Hamburger Wars

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There’s almost always a line at In-N-Out hamburgers. Now, thanks to the Democrat boycott, the lines are INSANE. I’m sure that every conservative business in America is hoping for a Democrat boycott of their own. So much for Labor Day.

Are the lines more insane than the Progressive Movement?
No, I don’t think THAT is possible.

In-N-Out is an interesting target for the progs because it donates to both Republican and Democrat causes and is one of the few fast food chains to offer a solid wage.

Regular employees make $17/hr, assistant managers pull in $75K per year and a store manager earns $150K per year. They all are involved in profit sharing. The more the place rakes in, the more that they make. They also have a healthcare package. In the drive to redistribute wealth, the employees are a good target… Take half of what they earn and give it to the slaves at Taco Bell (slogan: Make a Run for the Border).

I’ll be at little league games today and yes, we will brave the conservative crowds lined up at In-N-Out to have a delicious lunch, progressive/liberal free.
Those execs at In-N-Out are likely thrilled that they made a $25,000 donation to the Republicans. They’ve ended up like Chick-Filet, laughing all the way to the bank.

39 thoughts on “Hamburger Wars

  1. I normally order a hamburger. Today, I'll order a double-double (double meat, double cheese) for the sake of the progressive movement.

  2. No In and Outs here. Generally when I head into the big city, something I usually try to avoid, I make it a point to stop at the Chick-fil-a. Gotta reward the good guys.

  3. I'm sure the bible references on the bottom of the drink cups are like fingernails on a chalk board to the progs. I'd like my fries 'animal style', please.

    Chalk board. Geeze. Did I just date myself or what?

  4. You'd think they would have learned from boycotting Chick Fil-A, but I guess "learning" isn't something they do.

  5. Mever been to an In-and-Out restaurant. Don't think they were around on 70s Beale AFB California.

    Good news in your post, though. You all have fun and enjoy! God bless.

  6. Enjoy the purity of Little League, and enjoy the In-n-out! That $25K probably netted them $100K in profits…LOL

  7. Sadly we have no In-N-Out in these part so that I could show my support. And I don't have little ones to enjoy at a little league game. So I'll have to rely on my Chick-fil-A to support conservatives.

  8. In-N-Out isn't my favorite hamburger, but they're consistently good. Now, it's my go-to-burger (and they have franchises in Arizona).

  9. Not many chalk boards around anymore.

    Liberals instinctively hate In-N-Out because of "quality you can taste". It suggests that all hamburgers are not equal.

  10. No, if you expect a prog to learn, you're setting a higher bar than they're capable of reaching. They do well spending money from their trust funds.

  11. Little League teaches individual effort, team sports and that you must EARN a victory.

    I hope that the money keeps pouring in as a result of the boycott.

  12. If you haven't tried Chick-fil-A chicken noodle soup, it's one of my very favorites (when it's not hot outside).

  13. IF In-N-OUt isn't your favorite hamburger, what franchise pumps out the LL seal of approval?

    I am all ears.

    I think you know that Fredd is a Whattaburger guy.

    I would guess LL is a ………McDonald's guy?

  14. Hodads, Ocean Beach, California.

    But Whataburger is excellent. In-n-Out is iconic as well, but it's not the perfect hamburger.

    I also like the LL burger (bacon cheeseburger), made of ground filet mignon, with fat added, BBQ over mesquite at the house.

  15. I occasionally grind up a top sirloin steak and make my world famous Fredd burger (no bacon). Grilled over a propane grill, since Fredd is famous also for his lack of patience.

    But the LL burger sounds good (hold the bacon); but practical matters prevent it from going national – not many burger eaters out there are willing to pop $45.99 for a hamburger.

  16. I don't make the world famous LL burgers very often (you can opt out of cheese or bacon). I was at a restaurant in Newport Beach and commented on how good the Ritz burgers were. The chef came out and asked if I wanted to see how he made them. I went back and he showed me his secret – aged steak. So they're not original with me. I stole the recipe.

    No, you can't entice me to steal Aunt Sally's recipes – but she just de-frosts, right?

  17. Only a liberal would call for a boycott against a company for contributing to BOTH political parties. I wish the In-N-Out franchise would expand my way, and now, thanks to liberals, all the extra business might make it so.

    Meanwhile, around here 5 Guys makes a good burger. I don't know their political affiliation and a smart business should focus on their product and not politics.

  18. Really? WoW…that would put it up there with Mom's!

    I'm almost embarrassed to say I've never been in a Chick-fil-A store. I shall remedy that post haste….

  19. My favorite little sit-down place in Laporte, "Vern's Place", uses ground chuck from local beef.

    And the burgers are astoundingly good for a little hole-in-the-wall place.

  20. Five Guys competes with In-n-Out but I prefer the latter to the former just because of the burgers themselves.

  21. The little guys have to do it right or they go under. I usually prefer hole-in-the-wall places for that very reason.

  22. Aunt Sally doesn't do burgers (thank GOD!!!), she defers the grilling action to Uncle Wally, who does a bang up job – mesquite, the whole Chimichanga.

    No, Aunt Sally doesn't even atttempt de-frosts, Uncle Wally is the grilling guy, and the whole clan is ever grateful. Long live Uncle Wally….

  23. I may have mentioned this before. Here in the DFW area, Kincaid's gets my vote.

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