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The Federal Government needs to step away, hire back the people who it fired for being unvaxed with back pay, and admit that while vaccines may benefit some high-risk people to some degree, they do not work as advertised. They clearly do NOT prevent you from contracting Covid 19 (in the original form and variants). It’s strange that the US Military is still purging people who refuse the vaccination. The solution to the plague has always been an acceptance that immunity is granted to those who have had the disease (at least in large part) and that some treatments benefit those who are experiencing significant distress. Masks as currently employed (the paper ones from the box that has the warning that they don’t work, for instance) are a joke. The reliance on vaxes and boosters was never a great idea and today it needs to be rethought, the Fauci crew should be fired (since the Federal effort is over), and be investigated for crimes against humanity.



How Much Tyranny?

CDC Director Walenski said that the updated Covid guidance was based on what the agency ‘thought people would be able to tolerate.’ How comforting.

A quick recap of the CDC’s sudden shift in the last 48 hours after Biden said “there is no federal solution to Covid”:

The CDC was wrong about Omicron and they suddenly shifted their guidelines on quarantine times in just a matter of 24 hours.

The CDC on Monday recommended shorter Covid isolation and quarantine time for all Americans.

The CDC made the decision to cut isolation time from 10 to 5 days in an effort to help Joe Biden and make sure there isn’t a total collapse of society under his watch.

The CDC withdrew the use of PCR tests for Covid and finally admitted the test cannot differentiate between Covid and the flu.

The CDC also admitted testing at the end of isolation is no longer needed because the PCR and antigen tests are faulty.



Dr. Jordan Peterson said that the two ways to identify totalitarians are: They hate comedians, and they oppose the private ownership of automobiles.

28 thoughts on “The Covid Con

  1. If you want to purge people who can think, so you only have herd following yes-men who won’t question illegal orders, then it makes sense that the military(with its perfumed prince leadership) is still removing those not vaxxed.

  2. Excellent recap LL. Those who are currently hypnotized will likely continue regardless the truth as an attempt to save face from buying into this foolishness.

    Supposedly the vax spike proteins wane after six months, reducing adverse reactions, including deaths. Guess those who took the shot, or three, will find out soon enough.

    1. Maybe some people have had enough. Yesterday I was in a Larimer County WalMart and many people weren’t wearing masks. The WalMart employees, while masked, weren’t bothering any of the scofflaws.

  3. First, let me congratulate you, LL, for remaining on this side of life.

    And, of course, as all right-minded people knew years ago, the whole thing was a powerplay to install the new feudalism over the old federalism.

    You should never have been denied surgery for something that is life changing.

    Ah, well. we’ll just see what the Supremes say next week, and the excuses from the current administration to continue to double down on the stupidity.

  4. I am a semi-retired welder-fabricator.
    We are losing gigs because clients cannot afford steel and aluminum.
    2021, my cost for two 36×48 (inches!) scrap remnants of #13 3/4″ flat expanded screen is us$102 (one hundred two dollars).
    2019, a 48×120 (inches!) sheet of this material was us$12 (twelve dollars).
    Said differently, triple the material for about 10% the cost.
    Said differently, my real-world ‘inflation’ is in the neighborhood of 360% in twenty-four months.

    1. Our farrier is seeing the prices of horse shoes creeping up to the point of ridiculous.

      Guess who pays? Thx a lot Joe, you bum.

  5. How much tyranny? More. The answer is always, more.

    “There ain’t no party like the Dictator Party ’cause the Dictator Party don’t stop.” Kevin “Hognose” Obrien, S.F., a.k.a. Weaponsman, R.I.P.

    1. I second the R.I.P Mr. O’Brien. I miss that blog to this day and the quality of its comment section as well.

  6. Stumbled upon a movie last night on Amazon Prime “The Constant Gardner” I have considered Ralph Fienes a great actor . It’s about big Pharma in Africa. Give a look see.

    1. I believe some of us, those with a familial relationship to the King of Kings, have an influence, and need to exercise it on the coming year.
      A happy new year to all of us!

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