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This constitutes a few thoughts to end what has been a long week on the road for me. Next week I will either be in Texas (Dallas area) or back in Nevada. I suspect that Nevada will win simply because of the demands of work, and I will send others to Texas. But the jury is still out on that.
I’m meeting with the FBI today (one of a number of meetings on my schedule today) at their request because they want to know more about my company’s technology. No, they don’t want to buy anything. I think that we simply ended up on a “collection tasking list” because of considerable press. At least that was the tacit admission when I probed for the “why” in the meeting request. Lead sent out from HQ. It’s an hour of my life that I won’t get back but I want to keep the federal government content that our intentions are peaceful.
Spending half of my life in hotels will have to be reassessed by next summer. It’s a grind. Enough whine, onto the normal rant:

Religion of Peace
Canada’s reaction to a recent spat of “Religion of Peace and Tolerance” has been interesting because public opinion there is shifting from the traditional liberal cant where, ‘you can’t say anything bad about Islam because that constitutes hate speech’. Western countries (Such as Denmark) and Great Britain, which have tried to embrace diversity and Islam along with that have had a string of wake-up calls. Whether that will result in public policy changes remains to be seen. I suspect that the result swings on how much more “peace and tolerance” Islam visits on the kind and meek Canadian population.

Might two jihadi-wannabe attacks in Canada in two days may cause Canadians to reassess their firearms carry laws? Doubtful, even though an armed citizen stopped a terrorist attack at the House of Commons. Kevin Vickers was authorized to carry a firearm. Most Canadians are not, and if the Parliament shooter had chosen a softer target, such as a school or movie theater, Canada might have had its own Columbine or Aurora, Colo., massacre on its hands.

The November Mid-Term Elections

Despite assurances from the shrill and manly voice of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC Party Chairperson, I think that the mood of the nation is not with her and her party in power. However, it all depends on the turn-out and the vote. Elections have consequences.  I personally think that the balance of power in the upper house of the legislature will shift to the Republican Party. 

Obama’s calculated outrage at each episode of scandalous behavior are not convincing. Most are contrived based on “getting caught”. In those that aren’t (such as the ebola problem) he shows very little aptitude for administering the nation or to get the right people to help him do it. The Peter Principle style rise from community organizer to political hack that didn’t manage anything to the largest CEO job in the nation didn’t work. 

Who will be the Next President?
I believe that the Republican to beat will be Mitt Romney (again). I’m not opposed to Romney despite the fact that he is not as conservative as I am on some issues. I think that he’d govern wisely and honestly. Hillary Clinton would give us four more years of Obama-style hope and change.

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  1. They in the North are now learning that (since it happened to them) there IS a difference between diversity and murder.

  2. Yeah, but a few more people need to be beheaded in the land of the Red Maple Leaf before they'll do something about it.

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