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Best Ranch Rifle Survey – results and summary. Thank you for your input. As you might suspect, I’ll mix and match the rifles that I own, which were all part of the survey and see what works. The top contender is the Barrett Rec 7 in 6.8 SPC. I’ll let you know how it works out. I’m going to swap out the Schmidt and Bender PM 2 for a reflex sight. I will have to buy a new sight. Any suggestions?
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White Wolf Mine Update – for what it’s worth. Some of you are following developments at the White Wolf Mine. The general contractor informed me that it would not be ready for occupancy until mid-October. It made my Thursday an unhappy day and I suggested to him that I was less than thrilled with the delay. The performance bond kicks in 1 October and he will start paying me money after that. I reminded him of that. None the less it creates some havoc with my schedule.

Oh, right, the sermonette — uh, repent! That’s about all the hell fire that I’m capable of dishing out today.

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  1. My experience with any sort of carpentry, or building, or general construction is 1). it ALWAYS costs more, like, 3x more, than initially planned, and 2). it ALWAYS takes, like, 6x longer than initially planned…even if you do not screw it up by changing stuff, or adding items in.
    And any project that someone says "I can do that easily" never, ever, ever is easy, and in fact, is guaranteed to be the most complex complicated project yet attempted.

    But, still, not til mid-October…bummer!! Well, hopefully you would be in by Thanksgiving :)

  2. With zero knowledge of your particular situation, may I suggest that contractors spend half their time chasing money. Instead of cherishing customers who pay on time, they get wrapped up dealing with slow/no payers.

  3. I don't think that this is necessarily true in this particular case. I could elaborate, but it serves no purpose. The place is in a remote location and that very remoteness contributes to delays. At the same time housing in Arizona is BOOMING as conservatives flee California (like DRJIM – now in CO) in droves. It means that some items are hard to come by at times and that is part of what I'm dealing with.

  4. Repent? I've done nothing wrong! Of course that's my opinion(the only one that counts) and others may disagree. Strongly.

  5. Hate it when that happens. Hopefully your contractor does not cut corners to soften the bond deadline. If you haven't already, write your own checklist for the final walk through.

    Sights. For reflex sights, I like Eotech. BIG field of view, allowing forward mount and running with both eyes open. Excellent reticle with precise center dot. That said, optics that are solely dependent on batteries make me nervous. ACOG's are a bit spendy for me. I am currently running this on an AR—

    The feature I like best is the simple ETCHED reticle. Still works without a battery, and pretty much makes BUIS over redundant. It is a bit heavier than some.

  6. Excellent sermon and thanks for the helpful infographic at the end. But hold on, perhaps your contractor's been delayed by mourning for the most heroic patriot there's ever been?

  7. I have a Primary Arms equivalent — great when you run out of battery power. Still, I'd like to make the serious upgrade to Trijicon. Prob worth it.

  8. I detect an increase in your stress level. Take a deep breath, try and relax a bit, and realize how much better things will be next year at this time.

    And I agree with Suz. "Out Here", you can't go to Home Depot and get The Three Amigos to come do your bidding. Everything we've looked to have done has brought 'estimates' that are 2X or 3X what we expected, or are used to. I guesstimated $1800~$2000 for the electrical work I wanted. The estimate came in at $4200, and "Oh By The Way", we might have to upgrade the main service coming in, another $2600.

    My wife wanted the kitchen remodeled, something she figured would be $15k. I figured $20k~$25k. The contractor, who does stunning work, told us their remodels start at $35k, and it wasn't unusual to spend $50k on doing it exactly the way the homeowner wanted.

    I know you have a metric ton of money wrapped up in this, but you can see the finish line form here, and I guarantee you'll be better off once you get out there.

  9. Since said Barrett is no range toy I would suggest something current from Aimpoint or Trigicon reflex. If you have to have some magnification,then an Acog. No regrets.

  10. You'll either go to Valhalla or Hellheim. In one you hang out in the corpse hall with the other warriors partying and in the other you just hang out. The decision is yours.

  11. The stress level is work related for the most part.

    Do NOT (and I mean NEVER) take MRSDRJIM to a Sub Zero/Wolf showroom. Don't do it.

  12. I'm looking for a reflex sight, not magnification. If I need to make small things look big, I'll slap on the Schmidt and Bender, and re-zero the weapon.

  13. Considering the size of your hovel and its location, the fact you are this close to completion already is nothing less than ASTOUNDING.


  14. There's her money, my money, and our money.

    Items of that nature come out of HER money. I don't need a $15k stove/range/oven. I can get by with a Coleman stove….or a fire pit if I have to….

  15. I don't know, Dan. It feels as if it's taken forever. Then again, I'm not a builder and this is my first venture into the custom home building activity.

  16. Performance Bonds are the way to go though, but they we're allowed in there for week because of fire, right?

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