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On the Border

The latest caravan group has swelled to around 12,000. 

From Military Times:
Thousands of troops will be headed to the U.S.-Mexico border to meet President Donald Trump’s request to enhance security there, the Pentagon confirmed Tuesday. 
They will be tasked with adding more concertina wire to the U.S.-Mexico border and supporting surveillance, DoD said. 
“As the Acting Secretary said, we are supporting our federal partners on the border and that mission has been extended until September.”

Build the wall, lock Her up, MAGA.

European Elites

You have to wonder what the globalist elite overlords in Europe thing about BREXIT, and dissatisfaction in France, Belgium and Germany. People aren’t buying what they’re selling. 
French media reported the yellow vests demonstrated for the 28th consecutive weekend. 
Police in Amiens, hometown of President Emmanuel Macron, fired teargas at about 1,200 demonstrators after a group threw stones at police, attacked local bank branches and set fire to trash cans and dumpsters.       
A few hundred protesters also clashed with police in downtown Paris, in and around the Place de la Republique. The Ministry of Interior reported that around the country only 12,500 demonstrators participated, marking the lowest turnout since the movement started.
And while enthusiasm for civil disorder is diminishing if turn-out numbers are an accurate judge, the pot is simmering and another outrage by the government would start it all up again.
Yellow vests in Brussels clashed with police. The Brussels protestors are a copy-cat group. They timed their demonstrations to protest social injustice and the European Union parliamentary elections. The socialists in Belgium are a mixed bag of dissatisfaction that doesn’t extend to the nationalist call in France. And if you haven’t been to Brussels lately, it’s looking a lot like Paris and San Francisco, which is a real shame.
In Syria
The Israelis are ‘syriaous’, and yet another case of dramatic over-reaction, which is my personal style when threatened as well.
Israeli aircraft attacked a Syrian air defense position. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), an anti-aircraft shell was fired “at an Israeli fighter jet that was in the midst of a routine flight in the north of the country.” 
According to the IDF, the shell landed inside Syrian territory and did not damage the Israeli plane. “Its mission was completed as planned.”
Shortly after 9 p.m., on the 27th, the IDF retaliated for the anti-aircraft attack, bombing the battery that fired it, the military said. “The IDF takes seriously any threat to its planes and will act to defend them,” said an army statement.
The Syrian state news service, SANA, said the Israeli strike targeted a military post on the Tel al-Sha’ar hilltop, east of Khan Arnabeh, just east of the border
Syrian state media reported that one of its soldiers was killed in the Israeli strike and a second was injured. A military vehicle also was reported damaged in the attack.
The incident occurred within the UN patrolled area of separation on the Golan Heights. As is its practice, the IDF responded asymmetrically by destroying the Syrian unit. The incident did not escalate.
The Norks
President Trump should be more circumspect in his dealings with North Korea. He laughed at their small missiles (which worried the Japanese – within range of those puny rockets) and at their characterization of Slow Joe Biden as a low IQ individual.  Now they’re after John Bolton, calling him stupid. While I am no fan of John Bolton (send him back to Fox News), encouraging the Norks to be assholes is not helpful. They can manage their crap all on their own, without President Trump laughing and egging them on.
WE can laugh at Nancy Pelosi’s belligerence, at her dementia or at the onset of Parkinson’s or whatever is actually wrong with her, because she’s such a snake. In fact, she gives snakes a bad name. But the Norks need to keep out of the name calling business, and the President needs to keep above that. It’s the style of Trump, the NY developer, given to behavior that annoys a lot of people who are not from NY, that is his Achilles heel.

6 thoughts on “Geopolitical Commentary

  1. Good call. Mind you, naming Biden Swampman didn't go amiss, and please, French people, get rid of Macron.

  2. Who is funding and organizing these migrant caravans? Bet someone in government knows. If the Joint Special Operations Command types can identify assorted jihadists in shithole Middle East Countries, identifying the money behind the caravans should be a snap. Not saying we should take the next step and eliminate them (wouldn't upset me much) but use sunshine disinfectant.

  3. All interesting items, and you'd think Syria would 'learn'… Re NORKS, agree.

  4. Didn't Macron lose in the recent election? Could that account for the lower turnout?
    I seem to recall hearing today that our troops are stuck in Syria for the untold future thanks to demonrats undermining Trump's authority. Annoying.
    I do worry about Trump's… comments sometimes. So I ask God to please be sure he is re-elected.

  5. They are all known. It’s the Presidents call when it comes to extreme prejudice situations. Council to the President prepares a finding, authorizing covert action. If somebody might die, it’s called a lethal finding. President signs it and things happen.

  6. I don't really care about Trump being crass and boorish… it isn't as if this is news. He won, anyway.

    Don't tell me about the "dignity of the office", either. There is no dignity to the office, he's an elected public servant, not a filthy King.

    Plenty of our previous Presidents were also crass and boorish, going all the way back to the early days. I will continue to judge my employees upon their actions, not whether they put on fancy airs or not.

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