

* Pay attention to the Dutch Farmers. The Canadians and New Zealanders are already on that path and the Brandon Regime would like America to follow on.

* The Biden Administration is spending almost $5 billion for 171 million untested and unapproved mRNA shots this winter at $29 each to inject into the American population. It has options to buy another 600 million shots if Congress allocates more funding. The cumulative effect of multiple injections is already causing major health disruptions.

* President Donald Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon in Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial primary on Friday evening. Dixon is one of five candidates running in the state’s GOP primary, which takes place tomorrow. Trump’s late endorsement may be able to give Dixon the final push needed going into the primary election, as recent polls have found she is slightly ahead or closely behind.  So, Michigan, what do you think of Dixon?

* Arizona is at least working on the 2020 election fraud that led to the installation of the Brandon Regime. This informational hearing, moderated by investigative journalist Lara Logan, presented evidence of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election and addressed the concerns in the 2022 elections. It’s only in this way that we can return to free and fair elections in the future.


Missouri 2020 Map


Identify the Aircraft


A priest, a doctor, and a cat pose for a photo on the deck of the former Russian Imperial Navy cruiser Kagul, which served as part of Pyotr van Wrangel’s fleet operating in the waters of the Black Sea during the Russian Civil War. Bizerte, French Tunisia. 1921

A different age – the same and not the same.



China’s problems extend well beyond a 20% unemployment rate for people under the age of 21 (in a communist country where everyone is supposed to have a job). The demographics of the male-to-female ratio from the one-child policy still haunt them. A war that wipes out a few hundred million military-age males would help to restore that balance…

Would shooting down Pelosi’s airplane help them or hurt them?

Would it help America’s elites? (zerohedge) The shiny new world war in the Pacific would be very useful to deflect their attention from the metastasizing crises at home, direct people’s anger at a foreign enemy, and for the same high cost also provides the ideal smokescreen for a radical crackdown on dissent against the racists, nazis, enemy sympathizers, deplorables, domestic extremists, insurrectionists and any other variety of thought criminals. As James Madison warned us, “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”




  1. As for Dixon, she never answers a question, she just pontificates around the question directing blame onto Wretched Gretchen….she deserves the blame but we want to know what you will do. I believe any one of the others would make a good governor and have thrown my hat in Kevin Rinke’s ring.

  2. Something the commies built on the Bell Aircobra. I have no clue as to what they called it, but EAA would have been proud.

    If the state of Missouri ever needs an enema, that map correctly identifies the insertion points, arguably connected to each other for your convenience by the worst stretch of Interstate 70 in existence.

    • Yes, it’s a P-63, cut to be a training aircraft. Apparently, it flew but I doubt that it flew well.

  3. So have the Chinese allowed the Russians to recruit a few thousand men to use in their efforts to ‘liberate’ Odessa and otherwise win the quagmire that they’ve gotten into.

    • I don’t know what is going on with that. The Russians are trying to whip up Great Patriotic War fervor at home by offering money for troops, but I doubt it will end well. There is another Rasputitsa coming in the Autumn and if Russia wants to start any sort of push, it needs to be before then. The same goes for Ukraine. But the Ukr leaders seem to be happy to live on American money and keep the war going for a decade.

  4. Climate Change is real but we have nothing to do with it, anyone saying otherwise is either a mind-numbed moron or grifter attempting to subjugate the masses.

    The Missouri map proves why Dem’s expand urban strongholds, luckily those two cities bracketing the state did not prevail in nullifying the vast majority of voters. In Colorado – after decades of a Californian invasion – Denver/Boulder/Pueblo/Fort Collins cancel out 85% of counties in the upper-level elections…every time. Royally frosts having Lefty city folk telling the majority what’s what.

    Pete and re-Pete: EVERY industry or livelihood hamstrung by “officials” has a right to employ their version of civil disobedience. No doofus in charge has a right to interfere in people’s livelihoods…like that so-called ATF agent running around knocking on doors then defying officers demands to stand down. The arrogance of this bum was astounding. But that’s where we are these days. Inch-mile. Time to Heemeyer these people (jail time would be a start.)

    • The climate is ever-changing. Witness the Arizona highlands where. it’s been raining every day for two months and the forecast calls for more rain into the future. I’m not complaining, but it has nothing to do with people cutting their lawns with gas-powered mowers.

      • Same here, late July saw some good rains, pastures are still green, and looks like rain again today. I’ll take it. Has nothing to do with me driving the tractor, or using the chainsaw or trimmer. Then again, I’m not brainwashed into believing my four sq. ft of personal real estate is affecting Gaia in some large scale manner.

      • LL if you do get tired of the rain send some up to eastern Washington. Been totally dry for at least three weeks and then it was just a sprinkle.

        Everyone wants to think they have an large impact on the world when in fact they don’t. The climate alarmists are in that fold. Darn near the book definition of hubris. We have minimal or no impact on the world’s climate.

  5. Nice Bf-109. Computer game graphics have come a long way.

    Too much ammo. My dad was not anti-gun, but he was not a gun guy. At one point during my early college years, I had procured yet another addition to my budding gun collection. My dad remarked with seeming mild exasperation,”…but you can only shoot one at a time”, to which I replied “Yes, and that’s exactly how I do it”. He was long since re-married then and his wife was vehemently anti-gun.

    One day I happened to be standing in their master bedroom yakking and noticed a toy gun in the open drawer of my dad’s dresser. It was one of those realistic Mattel models that used plastic toy cartridges. Out of genuine curiosity, I asked him what it was for. He replied that if someone broke into the house, he would use it to scare them off. I explained that scaring them would very likely be successful, and that if they were armed, would also very likely shoot him where he stood. The look on his face told me he had not thought of that.

  6. Election fraud. So long as the risk/reward is so skewed towards the reward side, we will continue to have crooked elections, IMO.

  7. The world is at war but nobody is crying out.

    Most people are sheep, and I don’t know what sheep do when they’re being starved…

    “You Will Own NOTHING, And Like It”. Time to load more magazines.

  8. Wow.
    I might have to repost Kagul because awesome.
    And yes, interesting to see our astronomically wealthy elites attacking farmers. Speaking of which, how much Ukrainian farmland’s held by Blackrock & Co? Oops.

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