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Calm down, take prozac and a triple shot of Jack, tune in to MSNBC or CNN, I think that the national news is covering firemen who rescue cats from trees – our heroes.

The Ayatollahs and Imams in Iran are your friends. Pay no attention to the nuclear research program. It’s to provide a country that floats on oil with safe, civilian energy. Yeah, that’s it. 
America didn’t bumble it’s handling of the Syrian Red-Line Fever and ISIL is just part of orderly regime change in the Middle East. 
China is not expansionist and it’s not threatening our neighbors. It’s now the world’s biggest economy and the more we bow to them, the happier they’ll be. Maybe in their expansion plans, they’ll leave us for last. 
Ebola is under control and we’re sending 4,000 US soldiers and Marines to Africa to threaten ebola…

The Benghazi hearings are a Congressional b/witch hunt to sabotage the Bitch of Benghazi’s chance to be president of the United States, commander-in-chief and leader of the free world.

Lois Learner (IRS Mandarin) is a hero for having destroyed the lives of Tea Party people with the power of the US Government in support of the leader of the free world (and Nobel Laureate).

Operation Fast and Furious was George Bush’s fault. I’m not sure why, but if the Commander-in-Chief says so, it must be thus. Mustn’t it?

Why isn’t the mainstream media covering the US evacuation of Baghdad? ISIL is within six miles of the airport and they have a bundle of US-made Stinger man-portable air defense systems with them. The US can leave now or remain in place while the religion of peace works out its differences.

Maybe it’s better that the US public focuses on ebola?

Or rescuing cats from trees…have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? Never mind.

17 thoughts on “Hey, RELAX!

  1. If I were 'stuck' in Baghdad, I'd be getting worried about now, and putting the Marines on speed dial…

  2. "Bitch of Benghazi" — keeping company with Ilse Koch and Irma Grese.

    But not to worry, there's cats to save.

  3. Alright, I must say, I personally know…now… that the federal government DOES NOT HAVE A PLAN to back up old e-mails for its employees. It is the responsibility of the USER to save them outside of their mailbox. I just say that because I made a lot of comments about Lerner…and I have learned the hard way. Also, apparently, there has been a lot of instructional e-mails on how to do this, and those emails should not just be deleted, apparently. Further, her specific computer (IP etc) would actually be used to track down any existing emails on the main server, so if her computer crashed – it would complicate things.

    All that being said – its clear that she and the IRS lied about computers crashing, she abused her position, made political decisions, and should be in jail.

  4. That's disappointing to hear. When I've seen Learner at the Congressional hearings she always looked so brimming with integrity and oozing with the honesty that hope and change brought to the nation… Jail? No, I think that she is the very poster child of the Obama Administration. Maybe a marble bust (no, not a a bust in a striped onesie with a cannon ball shackled to her ankle) in the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library?

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