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Hobby drone aircraft are common, but there are no others on the market like the Quadxie, available from Ashima Devices. You can check them out on Ashima’s retail outlet site: Quadxie. All Ashima Devices’ flight control systems are developed vertically, which means that they don’t rely on the hardware or software of outside developers. Ashima Devices is a high tech company located in Pasadena, California, just down the street from Cal Tech.
The Quadxie is a 3D printed, compact flyer. With four high-speed ducted motors, it’s crazy powerful. Yet because the motors are enclosed within the body, you can safely get close to the Quadxie and even take off and retrieve by hand.
The flyer comes in two versions: one that fits a 720p/1080p Polaroid Cube camera and one that will accommodate a FatShark camera and 5.8GHz live feed transmitter.
The Ready-to-Fly system comes complete with a 4-channel transmitter and a 3.2Ah battery.
Quadxie Flyer Dimensions: 22cm (8 1/4″) x 22cm (8 1/4″) x 10cm (4″)
The hull form that I am holding (right) is essentially the Quadxie, wrapped in fuselage designed for Nikon.
(and no, LSP, I haven’t forgotten about you)

15 thoughts on “For Hobbiests

  1. This one will be field tested by Corona CA PD beginning next week. We're putting a second camera on it for them.

  2. And just the thing for scouting out nudist camps… not that I'm interested. But there is a market… I'm sure… there has to be…

  3. It would be a hoot to have one of these, there are sooo many applications were it could come in dang handy.
    Then you have the Germans shilling the answer to a tin hat prayer…

  4. …and I know there's no "luggage rack on a hearse" but as I understand it, the Quadxie doesn't need one.

  5. Though I am not speaking as a man of experience, from what I've heard, most people who live in nudist camps are not worth spying on.

  6. …Spread spectrum technology that has been around for thirty years renders the German solution unworkable. They ran into the same problems when they tried to make a hydrogen bomb…in that they couldn't get it to work.

  7. Very cool– I like the camera application! Think I could fly it upstairs to check on my kids if I'm too lazy to go up there myself? It could transform parenting. My kids would instantly start behaving if they just heard the motor fire up (as opposed to my footsteps on the staircase).

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