Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Ghost Busters predicted a sea of slime oozing up from the cracks to essentially ‘eat’ New York City. It’s Hollywood, folks, they got the city wrong but the plot line is apparently right on the money. You can read more HERE

‘Treatment of biofilm (gritty slime) is difficult, as there is no known permanent method for removing it, and we have to ensure that any treatment must not do further damage to the soft marble of the memorial nor encourage further growth,’ Catherine Dewey, chief of resource management for National Mall and Memorial Parks, told NPS.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Would it help if somebody bought an old hearse or ambulance at auction and mounted a nuclear particle accelerator on it and turned it loose on Washington DC? The mainstream media might ignore it if they think that this sort of thing is progressive. It’s difficult for me to predict the actions of progs in this particular situation. 

Democrats all blame George W. Bush for the slime, but it first appeared before his presidency when Hillary was in the White House…the same White House that she’s trying to get back to. Could she turn loose an army of flying monkeys to eat the black scum? Is Hillary the original source of the black slime/scum? I have no answers. I only make entreaties and posit questions.

If you see the “gate keeper” running around, let me know where she is…unless she looks like Hillary. Then never mind.

28 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call?

  1. Oh the metaphorical slime! There is something known as dark tongue caused by the continuous use of verbal mucus. The symptoms are excessive lying, bad fashion taste and it is very toxic to others. There are no known cures except for burning at the stake.

  2. In America we used to apply hot tar and feathers, but it was only a temporary cure. Yours has a far more lasting impact.

  3. "Dark Tongue" would be an excellent Apache name. Though they probably already use it as a broad descriptive for politicians.

  4. Personally, I would give Wet and Forget Outdoors a try on that bio-film. I know that's a serious answer to a sort of non-serious post, but it's all I can handle right now.

    I think Jules nailed the real solution.

  5. If Hillary is elected the great majority will get what they deserve. The others of us will be thrown to the wolves, eaten and vomited out – and very probably blamed for all problems.

  6. "Could she turn loose an army of flying monkeys to eat the black scum?" Yes, of course the monkeys can eat the slime. Those flying monkeys of hers have innumerable transferable talents. If elected, just watch and see what the old crone sics those flying monkeys on.

  7. There are some unholy things that one should not ever even think about. THAT will put me off dinner tonight.

  8. YOU, WoFat, are part of the vast right wing conspiracy that Prez. Slick Willy Clinton warned us all about. Naturally, you will need to be scourged and sent to a re-education camp if Hillary is elected, until you can say with an open heart (and I know that your heart can be opened because MD's have done it time and again) that you LOVE BIG MOTHER!

  9. Yes, there will be an open recruitment levy for flying monkeys. She will need to have legions of them that darken the sun when they're in flight over Texas. It may even lead to global cooling in TX when you think about it.

  10. Juliette has that whole British Queen of Hearts "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" philosophy that I find very endearing.

  11. Has anyone noticed whether Hillary has a forked tongue? I'm sure that there is a vestigial spiked tail hidden by the ugly pantsuits.

  12. Huma is married to Anthony Weiner, but she doesn't call herself Huma Weiner, which I think is inappropriate. When you combine that skillful black tongue, Weiner's famous (often selfied part) and Hillary's old nasty, I don't see how anyone can keep from laughing. It really is funny in the same way that Rev. Sharpton visiting a whorehouse with a credit card that he stole from Jessie Jackson is funny.

  13. I wonder how I can get an application for a gig as a flying monkey? I guess I could qualify, how hard could it be? Just be evil (I can fake that), ugly (check) and be able to fly (I need to work on that).

  14. Getting caught with a dead hooker in your car wouldn't work. That happens to the Washington elite all of the time and it only makes you normal. Feeding baby chicks or tiny newborn kittens to alligators would show that your heart is in the right place but is it enough?

  15. Can't quite picture you saying "we never talk any more" or is that your Apache name.

    Be careful, they say once you've been slimed you can't go back.

  16. I can't see me saying that either, or "let's have a dialog" or any of that other prog talk. I'll do my very best to keep from getting slimed.

  17. If they'd written a book about the future on September 11, 2001 and laid this all out, NOBODY would have believed it. In fact, they'd have pushed to lock you up for being insane.

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