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Global Warming isn’t New

And neither is global cooling. The Earth has been much warmer and the Earth has been much cooler, all before man set foot on the planet.
The attached newspaper from 1922 declares that the threat of global warming and arctic melting is very real. Who am I to dispute the Anchorage Daily Times? (H/T John D)
If the Arctic became a temperate zone back in 1922, no tax would have been necessary to melt the ice today. Or to keep the ice from melting (as you please). Was it a hoax then, or is it a hoax now? Or does the climate vary every year without a lot of help from mankind, or womynkind, or whatever?

Hanging with Hugo

Barack Obama got along well enough with Hugo Chavez, architect of Venezuela’s turn to socialism. You’ll note that Maduro, the current ex-president of Venezuela is present in the background.
Then again, Barack got on well with the Castro Family as well. They had a great deal in common. Obama’s grandparents and his mother were both communists, as was his ‘Uncle’ Frank Marshall Davis (his mother’s love interest). Isn’t it interesting how the corrupt, lying, smug, sly, mainstream media dodged all of that for eight years?
Hillary would have left Venezuela alone to their communist devices if there had been money in it for her, but, alas, she never ascended to the presidency as she intended. So we will never really know. Then again, she’s running for the presidency a third time. Hillary will need some sort of trick slogan and “Make America into Venezuela” won’t work because they’re on the road to capitalism. One day soon, Venezuelan currency will be worth more than toilet paper. Donald J. Trump replaced the feckless, loser, Obama — and Hugo is in hell, so there IS justice.
Embracing Victims

I don’t think that anybody is a bigger victim than Elizabeth (poke-a-haunt-us) Warren D-MA. She ticks off all of the boxes. Broke, female, Indian, and presidential hopeful.

Ok, I understand Ted Kennedy. He was the dim bulb in the Kennedy family but he was still a Kennedy and Massachusetts loved him for it. He was a legacy bootlegger. I don’t understand their capacity to return Elizabeth Warren to the legislature.

I have kid’s in-laws from Boston – Southy types. I’ve asked them. They don’t understand and they’re Democrats after a fashion. They vote Democrat because the ward bosses tell them to. They’re union people and there is a legacy vote. They didn’t vote for the fake Indian. And they don’t think that Bruce Jenner should be the woman of the year. And they think that Michelle Obama could be man of the year. (They were with Joan Rivers on that – shortly before her untimely death)


The USA eradicated Rubella because of inoculations of children in the 1960’s. Measles was almost like small pox – an unknown thing. Almost until now.

Washington State Governor Declares State Of 

Emergency In All Counties Due To Measles Outbreak

Ah, it’s back.

We don’t know who patient zero is, but I’ll wager LSP’s fighting monkey, Mike_C’s concealed carry handgun and John Derva’s 30/40 Krag Jorgensen, and the latest Jim Curtis novel, that it’s an illegal immigrant from Mexico. There are a lot of narcos from Michoacan and Guerrero who live in Washington State. Don’t ask me why but they do. What about smallpox? When is the last time you were inoculated against smallpox? What about bubonic plague? All of those communicable diseases are alive and well in the Third World — those and many more. Legal immigration provides for a logical, systematic way of insuring that those who come here don’t bring unwelcome diseases with them.
Is it racist for me to write this? Oh, I’m sure somebody thinks that it is. I hope that the progs all catch these diseases in series so that they can show us all how you survive diseases such as smallpox and plague with a smile on your face. Or will they hide behind their high walls, and order their guards to shoot any plague victim shuffling up to the gates? Come on, Pelosi, Warren, Hillary and Cortez, embrace leprosy. 

19 thoughts on “Grind the Week Out

  1. Why do the narcos live in Washington state?

    The Port of Seattle. I'm sure there's a thriving "import" business going on in the port…..

  2. Having lived in the Seattle area for 18 years until 1997, I can say then the prominent immigrant gangsters were Eastern European, Baltic, and Iranian.

    Drjim is correct about the Port of Seattle and Tacoma.

    Speaking of ports, the log ships arriving at Anacortes seemed to have more crew when they arrived than when they departed.

  3. I'm not sure Los Caballaros Templarios Cartel (formerly La Famillia Michoacan) claim much of Washington State as 'turf'. A lot of them work in agriculture-related endeavors there and they do have a base.

  4. The YACS (Yugoslavs, Armenians, Croatats and Serbians) have a lot of sway there but among Mexican gangsters, LFM/LAM Cartel have the turf. I am not saying that they're more powerful than the YACS but they usually don't compete head-to-head.

  5. I don't like disagreeing with friends but,
    What other "health issues" shall the government deem mandatory?
    I'm glad I got vaxed for polio, but I'm a bit suspicious of what's happening today.

  6. Sure you can disagree. I think that there are things we can agree on. It's a good thing that polio was eradicated. Same with smallpox. Bubonic Plague is another thing you don't see in the developed world anymore and that is good. Measles could be shoehorned into those diseases we are better off without. I had chicken pox as a child and it was one of those things. I had it as an adult and it nearly killed me. Thus, I have feelings about taking that out of the line up.

    Flu shots are voluntary. I think that's a good thing. People still die of the flu and of complications when it turns into pneumonia. Glenn Frey from the Eagles died that way (I picked out a famous person) but there are thousands every year. And still flu shots are voluntary. But the flu is not smallpox.

  7. I was going to bet you a bushel of pecans from your trees against Fredd's Aunt Sally's corn dogs. It looks as if I'll have to get my pecans elsewhere.

  8. The thing propelling most anti-vaxers is the quality and the application of the vaccines. With two out of three sons with autism I've spent some motivated hours pondering the subject.

    Rather than the derogatory anti-vaxer, more appropriate is vaxer-sceptic.

  9. I don't know enough on the subject of causal relationships between vaccines and autism. My feelings about eliminating the really bad viruses are stated above. Why do some people develop autism and children in the same family who have been subject to the same conditions not? Ultimately it's in the DNA and while research has been done, clearly more can be done.

  10. Pretty sure the measles outbreak is related to the moonbat lefties (and some moonbat righties) who think vaccinating their children is co-operating with some sort of big-business mind-control plot, or something.

    I think people should be able to freely choose whether their children are vaccinated or not, but if they decide on "not", hell should freeze over before the kids are allowed in the public schools.

    On the bright side for those parents, the public schools are little more than Marxist indoctrination centers nowadays, so maybe that's a win for them.


  11. Some public schools are bad, but others (and often charter schools) are not. I've seen with my children and grandchildren that it cuts both ways. The problem with Common Core is that they have removed history from one of those items tested, so the effort put out to teach history is negligible. It works for the progs who spew lies and filth and the audience don't have the frame of reference to refute them.

  12. Come on, Pelosi, Warren, Hillary and Cortez, embrace leprosy.

    From your lips to God's ears sir.

  13. "On the bright side for those parents, the public schools are little more than Marxist indoctrination centers nowadays, so maybe that's a win for them."
    You beat me to it.

  14. Yes, I was painting with an overly broad brush. Some schools are still good, and even when they aren't, if the student and their parents are all in, they can still make a good education happen.


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