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Thursdays and Fridays are slow blogging days. People have better things to do than to listen to drivel. Aren’t you tired of freshperson Rep. AOC (D-NY) (failed bartender) ascending to control the Donkey Party? Aren’t you tired of Congressional Muslims lecturing you? Aren’t you tired of Shifty Schiff buggering 19 year old boys and you, the taxpayers, having to pay for his legal defense? I know what you’re thinking. I always thought that Schiff was a necrophile too… but apparently he also likes young boys.
Christmas Music
I like it, but don’t play it until AFTER Halloween. Yes, that also applies to the Grinch song. You may play the Nightmare Before Christmas
Outside of Civilization

Preparing for winter.
Antelope race my Ford Raptor through a field of yellow flowers. They are
a larger relative of the small and cruel jackalope.** Fortunately the jackalopes
have been hunted to near extinction.

One hand on the wheel, the other on the camera.
She had a lot to say, but since I don’t speak bird, I made due with a
**Jackalope hunting is dangerous, but is best done at night in the company of a beautiful woman. She needs to stay close in the event of an attack. If your flashlight (UK: torch) should fail, she needs to get even closer.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Follies

  1. Jackalope hunting is a dangerously racy sport. Not unlike the famous Congessional Boomerang Throw.

  2. The better half is a huge fan of Christmas music and has a number of CDs full of it. They'll be coming out shortly and will be played in the car whenever we go somewhere. It ain't easy, but I tolerate it because she tolerates my idiosyncrasies.
    I've never hunted jackalopes, though they say there's still a breeding population in the western part of the state. I have hunted antelope and the thing that impressed me was the speed of those creatures. A cheetah can out sprint them, though not by much, but a pronghorn can go at a good clip for miles on end.

  3. Beautiful photos!
    Well of course you can speak bird! In late spring I saved a fledgling crow that was stuck in my garden because he couldn’t fly properly. I kept him safe all day long despite the murder of crows above probably wanting to peck my eyes out. I later learnt that crows can hold a grudge but if you make friends with them they bring you presents. Hmm. I downloaded a crow caller on my phone and called to them daily. Now I’m surrounded by black birds like an evil witch!

  4. With the pop-psyche HR, bean-counters, and attorney's running (ruining?) businesses it was bound to happen for Christmas sales to morph all the way to before the end of summer…to…you know…"capture more market potential."

    Really dumb in Home Depot to see Christmas decorations alongside Halloween decorations alongside air conditioners…although I was tempted to grab one of those lifelike 7' animatronic witches and a blow-up Grinch and Frosty whilst grabbing a few pieces of hardware…then I thought of HRC & Pelosi, and Schiff & Nadler…figured I had enough weirdness presented to my life without it being on the front porch as a visual reminder.

  5. Being a contrarian (or just a grumpy old fart) I would like to point out those are Pronghorns, a species that survived the late ice age along with musk oxs. The only native North American antelope are called Rocky Mountain Goats.

  6. Ahhh…the wild and wily jackalope!

    They have an 8' one up at the Terry Bison Ranch in Wyoming. Big enough to saddle, which they did. And all the display signs warn "Do NOT Try This At Home"!

    Strange creatures that some say are distantly related to the Dreaded Trojan Rabbit…..Quick! Bring the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!! I think I hear one out in the bushes…..

  7. I've got a pic I saw somewhere of the even more elusive catalope. A strange and eerily beautiful little beast. No way to post it, though.

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