When Will He Endorse?

Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) is not popular on this blog. However, popularity notwithstanding, there is the nagging question that President Trump raised… What does Barack know that is holding him back from endorsing his former Vice President, creepy, corrupt, senile, old Slow Joe Biden?

I know that President Trump may be trolling, and the Chinese Plague will slow everything up, but he’s very been very slow to help his old buddy.

Publication Opportunity?

I need to write a book for our times called, “How to Make Money by Being a Government Informant”. It would be an instant best seller. I might ever get a daily slot on CNN giving helpful advice to would-be rats.

When you think about it, there’s considerable historical precedent for it.

Jesus Sought for Questioning?

(Babylon Bee) Roman authorities seek Jesus for violating the stay-in-tomb order!



    • George Soros began his life as a snitch for the Nazis. He was such a good informer that they overlooked the fact that he was a Jew. He has said in interviews that it was the happiest time of his life.

    • I think so too. I wonder if the DNC will use Team Clinton to take Biden out before the convention or perhaps just have him name a successor because of health reasons, diminished mental state, etc. So his delegates transfer (under a new rule) to a more worthy and acceptable donkey, who Barack may bless.

  1. We have a very informal neighborhood emergency group- every once in a while we get together and have a barbecue and talk about earthquake safety, etc. email list of a couple dozen people. Just found out our leftist person doing the emails is also sending them to a county official (super leftist) as a “courtesy”. I asked why, have not got a response yet. I don’t like it. Like pictures of Biden or or Cuomo, it tickles my street sense.
    “I do not like thee, Dr.Fell, the reason why I cannot tell, but this I know, and know quite well, I do not like thee, Dr.Fell.”
    I spent some time living on the street as a kid, I think the lessons learned go beyond the explainable. Pancho would know, it was supposed to leave him free and clean and all he got was dust….

    • During the early years of the Obama regime in America, they set up an office in the White House wherein you could denounce various people. There was a vague promise of payment, but there was an e-mail address and a telephone number. I immediately denounced every Democrat that I knew as being “fishy”. It never came to anything because I sense that my personal actions were mirrored by a million patriots.

  2. Things are getting bad when you fear your neighbors more than a virus. It been very good to hone my situational awareness abilities which had become lax.

    Bathhouse Barry hasn’t endorsed Biden because he knows he won’t be the nominee. Simple as that…

    • I’m not much worried about neighbors. They’re fierce enough, but I completely take your point.

      The Donkey Party is going to have to make some filthy rule changes that will completely disenfranchise the Bernie Bro’s. But since the Bros didn’t come out and vote, maybe it’s not as big of a loss as it might otherwise be. It’s going to be an interesting summer. Buy popcorn.

  3. Barry doesn’t want to go down in the history books as the guy who endorsed the next Barry Goldwater, who will lose in possibly the worst landslide ever.

    He may not endorse anybody, after what happened to the Old Crone he endorsed last time. That, and he and Cuomo were never really buddies.

      • I think that Barack will want to be a power broker. Yes, he’s personally a dim bulb, but he can motivate his demographic (poor black people and rich white liberals) to vote. He’s a preachy sort of person. Some say that he has aspirations to the Supreme Court where he can preach endlessly, but I think that he’s too lazy for that, not bright enough and even if somebody does the work for him, he still has to show up. As Ed says, Barry got his.

  4. The snitch scheme’s doing well in the UK, apparently, unless you’re a Muslim and therefore exampt from the law because raysism.

    Nice opening dystopia infographic.

    • The UK had an effective snitch system underway pre-Chinese Plague. I can only imagine how they’ve refined it since then.

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