The Pentagon – in the Age of Quarantine

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I had an amusing conversation that I’ll share with you. A senior person at The Pentagon, who will not be named, was chatting about military procurement, and how he didn’t expect much of an interruption because of the Chinese Plague. I don’t think that he’s usually insane, or to put a finer point on it, he hasn’t been in my experience…lately. But he’s in denial. What was true a month ago isn’t necessarily true today.

The reality is something quite different as other Pentagon officials are bracing for companies being unable to deliver weapons on time as the Chinese Plague makes its way through company assembly lines and supply chains. Some aircraft production has stopped by Boeing – in the short. Long term, where there was the promise of funding, it was just spent – Six trillion dollars – on other than military stuff.

And before you comment about the bloated military budget, consider that it provides a LOT of middle-class jobs. It’s often been referred to as “welfare for the middle class” by some crass observers. Six trillion dollars would have bought a lot of stealth aircraft, submarines, and wonder weapons. But was spent to defend the population against a Chinese biowarfare experiment gone bad instead. Thanks Wuhan Virology Laboratory…

There is a cause and effect of the global financial meltdown, with oil trading at $21/barrel, with the quarantine, and it spreads change and pain to literally every aspect of the society.

I had another conversation recently that started with “YOU PIG, YOU’RE DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA”. It wasn’t quite that strident, but I pointed out that if you want personal protective equipment in this Age of Plague, you had to look to China, because they had the factories that made the stuff. The conversation moved to the future, and how the USA shouldn’t do business with China. I happen to agree that if the USA needs something, we should make it here. It’s a good lesson, a take-away from our experience with the plague. Most military hardware is made in the USA already. It would be good for the economy and the supply chain if that happened, but will we remember the lesson?

On September 11, 2001, who would have predicted that the next US President would be a semi-Muslim named Barack Hussein Obama? You remember him, right? The guy who arranged for the delivery of $1.3 billion in cash to Iran.

Sometimes we don’t learn our lessons well.

What will the Pentagon be learning? And how will THAT impact the economy in the future. It’s all yet to be written isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “The Pentagon – in the Age of Quarantine

  1. I’m sure the more astute individuals will learn important lessons. Hopefully they’ll remember them, but if they’re “astute” in the first place, they probably will.

    The institutional memory of the Pentagon may or may not learn. Most large organizations tend to be like that.

    It brings to mind “Generals always plan for the LAST war”, and so forth…

    1. The Pentagon MIGHT learn – maybe.
      There needs to be an institutional and national guideline about what is and what is not a “vital interest” to the USA, such as medications and antibiotics where there are laws about how much can be imported. I think that this is coming. Honeywell is making masks now in the US, etc. I don’t know how long we will keep this going.

  2. I have been thinking for a while now that we need to be making our own stuff again.

    One comment on the new blog I am hoping can be fixed. After I make my comment, I don’t receive notice of any other comments, or your reply to comments like I did with the old blog.
    I hope there is some change coming for that.

    1. I don’t know what the problem is. I’ll take a look and see if there is something that can be done.

  3. No, we will not learn a damn thing from this. We Americans have the collective memory of a common house fly. Pretty soon, those Chinese companies will start offering deep discounts (maybe coupons) that Americans just can’t resist. It will be back to the status quo in no time flat.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    But I’m usually not.

    1. Yeah. That’s what I’m afraid of. The Chinese are NOT the least bit shy about spreading green grease wherever it is needed to hold their market share. And it will be like flies on sh1t.

  4. Exactly why there is not gun crenelations built in along the entire parapet, inner and outer, of that 5 sided puzzle palace has always made me scratch my head???
    That, even symbolic pseudo battlement features of a fortress where excluded, is not some off hand frivolous happenstance.
    Somebody or something made a deliberate conscious decision to exclude those features.
    It matters, it’s instructive.

    1. My vision of a Pentagon is clearly not corporate, but the building is HUGE. I mean, you really need a map to navigate it.
      23,000 military and civilian employees work there. 3,000 maintenance personnel work there. All under one roof. It’s a sobering number.

  5. Interesting to see Trump America first policy being vindicated on an hourly basis. Interesting, too, that our ruling elite weren’t very keen on it.

    What a gang of corrupt traitors.

    1. None of our betters want to see America first. They all take bribes from our enemies. Look at corrupt old Joe Biden. $1.5 billion from China. Of course, the mainstream media will want to bury that.

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