Famous Climate Hoaxes

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For those of you, who can remember back that far, the threat of global cooling in the 1980’s became a genuine threat to destroy our way of lives. I suspect that it came from the completely genuine ‘Nuclear Winter’ scenario that would result from nations detonating 100+ thermonuclear weapons worldwide within a few days.
Then came Al Gore, the clown, and his global warming film, ‘Inconvenient Truth’ that was inconvenient but not all that true. Global warming turned out to be a hoax and the numbers purported as genuine were found to have been doctored. The progressive left still asserts that the polar caps will soon melt even though they are thicker this year than they’ve been in several decades.
Without a drum to beat since both global warming and cooling were fact-checked as bunk, the green lobby took up the mantra of climate change. However when you look back over time (by simply looking at tree rings back 2,000 years) it’s clear that the climate changes all of the time. While climate change is a sure thing because this year is certain to be different than last year, a crisis is called for so that governments will host conferences and green scientists will keep both their adoring constituencies and their jobs.
Now it’s Climate Disruption, and the US Government will spend hundreds of billions of dollars to fight it this year alone (instead of doing something useful). That it is money down a rat hole is a foregone conclusion because the government wastes your money so that you won’t have to.
Battling to try and change the weather has been dream of every mad scientist and if you look at SciFi for the past seventy years, it dates back before Buck Rogers. One day, a mad scientist will be successful, but I doubt that it will be the result of massive US Government spending in the 2010’s or 2020’s and forthright intrusion into the lives of every day people.

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Back Story: I’m in the process of getting my home ready to sell. Empty nest, 4K sq ft and an empty house. That requires that everything look perfect. Over the next few months I’m changing out carpet, painting, etc.

Footnote: I just returned shopping from Costco, where I spent $60.00 for six bathroom lightbulbs/halogen globes for one of four bathrooms in my home. Based on packaging (if it can be trusted), each $10.00 globe will save me $2.00 in energy each year (if I left them on all year). At the current rate of use, they are likely to save me about $00.05 in energy each year. The lightbulb lobby is thrilled that they no longer must content themselves with selling $1.00 incandescent bulbs. Congress is thrilled because of the kickbacks and bribes that were made possible by Al Gore’s antics. Al Gore bought a new energy inefficient mansion in Montecito next to Oprah Winfrey with his windfall. 

I’m stuck paying $10.00 for each miserable discount lightbulb from Costco.

That’s why the hoax hurts.

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  1. Leftists lie. They lie all night. The like to lie when you're out of sight. A Left Wing crown will lie out loud, as long as they can't be identified.

  2. The hoax has been bonafide by the Commander-in-Chief and Leader of the Free World.

  3. Nancy Pelosi (left wing crone) lies even though people can identify her, however since her lips never move/can't move, one wonders if she'll ever say, "Read my Lips!" before she lies…

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