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You have to hand it to Barack and friends. They have been able to come up with a ‘daily outrage’ EVERY SINGLE DAY since they swept into office and established their regime. No normal humans could do that. It takes real, concerted effort.
Barack took the stage and said that the $400 million in dollars, pounds, euros and francs, delivered in the middle of the night, had nothing whatsoever to do with the immediate subsequent release of hostages.
The mainstream media believes their hero. If you’re a prog, so should you because he loves his ‘children’ and wouldn’t ever lie. His chosen successor, Hillary, has the same philosophy.
Now for the sermonette portion of this blog post:
If Hillary lived in Iran, they’d make her tent her body…but she does that now. They’d make her cover her face, and that would be an improvement. Bill would be able to have four wives and an unlimited number of concubines…somebody call Bill Clinton and tell him to get his butt to Iran.

In other news,

A man wielding a machete and shouting “God is great” in Arabic injured two female police officers Saturday outside a police station in southern Belgium, according to reports. It’s a common thing in England as well.  Since the police officers were on-duty, this constitutes workplace violence. I’m surprised that the news media even reports these obvious lies about the Religion of Peace.
My reaction was: Why didn’t they shoot him?
Follow-up reporting claimed that the alleged Muslim had been shot by the police but was alive.
My reaction was: Are they completely incompetent?

Belgian state broadcaster VTM said the attacker later died, according to Reuters.

My reaction was: Good.

I’m sure that Ali is there in heaven enjoying his 72 Virgins, slurping up milk and honey, etc. Well done Belgian Police.
There will be a press conference in the US where Barack will praise the good intentions of the dead Muslim, will speak about how Muslim Lives Matter and will condemn the police in Belgium.
Hillary Clinton won’t say much since the victims of the workplace violence were women.

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  1. I think Ramirez should have depicted a forklift with a pallet full of money for the ransom transfer, rather than a few satchels. Maybe I should call him, and let him know? I'm sure he would appreciate my input.

  2. Then he knows how to create the "perfect society". It makes sense. In the Alinsky plan, "Rules For Radicals" as stated calls for (1) Controlling Healthcare (2) Increasing poverty (3) Increasing debt (4) Gun control (5) Expand welfare for more government control (6) Control Education (7) Mock religion and remove it (8) Initiate Class Warfare. Barack and Hillary read from the Alinsky playbook. Always have. Barack, Hillary and Saul are all Chicago people.

  3. The world we live in now has become so absurdly weird it takes all our energy to try and sift the crapola from the truth. Even then, you're not sure about anything.

  4. Even being sure about something doesn't offer much of an avenue to effect it. The rule must be "circle of influence, circle of concern" (From Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). You need only be concerned with the things that you can personally influence. For example, about 35 people read my blog. I can write things that may or may not impact 35 people – and that's about the extent of it.

    What the circles of influence and concern really mean is that it's best not to worry.

    Frankly, I don't know how far my circle of influence genuinely extends. Not far beyond my fingertips.

  5. Use my name to blaggard anyone you want. Ramirez is a never-Trump guy, so he's free game.

  6. If they are womyn bishops, make his quota 144 because he deserves that sort of life in the eternals.

  7. Alinsky also writes about how to slowly accustom people to radical ideas so that they eventually become inured to all sorts of evil. Obama and the other elite leftists in government can get away with the most outrageous and blatant crimes precisely because they have been doing them all along. That's one reason why progressives can no longer think clearly.

    I understand the world press corps is still trying to figure out the motive of the attack in Belgium. The latest theory is mental illness.

    It's funny how so many Muslims have become mentally ill lately. Perhaps its the GMOs in their diet?

  8. I asked Michael R if he was a never-Trump guy. Here is his reply:
    B, I'm not a "Never Trump" person but I do not like Trump.

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