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Rule: Never run out of air speed, altitude and ideas all at the same time.

I think that the progs are breaking this rule with the celebrated freaks and misfits that they’re rolling out onto the American stage, backed by noteworthy failures such as Slow Joe Biden, John (woodenhead) Kerry, Elizabeth (Poke-a-haunt-us) Warren, Hillary will waddle out onto the stage again and don’t count out that famous old communist, Bernie Sanders. All of them will run in 2020 with maximum hubris, confident in their capacity to defeat President Trump. 


If I had Nike running shoes or owned any Nike products, I’d throw them out. Fortunately for me, they’ve not shown me much and I think that the last Nike running shoes I had was something on the order of 20 years ago. So there’s nothing to throw out.

Colon Kaepernick, their new poster child is one of those contemptible humans who plays well to the progressive handbook. Well done, Nike. I hope your stockholders approve of your decision… (hahaha) Don’t look for wisdom in the progressive chambers of corporate America. Day one of their ad role-out cost the company $4 billion in stock value. 

Frankly, I’m sure that Osama bin Laden would be as popular with the progressives as Colon K is.

25 thoughts on “Taking Notes

  1. Doubling down on stupid is bad for business. I wonder how the stockholders feel about this boneheaded decision?

  2. The progressive investors should be happy at the loss "for a good cause" of money. However all of Nike's stockholders aren't fools looking to be devoured by piraƱa. Those people may have something to say about it.

  3. "Those people may have something to say about it."

    Yes, they're selling their shares in the company.

  4. I've bumped into myriad of peeps on Facecrap who have dumped their Nike stock. I've never owned anything Nike. My sneaker choices are dictated by whatever Costco has. Last pair was Adidas and the newest pair (still unworn) is Fila. My work sneaks come from Wallyworld.

  5. Years ago I used Nike shoes. No more. I imagine Bill Bowerman. Nike founder and WWII vet who received a silver star, must be flipping in his grave.

  6. So will we see social justice types making a point of buying Nike products? (In much the same way that, given a choice, I will choose In-N-Out or Chik-fil-A over McDonald's.) I hope so, because I'd love the irony of supposed anti-fascists supporting a $29+ billion-dollar company (and a component of the NYSE100) whose values are now clearly revealed to be in lock-step with those of the over-arching state. And if any of those antifa fools could actually define "fascism" — well, guess what fascism really is?

    Personally I can't virtue signal by burning my Nikes because I haven't bought any Nike in over 20 years. Because they changed the last in their running shoes decades ago. I used to regret that because their "Contrail" was a great all-purpose running shoe. Then as their advertising oozed ever leftward and sportsball-ward I was actually pretty happy that they were no longer an option for me. Brooks and Asics do me just fine these days.

  7. I traditionally prefer New Balance or Asaics. I wouldn't ever buy a Nike product again. Never ever. Not after this.

  8. Jenner is sick and twisted and I don't know what made him that way. No way to know. Colon choses to be a hemorrhoid…

  9. My experience with their shoes is similar. Once good, and before this dust up, I wouldn't have looked twice at what they sell. Maybe that's why they have to go full bore whacko?

  10. I think so.

    I don't buy wares at Dick's anymore, where once I liked to shop there for goodies for kids and grandkids.

  11. Nike & Co have made a bet on the prog left winning everything. They think that scorning the anthem, getting a sex change and rainbow riding all the way to the nearest Pride parade's going to make them money.

    They probably thought Hillary was going to win too.

  12. It's great to live were you are free to not buy from a company whose business model you disagree with.
    Haven't ever liked Nike. Will just keep wearing my ol American Made, NB's!

  13. Phil Knight should have taken a page out of Michael Jordan's book: 'Republicans buy sneakers, too.' But, sadly, Phil and his yes-men have lived in Oregon way too long, have been drinking the water there (which makes people into nutbags when drunken in mass quantities), and there you have it.


    Wonder how many billions of market cap will be lost tomorrow at Nike. Only 4 billion today.

  14. This is the first place I've lived where there's a DSG store that I refuse to buy from.

    Gee….had to move 1100 miles to boycott one!

  15. I'm sure that the progressive stockholders will receive a revelation from Gia and will hold on through the death spiral.

    Kaepernick — really? What were the corporate bean counters thinking?

  16. The Nike business model is that oldsters don't buy as many athletic shoes as the hip young crowd that hasn't been taught about patriotism and the flag so, therefore, they agree with Colon's POV. I don't think Nike fully took into account who subsidizes many of these poorly-schooled hip youngsters.

  17. They have hipsters on staff who thought this would be wonderful. I wonder how many more billion they'll loose today?

  18. That aircraft broke one of the major rules for fuel,
    "The only time an aircraft has too much fuel on board is when it is on fire."

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