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The Polar Vortex

(link) It’s coming and it’s elegant proof of climate change and the melting ice caps. Except that they’re not melting – yet. Nor are polar bears extinct and that extinction event was scheduled for 2017. “Don’t be disappointed, they’ll be extinct soon enough,” climate scientists who are funded by global warming activists assure us.
So if you’re impacted by the Polar Vortex, the way out for you is to pay more taxes. I’m thinking of setting up a go-fund-me page to help fight the scourge of global warming. In the mean time, you can always send me cash, gold or silver coin. There are no middle men at the White Wolf Mine Climate Fund. 100% of your money will go directly to speed my personal efforts to save the planet, while there is still time. And some of you say that I’m not a giver?
Killing Babies
I know that you’ve read about the new law in New York that allows you to kill your unborn child right up to the moment of birth. Progressives call it “choice”.
Of course, there are forms of retroactive birth control that could be administered as a form of choice as well. The liberals (none of whom are armed) are a bit more disturbed about that sort of legal doctrine.
How is killing a baby that is viable outside of the womb not homicide? (Murder by definition is a subset of homicide that requires premeditation, and other circumstances come into play as well)
The legitimate government of Venezuela, led by the Venezuelan National Assembly is open for business today, while the communists feel that they’ve been hoodwinked by an American engineered coup. The communists control the army, the navy (such as it is) and the air force (out dated junk). They also control the police because they control the money looted from the treasury.
There are no American marines patrolling the streets (the way that they do the streets of heaven) and in point of fact, there is no visible American presence. The Russians are pensive. Will Maduro take the offer and flee to Moscow to live in a shabby apartment (next door to Snowden) with five cases of Stoli to keep him company? Will the Russians be allowed to keep their investment in a free Venezuela?

21 thoughts on “Monday’s Muse

  1. Nice Monday morning briefing and it seems like climat change is hitting the Midwest hard. Which is strange because they pay a lot tax, don't they?

    NY stands under judgement.

  2. >100% of your money will go directly to speed my personal efforts to save the planet

    Indeed. Don't take LL's altruism away from him. Give generously and often.

  3. My slogan for donors is that they should give until it hurts, and then keep giving. DO NOT take my altruism from me. Just don't!

  4. Humans live above the frozen Arctic Circle and 120° deserts. We will probably survive any foreseeable climate change.

    The immediate issue is financial. All those student loans to pay back, all the rice bowls of pseudo scientists, and all the government drones 'administering' climate change studies allocations.

  5. Perhaps you could sell environmentally themed challenge coins at obscene profit prices. Perhaps even a contest for the coin design. I suggest it include the image of a flat head wood screw. Cue the Yoda voice–

    "Strong the altruism is in this one!"

  6. Climate change hits us all in different ways. It snowed in Arizona. Now it's not snowing but it's still winter. How is that fair? Endless summer is the promise of global warming but it has yet to deliver that even in Arizona. Definitely not Minnesota and North Dakota.

  7. I feel that if everyone in America sent me $100 a month, it might be enough. Then again, it might not be.

  8. There are also the hoards, legions if you will, of government workers who need to go back to supersizing orders at Burger King and giving up their 'public sector employment' where they do absolutely nothing.

  9. That's a great idea. Trinkets (a polite word for landfill) are always a big seller. We could include challenge coin pictures of their favorite animals (all soon to be extinct). When you see somebody wearing an MAGA hat, grasp your challenge coin hard and say, "SAVE THE PLANET!" We need a booth at the DNC convention, or have them buy and hand out the challenge coins as swag to attendees, with instructions on where to buy more.

  10. There may not be time to save the planet, John. Act now, open that wallet and send that first hundred, knowing that you may end up saving what's left of a dying Earth.

  11. Two coins. One for the WWM and the other for tree huggers/suckers who want to buy a coin to save the planet.

  12. I have a Vortex mounted on a rifle though it's not one of the polar varieties. It does seem to work well enough.

  13. Progressives think that vortexes are important. If you travel to Sedona Arizona, they will sell you mystic crystals so that you're better able to commune with vortexes. And now they're bringing global cooling from the north to counteract global warming.

    AND you tell me that you can shoot with one as well.

  14. "And now they're bringing global cooling from the north to counteract global warming."

    Here in DFW and this part of Texas, we call that the wet/dry line, where you will definitely find weather. Kinda seems to have a mind of it's own though.

    I have a vortex mounted on a rifle as well (Howa 1500, 20" heavy fluted barrel, 308)). Jim is correct, you can shoot with them.

  15. Maybe if you shoot rounds with the use of your Vortex, you will save the planet (and those cuddly, loving, harmless white bears) from extinction.

  16. In my part of Alaska (Copper River Basin) we have had both global warming and cooling this month. Couple weeks ago we had -40 with highs of -30 and last week we hit +37. Best of both worlds!

  17. I think it's only 6 months on the baby-killing now in New York, not 9.

    Still offensive enough, if that is the sort of thing that offends you.

  18. Right now here in the U.P. it is -10 (-20 predicted tomorrow) with a goodly wind, it is winter, this is expected and it is not the end of the world.

    But it is bloody cold outside.

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