Different Kinds of Chaotic Evil

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Isis 2.0?

The Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram has allied itself with the caliphate in Central Africa. Isis is trying to re-imagine itself in black face. You will recall that Boko Haram kidnaps Christian school girls, rapes them and turns them into slaves. Well why not if you’re an African jihadi group?
Their activities continue to destabilize northeastern Nigeria. On 26 May, Boko Haram terrorists ambushed a convoy transporting civilians to camps for displaced persons in Damboa. They killed at least 20 people and others are missing. Those missing are likely slaves now. Welcome to Islam in Africa. A member of the local militia told the press, “They ambushed and surrounded the vehicles of both the soldiers and the civilians and opened fire on them.” Soldiers exchanged fire with the Boko Haram militants, but they eventually overpowered the soldiers.
Attacks by one or the other Boko Haram faction occur almost daily. In addition inter-tribal clashes and banditry have increased. 
Some people who pass by this blog have a soft place for Africa in their hearts, but I’m afraid that I do not. It’s not a racist thing with me. It’s that these problems are endemic, and are not solvable without neutron warheads. Disagree if you will. 
How Chaotic and Evil are You?
For the sake of full disclosure, I vacillate between lawful neutral and neutral evil. The yin and yang of bread storage.

13 thoughts on “Different Kinds of Chaotic Evil

  1. Lawful neutral to chaotic neutral here. One or the other, at random. Bread can make you bipolar. Who knew?

  2. I am chaotic neutral if the wife is out of town and lawful evil when she is home.

  3. Neutral evil here, I'm a tucker. A badge of honor. Stale bread is undesirable, but leaving the bag open is a temptation simply to get the coveted chaotic evil label and putting up with the stale bread.

  4. Lawful or chaotic neutral.

    Never liked that D&D alignment system which I think was based on Michael Moorcock's despair-porn Eternal Champion metaseries. Hmmmm, better look it up: the all-knowing Wikipedia (you can trust them because they have no biases, none at all) says that ol' E. Gary based his alignment system on the works of Moorcock and Poul Anderson. I can't buy the latter. I don't think Gygax had the poetry in his soul to grok Anderson.

    While I'm on a D&D rant, who the hell would choose to use Jack Vance's magic system? The original Dying Earth stories had a certain fey loveliness to them (which the Cugel the Clever stories did not IMNSHO), but struck me as singularly unsuited for a role playing game.

    Thus endeth the nerd-rant.

  5. If bread's the staff of life, what's the life of the Staff, eh? Damme, money's on the monkey.

    Saying that, China looks set to control vast swathes of Africa. Good luck with that, dark continent.

  6. There are a number of pills that can be taken to extend the life of staff…

    China aspires to rule Africa, but aspiration doesn’t mean that they can pull it off.

  7. How you treat your pre-sliced loaf says a lot about you. You don’t need a shrink, just that helpful chart, above.

  8. We need to have a brass badge struck in your honor that reads, “chaotic evil” it can be placed on display at the Fredd Museum. (If Henry Ford can have one, so can you)

  9. Thank you for the enlightened rant BUT, are you never tempted to treat your sliced bread in an evil way?

  10. "China aspires to rule Africa…" The PRC and Africa deserve each other.

    Paul L. Quandt

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