How significant is 10?

(Reuters) Sky News cited one unnamed source saying Britain could offer around 10 Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. The Challenger 2 is a battle tank designed to attack other tanks and has been in service with the British army since 1994. It has been deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Iraq.

In Britain – After the Army 2020 restructuring, only three Challenger 2 Tank Regiments remain – the Queen’s Royal Hussars, the King’s Royal Hussars, and the Royal Tank Regiment, each of which is the tank regiment of an Armored Infantry Brigade. The FV4034 Challenger 2 (MoD designation “CR2”) is a third-generation British main battle tank.

Presumably, the armor that the British would send would not be among the 148 tanks to be upgraded to “Challenger 3”.

In May 2021, the UK MOD awarded an £800m contract to Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) to upgrade 148 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks for the British Army.

The upgraded vehicle, to be called Challenger 3, will be a network-enabled, digital Main Battle Tank with state-of-the-art lethality, upgraded survivability, plus world-class surveillance and target acquisition capabilities.

The new vehicle will be equipped with the latest 120mm High-Pressure L55A1 main gun, firing the latest kinetic energy anti-tank rounds and programmable multipurpose ammunition. The gun is also complete with increased first-hit capability and the latest fire support technology.

By comparison, the US has about 900 M1A2 SEP tanks in service,  240 of which are newly built.


Life in the Slow Lane

Get in the wrong lane of traffic entering from Tijuana and you’ll get busted. Especially if you’re an American. That has happened repeatedly to U.S. residents who unknowingly got into an express lane, known as the Sentri lane, that allows for pre-approved entry into the U.S. at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, according to KTTV-TV.

Enter the Sentri unauthorized and risk getting fined, threatened with having your car impounded, and chained to a bench. “They say, ‘Yep, we’re gonna take your car or we’re gonna fine you $5,000’ for what amounts to being in the wrong lane of traffic,” according to lawyer John Manley, who has handled these kinds of cases.

Fortunately, the Virtual Mirage editorial staff have Sentri passes for themselves and their vehicles…but if you don’t and you become confused at the confusing border crossings – ZAP – your government will deal harshly with you.


Military Blood

After the House voted 350-80 in favor of repealing Lloyd Austin’s unconstitutional Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all armed forces members, the White Hat partition of the U.S. military took it a step further by destroying blood donations taken from vaccinated servicemembers.

The story originally posted here would appear to be a hoax.  I’m still trying to source it and if I can validate it, I’ll put it back.




  1. Disposing of plasma from those that received the jab will be a good form of evidence for future litigation, regardless of whether a military member is involved. I foresee future commercial advertisements for law firms feeding at the bottom. The low hanging fruit will be first in line, and like asbestos suits, a revenue stream will materialize for law firms.

  2. Yeah, but those who refused the Culling Shot were – and to some, still are – the crazies.

    Someone with the right expertise (Malone?) needs to look at these Jab solutions and determine what exactly they contain. Maybe already happening. DNA manipulators are dangerous. But isn’t that what TPTB wanted, a control mechanism to subversively reduce the population to THEIR arbitrary levels? Playing God gets you a special place in Hell.

    Mexico Re-Entry- Are the signs easy to read or are they in every language except English (or English at the very bottom in tiny type? If you are in the wrong line my guess it’s because…The General Public. Nuf said. Of course, one could bypass all that mess and wade across the Rio Grande, you get a plane ticket to anywhere, USA, an EBT card, a cell phone, and free college.

    • The signs are confusing and they are changed from time to time. When in Mexico, I usually have one of my people drive. I realize that may paint me in an unfavorable light, but it’s the reality of 2023. We all have Sentri passes, which require a background investigation by CBP.

    • Remember:
      Former Marine Andrew Tahmooressi had just moved to California from Florida and had all his belongings in his vehicle, including the guns, when he missed the last U.S. exit on April 1, forcing him to cross the border. Road closures because of checkpoints and construction added to the confusion, and there was no opportunity for drivers to turn around.
      The 25-year-old Afghanistan veteran was arrested by Mexican federal authorities on weapons charges and was held at the La Mesa Penitentiary in Tijuana.

      • I recall that. Things can quickly go sideways in a country where bribery solves problems. Sux if you’re broke or have no stroke. In an odd way, the USA is following Mexico down that path. Not everywhere, but in DC, among the elite? How did Pelosi and FJB become so fabulously wealthy?

        • Funny (not) how serious Mexico is with “trespassers”, even if inadvertent. 2013…tap, tap, tap…oh, that was under The Magical Mr O’s regime.

          Sad though is the former Marine is in an Indiana jail for a “small amount” of MJ and “other” drug paraphernalia. In Colorado he’d be labeled an amateur.

          These stress inducers can happen, it’s how we respond and recover that matters. The guy is just flat out unlucky.

          BTW, Joe’s toast. O’s Handlers are cutting him loose…right after his loose brain/lips said he was running in 2024 (seems to be the general consensus narrative anyway). Tomorrow they’ll announce child porn pics found, or some such nonsensical evil.

          • We were all surprised that Pedo Joe lasted this long. Perhaps this will begin the process for the Permanent Administrative State to remove Joe & Ho because she can’t remain and install the compliant McCarthy in their place, thus cutting off Trump.

      • So weird…I had reported the 60 egg box in Laramie WalMart was $29, up from $11-$12 from a year ago. Went to Sam’s today and saw the same box for $14. Last year it was $10-$11. Something isn’t adding up except that lower income people are seriously being harmed with high prices at their local WalMart. Yeah, $14 is too high for 60 FR eggs, which is a $3 hike in a year.

        Incidentally, does “free range” add value or quality? The Colorado Main Man believes so and is demanding ALL eggs sold are FR. Plus no friggin bags. None. Zip. Hafta carry your own into the store like some 3rd Grader treatment so the Lib’s can feel good about saving Gaia.

        • What is driving up the price of eggs is interesting and is involving a number of factors.

          Price of fuel, to the egg producer, from the egg producer to the packager to the distribution center to the store.

          Price of feed, which, of course, involves price of fuel and fertilizer and storage fees and government fees.

          Price of the carton, which, of course, involves price of fuel, price of the plastic, storage prices, yada yada yada.

          Petrochemical costs are a major factor in egg prices as they affect every aspect of egg production and distribution.

          Way to go, Brandon.

        • And ‘free ranging’ chickens adds more money.

          Chicken houses are very cost effective in raising chickens and Laying houses are very cost effective in egg production.

          Free ranging costs money. It’s less animal dense, which means less money per square foot or square meter or acre or hectacre.

          Jerks. Oh, poor chickens, blah blah blah. Give me my commercially raised in a chicken factory on super foods and drugs and at a far less price than ‘organic’ and ‘free range.’

          • Around here is you don’t have a proper coop it’s nothing but a Bobcat Buffet. Free Range is fine but to demand that is asinine. Once again the consumer takes it in the shorts by the political morons with an agenda to make life worse, not better…who have a nice life so need to throw a wrench into the good and right…they’re bored. Nothing worse than a bored idiot.

          • The Elite can afford expensive food. What they don’t realize is eventually the starving poor will escalate things to the actual ‘Eat the Rich’ level.

  3. “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”
    Is an mRNA jab a vaccine? Quite a few people in the medical field just don’t think so.
    OTOH, is the J&J Janssen jab a vaccine? Yes!
    Are only the recipients of the Pfizer and Moderna jabs having problems?

    • J&J was taken off the market. I realize that it isn’t an mRNA injection, but they did pull it. Now the current guidelines say that you aren’t “fully vaccinated” if had the J&J injection. I found that out last week. How exciting.

  4. Now the Red Cross needs to refuse donations from any and all jabbed and boosted sheeple, and the existing civilian blood supply MUST be destroyed. I will refuse any transfusions and prefer to DIE AS AN UNMODIFIED FREE HUMAN that was created in God’s image until they do.

    Eggs are plentiful at mi casa, courtesy of the unregistered hens in my coop (no gubmint agents will be coming to inspect, test, or cull MY FLOCK without armed defense of my property). I was selling my surplus for $3.00 per dozen for years, but since feed is now almost $20 for a 50 pound bag, I have jumped my price to $4.00. My customers have no problem paying the increase, since it is substantially lower (and better) than the grocery store. My eggs are what I call “Farm Fresh”; unwashed and unrefrigerated and will last that way for up to 3 weeks. I eat them 2 or 3 times a week. So Good!!

    • I saw an egg producer interviewed on Fox News. The said producer told the interviewer that USGOV is setting the price on eggs through weekly suggested prices. True?

      • Larry,

        I have no idea what does, but no one tells me what to charge. I price my eggs to ensure a steady demand so the surplus goes out the door reliably, not to maximize profit. When the basket on my kitchen counter is filled, I package up 4 dozen cartons with a few left over for me. That is every few days. They will not accumulate to spoil.

          • had a neighbor report a .gov inspector showed up at his farm and ordered him to kill all his birds for bird flu. never tested them. he was not politely asked to leave. tell me to kill mine? you’ll “take a missing.” speaking of which, un-natural things that is, i have a hen going broody in january. they usually do that in spring/summer. baby chicks/ future egg layers in a month. who knew i was an investment tycoon? maybe i should run for congress.

        • PaulM – Yes, she was comic relief to the usual outrage of the day.

          Glypto – You need to register your chickens with the federal government so that they can more effectively tax you and can instruct you in your pricing practices and insure that the people who come into contact with the chickens are a correct racial and gender complying balance to national guidelines. Are your eggs correctly marked based on FDA standards? Do the egg crates comply with the latest federal guidelines? Are signs that might advertise eggs gender-neutral? Do you mix brown and white eggs so that the brown eggs are in the majority?

  5. Life in the Slow Lane

    Good information but of little personal use. The chances of WSF entering Mexico is about the same as attending a Taylor Swift concert.

    • So, WSF, you’re attending a Taylor Swift concert? It might convince your minders that you don’t deserve to be sent to the camp…

      I don’t go to TJ often but as the plague recedes, I’ll be in Mexico more often. At the moment, there is a question of whether or not I’ll be flying to Panama City later next week. It likely means flying out of LAX (6.5 hours non-stop) rather than massive lay-overs which I hate. That also means flying United – tolerable in the first class cabin but not in the cattle section. I haven’t been paid for the consult yet, so we’ll see. Payment goes through my lawyer.

      • United is the worst. Granted my experience is a tad dated. Haven’t flown commercial since March 2020, thank God I’ve managed to find a way around it so far.

        • Many places I go require that I fly. There isn’t an alternative, though if I had a yacht… staffed by LBFMs… If I had that yacht and the scratch to operate it, I’d set course for somewhere and never arrive, so the airplane is more responsible.

    • WSF, I am in the same boat. I would have liked to go back to revisit some of my old haunts in Quebec but that is off the table also people who live there have told me things are crazy. There are still many places to see in the US so that should keep me entertained.

      The $5,000 fee for confusing the signs; just another bit of government extortion.

      I wonder how much I could get for my unvaxxed O neg platelets? Might be a money maker. It will be kinda strange if the unvaxxed go from virtual pariahs to being highly sought after for their untainted blood.

  6. I would love to see some…hell…any citation in the article about “recipients of tainted plasma have had adverse reactions, including sudden death, to contaminated blood” beyond just name-dropping soldiers and military bases.

    The article cited is poorly documented, I admit.

    • I’ll try to get you something, D/nospam. I’m entering a period of work-related travel after the holidays and it might slip my mind. That is not intentional and this article didn’t appear for the purpose of misleading anyone. The blog is a hobby blog (note the lack of ads) and I set aside time for it as I’m able.

  7. “the White Hat partition of the U.S. military took it a step further by destroying blood donations taken from vaccinated servicemembers.”


  8. 75 ton Challenger2s won’t do the Ukies much good if NATO doesn’t also give them the bridging that can take the weight over the wet gap crossings.

  9. I had heard the UKs were sending the Ukes some Challies, but 10? Not sure it’s worth the log train or effort to send.

    Very weird.



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