Twitter vs. Arizona

Twitter just suspended both official Arizona Audit accounts, for reasons I’m sure have nothing to do with the fact they just proved massive, result-overturning election fraud. They don’t even care how guilty this looks anymore, and the news media will carry the water for them.


The Future is Here

According to the news release, a partnership between Pay Pal and the Anti-Defamation League will focus on “uncovering and disrupting the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements” by targeting “actors and networks spreading and profiting from all forms of hate and bigotry.” Their findings will be “shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement.” (read full press release here)

Earlier today it was announced that Big Tech will monitor the internet, create a database of extremists, and report content they do not approve to the United States Intelligence Community for further action (DEPLATFORMING).  This latest notification from ADL would be a step in using the lists created by Big Tech to notify financial institutions of who needs to be blocked from banking services (DEMONETIZING).


Narcos and the .38 Super

Possession of a handgun chambered for .38 Super carries with it a much lighter sentence in Mexico than possession of handgun chambered for 9mm Parabellum.

The 9mm is a rimless cartridge that operates in about the 33,500 to 34,000 PSI range in most loadings, while the .38 Super is a semi-rimmed cartridge that operates in the same pressure range and has a non-tapered case. Practically, and operationally the difference is insignificant.

To MEXGOV a 9mm is a military caliber and a .38 Super is not.




Nice Kitty




Name the Mystery Aircraft



When people say that this is better than sex, it’s clear that they are not having the right kind of sex.


  1. Looks like a Backfire, to me. I wonder if they still pack the tailgun?

    Tigers have such cute wrinkly-nose snarly faces. Sure they want to kill everyone, but they are still adorable.


      • Tigers have a plan to kill everything they meet. You have to admire that.

        Yes, it’s a Backfire – Tu-22M. The rear-firing cannon is doubtless not the name for the NATO designation and I can’t help but wonder why they kept the artifact. Maybe it has a purpose? Defensive fire against missiles?

  2. This destructive crap has got to be stopped or America is toast…might already be. I’m guessing half of us will go ballistic on the other half at some point if this asinine insanity continues. (Does saying that get me flagged as an “insurrectionist”?)

      • I want the lowest score, then I’ll blame mental health so I can quit on my teammates and get fawning accolades by the Ginger-Hair White House Panderer and the MSM for “being strong”. Is there a “LOAT” award.

        • You may not need to work. Just accept your government allotment, become accustomed to cheese. Naturally, a vote will be cast in your name. No need to fill anything out or go anywhere.

          • Hmmm, a change in “head space” that will allow me to be a lazy bum sucking off the system…I’ll call it righteous payback for 45 years of working like a nut thinking I was taking care of my own while contributing to society. Now look, half the people are lazy bums thinking they are special.

            Whitlock has a great video on Ms. Biles that will probably have the loons call him a racist and hater.

        • I’ll give it a listen. And yes, when the line is being moved at will by those sucking the life out of our lives without jurisdiction or right to do so, them’s fighting words.

          Honestly, in the end I am not going to go out searching for a fight, I tend to prefer avoidance from the irrational crowd and have a long fuse when confronted, preferring to walk away…except if they are going after my wife, family, or a weaker person, then all bets are off.

          I view the Covid as a Dem means to an end, a tool to distract that affords them slight of hand to do their real subversive bs when people are back on their heels. One result from the Socialist scum; businesses BEGGING people to come to work at $15 per hour. And how did this happen? It’s the Dem agenda of a hiked minimum wage by the back door.

          The rest is political theater to maintain control.

          Jesus was THE master manager, he held no punches when necessary. I draw the line on trampled freedoms without cause. To me that is righteous and Biblical. And God forbid if some government employee shows up at my door unannounced, might just go East Coast on them, which I may regret later. But they made the game and will [should be made to] suffer the consequences of poking the sleeping dog.

          • And God forbid if some government employee shows up at my door unannounced…

            I was helping my brother building a new home for a client.
            I had a nice work table set up and came in early to clean a rifle I had shot the day before. My brother came in as I was finishing up and wanted to show the rifle to one of the subcontractors.
            He picked up the rifle and ran toward the door with the rifle at port arms just as the lady tax assessor was coming through the door. She was startled.

  3. So if they get their way, no more blogger or email. Have to go back to snail mail. And they just shred that if it comes from the wrong address.

    I remember when the US had a constitution and wasn’t run by crazies.
    I knew they never should have closed all the sanitariums.

    • Despite everything, I am hopeful. I’m not a Pollyanna, but things have a way of working out – historically. I realize that all the history I’ve read hasn’t been cast in the incorrect racial light, but there have been dark days before.

      That doesn’t mean that this blog won’t be shut down at some point.

  4. Good ol’ Twitter. Can’t let that truth get out.
    I suppose just commenting here lowers my ̶s̶o̶c̶i̶a̶l̶i̶s̶t̶ social score.

  5. Hope we never go to digital currency. The social score could be directly coupled to your digital currency balance. Decrease the social score and your loan rates go up or interest rates go down. I am already starting from the back of the pack; no Twitter account, no Facebook account. Gosh how do I even survive?

      • Which the credit card companies are already doing. Denying credit services to undesirables like Tea Partiers, conservatives, gun manufacturers and gun people.

  6. F’ them.
    I grew up in a world without all this tech crap and I can live without it again if I have to.
    Inconvenient, sure, but doable.

    • Life is difficult without banking.

      Some employers may pay in cash but how does that work in a digital society? The world that we grew up in, DanH, is fading.

  7. when you got tired of handloading for the .38 Super, you’d find the 9×23 @ 55k PSI was far more fun (only if you used Win brass) and if you were careful, you could get the brass to last for ~5 reloads before the primer pocket would expand too far.
    BTW, I’ve seen far cuter cougars down here on the West Coast of Floreeda (who needed an orthodontist just as badly)

  8. I continue to taunt gubmint tyrants and SJW types from my own blog, practically daring them to shut me down again. This time though, I am making it more difficult by activating Blogger’s “sensitive content” warning on each new view of my posts. This has two advantages. First, if you click past the “I understand and wish to continue” button, then its all on you and you were warned so STFU. Second, it prevents internet archive sites from automatically permanently caching posts for use in future investigation or prosecution if I flip the blog kill switch.

  9. The header and the meme pix are both 100% on target.

    Twitter and the left truly believe if they just ignore things enough, put their fingers in the ears, and go “lalalalalalala” enough, that the truth will just go away.

    About 100 million Americans disagree…..

    Maybe time to go DarkNet….?

    I’m pretty sure I heard the 38 vs 9mm story before, probably from you. Guess my 45ACP is a military round, too, so I won’t be going to Mexico anytime soon.

    • Yeah, .45 is forbidden but you can carry .357 Magnum… and get a permit to do it. It takes some doing but it’s possible.

  10. Back in the 90’s, I shot Bullseye pistol competition in a local league. Wanting something with a little less recoil than 45 ACP for the rapid fire strings, I built a 38 Super. Wanting to stay with the 1911 platform, I used a 1911 frame, Colt 9mm slide, and a custom barrel. Since I was only punching paper at 25 yards with target loads, the recoil spring was about 12 lbs.

    A more straight forward solution would have been a Smith and Wesson M52 in 38 special, but like I said I wanted to stay with the 1911.

    To coin a phrase, I think the digital suppression is just getting warmed up.

  11. President Trumps greatest legacy will be the 200 judges he got confirmed. The three branches of government may be what saves us. On the other hand, if the Executive simply ignores the judges and goes full speed ahead with their madness. what happens then? Assuming even half the states have fairly honest midterm elections, maybe the Republicans take both the House and Senate.

  12. Arizona looks great. I’d be searching for pictographs, worked flint and all the rest.

    Apparently, there’s undisturbed Indian sites on the Trinity river in East Dallas. I haven’t been able to find them but haven’t looked very hard. Same applies to some of the country near the compound. Must get out and about and explore.

    • Exploring is what it’s about. Leave the city and look for dinosaur tracks. There are some near you in a riverbed that I saw a few years back.

  13. Biden can get lost in a press conference for minutes, babbling.
    Remember when Trump tweeted the word Cofefve? They wanted to get his cabinet to pull the 25th amendment on him.
    Told the truth about Covid and they canceled him.
    That’s Big Tech.

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