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It’s a post card, Jules…


Bullet Points:

** I’ll admit that I like the idea of drafting Leftists into the military. Despite concerns that they’d have no value in some quarters, I disagree. The Navy desperately needs rust chippers for its ships, and Army infantrymen can be issued a Leftist to carry cargo and clear land mines—no sense risking a valuable robot.

** Housekeeping: The blogging will be spotty between travel and work demands for the next few weeks. Please don’t read anything into it other than what it is. I’m trying to balance the need to travel for work and a little fun with the holiday season, which is upon us. Explaining to demanding clients that it’s useless to do almost everything between December 10 and January 10 can be challenging when dealing with Asia. Though now that Pres. Xi canceled Asian New Year (Tet), there will be no fun or Day of the Dead for them.

** Self-Deportation? Yes – winter is coming. The Chicago Tribune reported three days ago, “Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: ‘The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore.’”

The story said, “Migrants said they’re realizing the city is at a breaking point. Not only is there no more space in shelters, they also acknowledge that some residents in Chicago oppose the opening of more shelters for them. Michael Castejon said that despite the dangerous trek to get here — often begging for money and sleeping in the streets to cross several borders — the journey had not been worth it.”

Winter is coming. Read more from Don Surber here. It’s a good article.

** I think art, film, and music, for the most part, have “jumped the shark” regarding anything new under the sun. More artifice than we originality with Photoshop, CGI, and Autotune. “Pushing the limits” in the arts for the sake of progress results in regressive, infantile works that include graphic violence, discordant noise, pornography, and literal trash. To present a portrait of a filthy landfill or cattle slaughterhouse to a gullible public and call it art. To achieve nerve-numbing shock and reflexive disgust to disguise lack of talent. Essays, books, and news can now be published by AI, hijacking story themes from other classic works to pluck upon our senses and emotions like Palov’s dogs.

** A Postcard from the Edge…via Jules.

** As California Governor (and Saurian) Gavin Newsom gushes over California’s deep and abiding friendship with Red China…CNN (the Communist New Network) outs them here.

The Chinese government has built up the world’s largest known online disinformation operation and is using it to harass US residents, politicians, and businesses—at times threatening its targets with violence, a CNN review of court documents and public disclosures by social media companies has found.

The onslaught of attacks – often of a vile and deeply personal nature – is part of a well-organized, increasingly brazen Chinese government intimidation campaign targeting people in the United States, documents show.

** 1271 was a busy year. But it was quiet in Gaza…unlike this year.

** Many don’t realize that Napoleon reduced the size of his invasion force to accommodate the transportation of scholars and engineers. He did this specifically to excavate the areas surrounding the Pyramids. Several of these digs produced remarkable discoveries, none as exciting as the Rosetta Stone, which unlocked the ancient Egyptian language. Remember that when you hear stories about artillery target practice on the Pyramids or damage done to the Great Sphinx of Giza…… “history is a set of lies agreed upon.” – N. Bonaparte

** To clear up a common misconception about comets, they do not leave a “tail” behind them as they travel. In the vacuum of space, there is no atmospheric drag. When astronauts conduct a spacewalk, their ship does not zoom ahead and leave them behind. Solar radiation from a nearby star sublimates (defrosts) the comet’s frozen surface, and those sublimating particles are pushed in the same direction as the solar radiation. The direction of the tail is entirely independent of the comet’s trajectory.

** From Sabo: “Google’s pervasive surveillance tracks us more than Facebook does. If you think Facebook is bad, Google is far worse. It tracks you everywhere. Everything you’re doing. On your Android phone. On your computer. In your car when you’re using Waze. In your home. Your children. Google even tracks the barometric pressure so it knows what floor you’re on. All your movements. These small pieces of data create patterns of your personality and behavior, which Google sells to advertisers and others who target you.”

34 thoughts on “The Thursday Thrill

  1. The best part about Google is all the H1B visa holders who help curate the algorithm to get us to vote the correct way.

  2. So…who gets all that Build Backwards Worse funding passed by Congress if “migrants” return to their country of origin? Illegals leaving is a double-edged sword as funds get “redistributed” (wink, wink..nod, nod)…but…good riddance, go fix your own country.

    Sabo is lucky that was done as a billboard and not a meme otherwise the DOJ would bring the house down on him for interfering and damaging Google’s Grifter-Level business model (who comes up with this stuff?). Selling microscopic kernels of data on American citizen’s makes telemarketing look amateurish, at least you can hang up on them. Not anymore…but I got ’em foiled, Location “Services” is turned off and iPad and laptop cameras have black tape over them. Friggin’ spies.

    The “election play” is starting. Just heard the Colorado Statehouse Dem’s are “voting” whether to bar PDJT from OUR 2024 ballot. As this is a family blog, Infuriating is my mild comment..and I’ll stop there before Google grabs more “incendiary” data that they can “sell” to the DOJ.

      1. I heard pro Gaza protesters stormed the DNC headquarters in DC last night. Led to six arrests. I wonder if they’re going to be thrown in with the j6 prisoners? That should be interesting. Currently they’re jamming up the Bay bridge in San Francisco.

        1. They should just set up tents on the Bay Bridge and remain. Nothing of value happens in San Francisco anymore. Maybe they could fish off the bridge? They’d need an extra spool of line.

          1. Inspector Callahan, “Dirty Harry” would never allow this! He would probably roll up grab a bullhorn and tell him to start doing swan dives off the bridge. Now that would be some entertainment!

          2. You mean Gaza Insurrectionists. Seems the Dem’s are falling all over themselves to memory-hole this one.

            SF Bridge- Seems common sense is dead with 40 year old juvenile-brained anarchists who believe traffic should bend to their warped will. Uhh, yeah…a diesel bearing down has the ROW. (note to self…need a bullbar)

            The rats are eating each other…it’s a good start.

  3. If Google was so smart, they’d stop targeting ads to me for stuff I’ve already purchased (which surely they know).
    Yet, I just bought another case of 7.62 and they haven’t suggested anything to me.

    1. They don’t spam ammunition or firearms at Google. Neither do they advocate that We, the People, be allowed parity with the Taliban, who we armed at taxpayer expense, even though the Constitution requires it – it’s a right. Technically out of the government’s preview to disallow.

      Come on Google! I know that you’re reading this. 2A – all the way.

    2. Not that it was high on my list, but being an algorithm for marketing can work to ones advantage…all those push ads save me tons of microseconds a day. Altho…if I get one more “Meet older singles in your area” – like they know something I don’t – I may waste a cartridge on my Android, which would afford the added benefit of me less on the Google “data mining” grid.

        1. My point…we’re ot in Fuller Brush era. If I want to buy some lingerie or the latest Tiny AirCon widget designed by an MIT graduate, it’s nobody’s business and the resulting push-ads don’t actually save those precious microseconds, moreso they turn me off on their product. Temo seems to be the latest junk ad…”Wait! Here’s my credit card info.” Nope.

  4. Housekeeping. Safe travels and enjoy yourselves. Hate to say it but I see the “good times” getting fewer and farther between.

    Google. Try to avoid using “devices’ whenever possible and don’t use Google as a search engine but I have no doubt the company is harvesting all sorts of interesting bits of information about me. I just wish they would quit showing adds for stuff I’ve already bought. Unlike Paul M I don’t get any “meet older singles in your area” than goodness.

    Immigration. Now that they have helped break the “American Dream” the illegal aliens (there I said it) can go back to their own countries. If they want to come to the US great but do it legally.

    And yes the democrats are mentally ill or at least delusional, expecting different results when they try the same old thing.

    1. Yer missin’ out Ed, apparently there are a lot of single older woman who look like models…in my area. Probably Catfishing tho, the actual person in the ad may not be real or valid. Part of me wants to reply just to see what’s what.

      EVERYTHING is sales and marketing, including our government.

    1. I know. What a surprise.

      They’ve been firing their way through the ranks in the hopes of some sort of rebirth…but it will take more than one article.

  5. “The blogging will be spotty between travel and work demands ”
    Man, When I was working, I couldn’t keep up.
    Now I’m between jobs and I’m jonesing for posts.

    1. We can help LL, assuming that’s acceptable in small measures. Plenty of fodder out there for dissemination.

  6. There’s a truck parked across from me with a large painted sign on the door that reads, “Raise hell and eat cornbread.” Both activities appeal to me — but not together, at the same time. Does this make sense to anyone?

    1. It’s not clever like “snatch a kiss or vice versa” or the old homicide investigators mantra, “when your day ends, ours begins.”

    2. This:

      A song I never heard of before. Not my cup of tea but apparently it is to quite a number of yungins’. But h/t for the presence of mind, built into your DNA by now.

      Sidebar: Not wanting to open a can of worms here as truth can never be entirely known…watched an FBI Tru yesterday at lunch, Ruby Ridge: The Real Story…almost couldn’t watch it. Not that the agents were bad guys (arrogant maybe), and certainly were brought in after ATF spent weeks/months trying to (best I know) entrap Weaver with a short shotgun and refusing to infiltrate a nuttier group, while the media called called him everything from a White Supremacist (per the ATF) to a White Separatist. The FBI said they were told by the ATF he was ex-military with special forces and demolition training, while in fact he was truck driver. Bottom line is they exonerated “Buck fever” Horiuchi. ATF killed Weavers young son that started the entire disaster (hence FBI coming in) but these three agents kept saying the son was at fault (for going out on their property while surrounded by ATF who took a shot at the kid “because he had a long rifle”.

      Nothing they said scans…but they were 100% in on their narrative. Just found it unsettling, and that was ’92 and look where we are now with the 3-Letter agencies.

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