Friday 13th in France

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I’m sure that the words Islam and Terrorism will still not be used in the same sentence by President Obama, but they are combining the words in France. While I expect no change during the Obama Presidency, we need to start asking our presidential contenders what their intentions are toward bringing more military age male refugees to the US from Syria, Iraq (the Levant) and neighboring countries.
Let me answer that the way that a US President should:
That number must be 0. And we need to take it a step further and look at every Muslim here on a visa and decide whether or not we should allow them to remain. I’m not suggesting that we PNG them all as undesirable aliens, but we need to look very hard at each and all. Muslims who protest this policy should be exiled — if we are applying the “no free speech” policy espoused by university students.

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  1. Great point, LL. Now that we no longer value free speech, muslim groups such as CAIR and other terrorist organizations are not exempt, either.

    Examination of each and every muslim visa should happen immediately. Even the least suspicion of bad intent and out they go.

  2. The deranged and the mental have a way of hiding themselves in packs, Larry.
    Sleep cells can be from any creed, colour or religion. If you start sacrificing the way we live to pander to these people, then they win.
    'Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.’
    What you need is an under cover spy girl.

  3. At the National Counterproliferation Centre. Leave it with me. I have great contacts and eyes in the back of my head.

  4. We have less than a year of Obama and his fecklessness. Once President Cruz is sworn in, a new era of mulsim scrutiny begins.

  5. Actually, the numbskull did refer to it as a terrorist attack in his comments. Shocked the hell out of me seeing the rancid piece of crap still refuses to refer to Ft Hood as a terrorist, radical Islam attack.

  6. I expect things to get a lot worse before they get better. 2017 can't come fast enough.

  7. Besides Obama saying that ISIS was contained on the same day as this attack on the people of Paris, he later said that the US was built on the same foundation as France – liberté, égalité, fraternité. While I sympathize with the French, we must be clear that the US was never conceived and created by French socialists.

  8. We are in the cross-hairs, too. All the Community Organizer in Chief said was not to jump to conclusions about it being a Muslim (what ever initials they want to use) attack. Yet France was screaming it. Who did Hussein Obama thing did it… White a Supremacist Baptist?

  9. Mooselims won't like that.

    I think that they'd prefer Hillary as president, and from a progressive point of view, there is no reason that she can't rule the nation from a prison cell. Lucky Luciano ran the mafia that way for years. Chapo ran his cartel that way (before his escape)…I'm only pointing out that there is precedent.

  10. I think that the French are not amused. Americans joke about French indecisiveness, but I've worked with them at Interpol and elsewhere and the core of who they are is not weak. Note how Iran said, "It wasn't us". The French are not beyond nuking somebody.

  11. He's an international joke. And the waddling she of the pantsuit and kankles is cut from the same piece of cloth.

  12. He said that it was a terrorist attack, but did not concede that the people who conducted it were Muslims. That may have changed. I'm in a slow news environment at the moment, being on walk-about.

  13. Maybe if we all became Mooselims, things would calm down? Just surrender and hand the keys to the White House over? It would be a very progressive move…

  14. America's foundation (I'm reading "A Conflict of Visions" by Sowell at the moment) was unique in all the world as was our Constitution. It's been bent at the moment, but not quite broken – yet. It hangs by a thread…

  15. Maybe white people yelling "Al, it's a Snackbar" when they killed those French people at the restaurant (owned by Jews).

    The whole "threat of white people" to the foundation of America is just Obama's racist propaganda machine at work. He can't bring himself to face the truth. He wanted to "radically transform America", and that agenda does nobody any good. It's all been a horrible experiment in what NOT to do with the country and we're all going to have to pay for the $19 trillion debt that we have on hand.

  16. It's an excellent work, thank you for the recommendation. I have time and space to soak it in at the moment (along with balmy trade winds and white sands).

  17. Maybe they were yelling "All are at the bar" and running to get a drink before the bars all closed?

    Since Muslims don't drink alcohol (an Arabic borrow word, mind you) these misguided immigrants were just happy to be able to live in a French Safe Zone.

  18. Sure LL. Just rub it in with your trade winds and white sands. I'll think of you while I by my pool.

  19. I hope that the French expel Muslims on visas and take moves to deport the military age males who have come as "refugees". I don' know that it will happen, but I have a feeling that Pres. Hollande was serious when he declared the attack an "act of war". They will want some pay-back and the first step will be to clean out the Muslim ghettos that they've allowed to exist within their cities. Simply send the illegals — wherever, and show the folks in the ISIS homeland that French napalm burns the same as American and Russian napalm.

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