On Rotten Tomatoes the critics’ score for Rings of Power is a respectable 85% while the fan score is a depressing 38%. That is almost a 50-point swing. One notices the same gap with the shows: Star Trek Picard – 86% to 40%. Batwoman – 83% to 23%. Star Trek: Discovery 87% to 36%. She-Hulk 87% to 35%.

I don’t normally watch reboots, but one of the best reimaginings for any show was the remake of Battlestar Galactica. This had a score of 95% to 94%. This show came and went before the current sickness completely took over the writers and critics. If this show were released now the critic’s score would plummet, and the audience score would go up because I think the public is starved.

As usual, the public is not as ill as the “elite” or those in the know. They obviously must only care about the subversion of cherished characters and books/shows that people love. And of course The Message. Because, if there is one surefire way that has been proven to make sure your show is hated, that it flops and is forgotten quickly, it is to make it Woke. Maybe it is the nihilistic desire to destroy, probably for most of them. Perhaps also many of them think that they need merely persist and after wasting billions of dollars and ruining countless products, they will have reshaped their audience.



  1. Hollywood, long ago, found the way to raise (or lower) the “morale” (far too close to the word, moral, in the minds of most Americans; I prefer the word “spirits”). Right now, the writers appear to be hell-bent on destroying everything our churches and our country have stood for; who’s really paying them?

    • Most green-lighted films are bundled by companies like Lion’s Gate, for example. They’ll fund three or four or five in a group: Slasher film, Film that appeals to blacks, Film that appeals to the woke deviate crowd, and maybe a comedy with woke but well-known white actors who anchor the project. The studio’s hope is that at least one of them will make enough money to counterbalance the inevitable loss from the black film and the gay film. Slasher films are low-budget, usually cheap talent and most of them make money or at least break even.

      • “the inevitable loss from the black film and the gay film“

        I’m enjoying Billy Eichner’s very public meltdown over the dismal performance of his film “Bros” that among other things features at least one homosex orgy and has a subplot about taking little kids on a field trip to learn about homosexual history.

        Billy has been accusing everyone who doesn’t go to his movie of the dreaded homophobia, then removing the tweets after getting backlash. He’s embodying multiple negative stereotypes with his shameful behavior. Apart from the schadenfreude, it’s good to see that, despite the best efforts of his ilk, it seems that not everyone is embracing Weimar-ica.

        • I heard about “Bros” and have precisely 0 interest in it or anything like it. The same can be said for black movies. I realize that black people may enjoy viewing them and don’t have a problem with them being made. It’s like the Netflix remake of “Without Remorse” with an all-black cast. The characters in the book were not black and the plot of the book from what I read, was different than in the Netflix film. So I didn’t watch it. It’s not homosexuality, transphobia, racism, sexism, or any of the deadly “isms”. It’s a choice.

  2. Wokinistas started earlier than people think. Remember “The Day After” movie and ABC after-school specials? Yeah, all bullscat woke crap way before bullscat woke crap became popular.

    As to Tolkein, I had enough problems with Peter Jackson stretching “The Hobbit” into 3 movies as long as “The Lord of the Rings.” The new Amazon garbage? Ain’t gonna watch it.

    Same with any other ‘new’ bullscat. The remake of “Quantum Leap”? Nope, learned my lesson with the woke remake of “SWAT” where all the bad guys in Los(t) Angeles are white married Christian supremacists (unlike the real bad guys…)

    It’s been an unwritten rule, since at least the mid 70’s, that if the critics like a show or movie then it is a dog. The more the critics like it, the more of a dog it is. Nothing has changed, just gotten worse.

      • Re: critics and lit-crit

        Science fiction author Robert Anton Wilson wrote (paraphrased) about a fictional novelist, i.e. a character in his book: He wrote long, tedious novels about Manhattan-dwelling weirdos who were also losers. The critics, most of whom were weird losers eking out marginal lives in Manhattan, embraced his work and lionized him as “a brave visionary holding up his literary mirror to the harsh and bitter realities of life.”

        RAW passed off his Schrodinger’s Cat trilogy as humor or even parody, but I’m convinced he was really a guerrilla philosopher. Separately, I would also note that in our Weimar 2.0, a wildly disproportionate number of “creatives” and critics come from the same stock. It’s wildly incestuous. So much for the vaunted “representation” that they profess to care so much about. They will beat US over the head about it, but themselves? Hah! They get to be insular, clannish, and intellectually (and sometimes literally) inbred. I despise hypocrites.

        • As one who briefly rubbed shoulders with the publishing and literary agent contingent of that crowd, all I can say is X2.

          You can imagine that I didn’t fit in. In one situation a hollyweird type, BradH who drove a very nice Porsche for image, with worn tires, because he’d fallen on hard times began to berate me on a topic that has passed memory. I opened my clasp knife and punched his two rear tires, pointing out that they were unsafe. It was our last conversation.

  3. In for a quick lunch and breather, refinishing the house logs, today is front entry. I’m not as young as I used to be but suffice it to say when in the middle of doing this sort of “labor of love” to maintain the homestead, the last thing on my mind is SJW bravo sierra…which is sort of a prescription: People need to get off their duffs and do some hard labor every day, afterwards they won’t have the time nor energy to focus on stupid woke stuff, or, for that matter, commit crimes.

    • Oh, wow, that sounds like a challenge. I made a fire in the fireplace early and brought wood from a pile of oak that I had yet to stack in a wheelbarrow and I put wood in the fire. It was cold today and at present, the fire is just at an ebb so that I can stoke it up again tonight. I made breakfast (vegetables), warmed soup for lunch and I made some headway on books that I’ve been wanting to read. How’s THAT for effort (haha). Oh, I forgot, I put new license tags on the truck’s license plate and swapped out the new registration for old.

      It’s been a very quiet day. I’m not saying that I didn’t have chores to do. There are always a lot of those. Some days I indulge my inner old man. PS – the food bank is coming along.

      • No moss under your feet, especially with the Conex ‘project’ and helping neighbors with problem children (or dissuading 20-something Revel 4×4 drivers from breaching the gate regardless what Google says). No, I’d say that’s a full day, especially fielding the blog in real time.

        Something about fires in the woodstove or fireplace on chilly days, evokes a certain nostalgic calm. Incidentally, the EPA is “forbidding” open fires in woodstoves so all old inventory can’t be sold and new units don’t come with a screen (not that you couldn’t fab your own.) Ours has a screen for open crackly fires…and we could care less what they say. Typical government sad sacks stealing the joy from life over a little bit of extra burn particulate.

        Cold huh, need to get the Fall projects finished before the warm middle of the day heads south. 64 here, 40 overnight…what I call perfect, and MrsPaulM of Danish heritage prefers this over hot days, so she’s a happy camper.

        • It was 36 when I woke up. Not cold, but colder than summer. I admit that I’m spoiled. I have a decently full schedule tomorrow and I’m recording ML Baseball for viewing at night because there’s not much on.

          • Pretty sure you’ve earned the right to relax in the chair by the fire and catch up on the stack of books on the end table. Spoiled is good.


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