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The Voice of Idaho?

DNC Chair candidate Sally Boynton Brown goes off on a long rant (below) about white privilege at the DNC Chair Candidates Forum (January 23rd, 2017). Her way forward for the Democrats is, “If you’re white, shut the hell up.” I really hope that she is elected DNC Chair. She could do a lot to advance the further destruction of the Party. They need to move further left in the hopes of being the party of grievance rather than the “party of the common man and woman” – which is quickly becoming the party of President Trump. 
A Winning Strategy
If I was DNC Chair (and nobody asked me to be – I’m just saying “if”), I’d commission 330 million vagina hats to be knit so every person in America could have one. Children would wear them in school. They’d be a massive hit on college campuses. They’d be worn by cowboys in Texas and Oklahoma, by oil workers in the Dakotas, and by FBI Special Agents as they went about their duties. The military would replace their uniform headgear with them and it would be progressive and glorious. Just think of those votes rolling in…

The Democrat Party through their mouthpieces in the corrupt, smug, progressive, elite mainstream media have been crowing over the past week that Donald Trump was elected president because of RACISM. However, the last time I looked, Hillary Clinton was also white. So if she won, would it have been due to racism?
So I’m announcing here today that I’m starting a new foundation soon, called PUSH-LEFT! The goal is to move the Democrats away from worrying about the black vote, because they’ll lose that when the inner cities are fixed and jobs are restored – and away from the labor unions, which they’re losing anyway. 
PUSH LEFT will empower everyone with a grievance, whether it’s to grant Sharia Law to all Muslims in the US, to save whales or to insure that women have the right to kill their unborn children. All I need is YOUR MONEY. Contribute now with a check made payable to me personally. I’ll make all of your progressive dreams come true. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

…and ladies, get your eyes off my package. Look here, up here. I hate to be sexually objectified because I’m a man.

Your gift for contributing $100 is an Emergency Clown nose, to put on whenever you attend a PUSH LEFT rally.
Your gift for contributing $1,000 or more is a pink vagina hat. You need to wear the hat whenever you are in a public place or when watching CNN or MSNBC at home. It shows your support for PUSH LEFT and any one of a number of other progressive causes. 
Madonna wore a black pussy hat, which suggests that there is something wrong with her part. I’m not sure what that is and I don’t want to speculate.

35 thoughts on “Push-Left

  1. No woman who wears her hair in a pig tail (are you freakn' kidding me?) could ever be the voice of Idaho.

    The black guy sitting behind her looks like he's thinking, "What the hell is this crazy honkie bitch talking about?"

  2. Jehmu Green (on the right of the screen) loved what she was hearing, and she is as far far left as Donna Brazil and Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz. Let's hope the DNA chooses this moonbat to lead them into the wilderness. I hear it'seems nice there.

  3. I see a bright future for PUSH LEFT and, on the strength of "charitable" contributions you'll soon raise enough money to become the DNC chairperson. Worried about being white? No prob, just wear black face, like Shaun King.

  4. I thought that maybe you knew her (the rumor in progressive California is that everyone in Idaho is kin). After all Idaho is fly-over country.

  5. The hyphenated name suggests that at some time, some male chose to marry this wing nut. I'm sure he lived to regret that decision. I'm sure that she'd progressive enough to slaughter her young, so there isn't going to be a DNA issue.

  6. If Bill Clinton can be the first negro president, I'm sure that I can be the first negro DNC Chair. I think that I have as much negro blood in me as Rachel Dolezal. As with trannies, it's not about who you are so much as how you identify yourself. Today I'm a white male. Tomorrow, I can be a negro. The day after that, a Pakistani woman. Then back to a privileged white male for Sunday. Progressiveness is the way forward and PUSH LEFT is the train that everyone needs to ride. With each donation of $100 or more, you will receive a clown nose to wear at the next alt left demonstration (soon to be PUSH LEFT).

    As the Reverend Jim Jones said, "Drink that Kool Aid my children, and I will take you to the promised land." (amen)

  7. No DNA wreckage, true. But, trust me, there's a whole lotta psychological damage somewhere.

  8. That's pretty rude, LL. Adrienne isn't *from* Idaho. Isn't she from somewhere more cosmopolitan? Baton Rouge, I thought. *ducking thrown objects* 🙂

  9. I love Crowder's documentary, and I'm happy to send $100 for PUSHY LEFT. But, if I pay up, I want a cool progressive name. Can you come up with something for me? Something like Jeh-Khunt? It needs to sound part negro and part Middle Eastern, I think.

  10. She lives in Idaho. The rest is possibly a smoke screen. I expect that she lives in a compound up there – like everyone else.

  11. The answer to all the world's woes is PUSH LEFT – the moral equivalent of the Clinton Global Initiative, except I get rich rather than Bill and Hillary.

  12. Donate before you leave and know that the few gallons of fuel that you buy for the Gulfstream or the yacht will be well used in the cause of fighting the weather, resisting bigotry, and in getting me laid. I think that it's all tax deductible. At least it was for Slick Willy.

  13. The most progressive negro-Middle Eastern name that I know of is Barack Hussein Obama. We could arrange a name change for a small fee.

  14. They could default to Hillary, who is about as progressive as one can be since she is married to the former black president. She'd be perfect as DNC chair since she lies so effectively. I wonder how much she'd be willing to donate to PUSH LEFT?

  15. Bring me the Benjamins. I'll mail them clown noses and vagina hats….because I'm an old whore at heart.

  16. Well I'm IN! Wearing my clown nose as I type and I've started knitting the vagina hats. But not on a Roman Dodecahedron – time is of the essence!

  17. So when did this white male become a non-person? Oh yes, when some (P)regressive so declared. Their power comes from their superior intellect and moral perfection, self assumed. So frustrating for them, that we deplorables suggest they perform solo sexual activities involving penetration.

  18. I think I need a safe space after having to look and listen at all that lunacy without a warning at the top of the post!

    Hahahahaha! Who is going to hold the gun on some of those people to make them wear one of those disgusting hats? Won't be me! And I won't be wearing one, either!

    Very interesting post.

  19. They hate that the deplorable people in fly-over country elected Donald Trump — after all the wisdom that ushered forth from Barack's blue lips, it wasn't appreciated. And President Trump is undoing 8 years of Obama damage.

    And it's not just President Trump – it's state legislatures, the House and the Senate.

    And the labor unions are joining Trump for the big win.

    Progressives like performing auto-erotic acts…it's what they do.

  20. Make sure to tell all of your progressive friends so send their checks to me personally c/o Push Left…

  21. Good God that is funny,
    I'm pretty sure you are going to be in hog heaven with your pink hats and clown nose venture capital deal…

  22. Now that the Clinton Global Initiative is defunct, I figure there's an opportunity for me to fill the void with PUSH LEFT.

  23. She's was so progressive, mingling with the topless protesters and the ladies in their vagina hats. Even though she has a mangina, she did look fabulous.

  24. P. S. I have not received your contribution to Push Left yet, Race — but I'm still willing to send you a pink hat if you'll take a selfie wearing it and post it on your blog…as a show of solidarity with womyn everywhere.

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