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Merry Christmas

There are so many voices out there that are arguing against today and I ask myself why anyone no matter who they are, could deny the need for hope, salvation, redemption, charity and joy. It’s a time of expression of love, giving and a yearning for peace and good will. It’s a celebration of that spark of divinity that exists in all of us and of our innate desire to make that spark grow.

I read an article written by a Christian who expressed concern at cultural appropriation of Christmas. I have no idea which rock that person crawled out from under, but it’s just plain weird. The celebration of a debt of gratitude and of love, giving and sharing can not be culturally appropriated. It’s there for all to participate in, choosing whatever method they wish to do so.
As a traditional man, I chose to celebrate with a decorated tree, with a creche, with presents, good food in very ample quantities, a fire in the hearth and surrounded by my children and grandchildren. Christmas is a celebration of life and charity that is best enjoyed by sharing. The scent of pine, of wassel warming on the stove, cinnamon rolls, and the brightly colored lights only serve to enhance that wish that love would abound in the same way on every single day of the year – in every home and in every life. Christmas is love as Christ was and is love. For God so loved the world…

I’m going to see Star Wars: Rogue One, tomorrow (12/26 – Boxing Day). I’ve tried to wrangle one of my daughters to go with me but they all have other plans. Such is the nature of the day-after-Christmas. However, once Star Wars is over, there is the Christmas clean-up from having everyone over. I will also go to store and buy flats of canned food to take to the homeless shelter since the shelves are always laid bare at Christmas, but the need continues. What better way to celebrate the Season?

Ok, you could sing, I guess.

I am hoping that Fredd (our fellow blogger) survives his Christmas visit to Aunt Sally and her famous bill of fare. Spirits of Ipecac with a charcoal chaser and Tums might be all that saves him. Good luck, Fredd. If you don’t make it out of Houston, I’m sure that LSP would say a few words over your coffin. Maybe a reading of the Charge of the Light Brigade and some scripture. We could round up the Dallas Light Cavalry (Irregular) for a 21 gun salute to send you on your way to Valhalla. If Mrs. Fredd doesn’t object, we could steal a rowboat and launch it down the Brazos on fire to give you a fitting ending. I can only hope that the obit is premature.

Meanwhile at the White House, the celebration continues:

And because I have a heart (after a fashion anyway), I offer a prescription for the progs who are still smarting from a devastating loss in the elections:

20 thoughts on “Thoughts on Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, LL. Have a wonderful day with your family.

    P.S. Fredd is earning big time off his purgatory sentence, for sure.

  2. Merry Christmas!And let's hope we don't have to muster for Fredd's demise. But hey, maybe firing off canon and launching a fireship down the Brazos would be fun anyway… Celebrate the season.

  3. Have a Blessed Christmas Larry,
    may the light of his Blessings,
    Shine on you & those you hold dear.

  4. Merry Christmas LL. Mrs. Rip and I enjoyed Rogue One. It was an adequate prequel. I hope your family surrounds you with love and kindness and cookies. Especially cookies.

  5. Some people think that Fredd deserves a term in purgatory…I'm not one of them, of course.

    Merry Christmas, Adrienne.

  6. I've been holding off on Rogue One until the lines shrink. With other films out now I might not have to sit shoulder to shoulder.

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