Another Empty Chair?

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Kamala Harris

There are a lot of people who feel that Kamala (Slut) Harris or Elizabeth (Poke-a-haunt-us) Warren will be the next Democrat candidate for President. While that may be the case, (Who can reliably say?) Harris, who self identifies as a negro in the same way that Warren self identifies as an Indian, has a long way to go. She touts her former positions as a prosecutor and Attorney General, except she wasn’t much of a prosecutor and owed her position of AG to being mistress to Willy Brown (influential California politician) while married to her current husband.
That lack of actual experience fleshed itself out in the most recent debate.
(Fox News) Former California GOP Chair Tom Del Beccaro said Thursday that Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., struggled to push back against criticism at the 2020 Democratic primary debate and it shows “she has a glass jaw.” 
Del Beccaro said Harris’ response to Gabbard’s criticisms was the “typical response for a short debate format,” arguing Harris did not give specifics on her “significant reforms.”
Del Beccaro went on to say, “Last night she proved, much like the debate I had with her, she has a glass jaw. She can’t really answer on the spot. She’s actually not good on the spot.”
He added: “If you’re an attorney or a prosecutor, you should be good on the spot.”
Thus, Harris is an empty blouse. If she were to become president, she’d be an empty chair in the pattern set by #44, managed by handlers, reading from a teleprompter. Elizabeth Warren, while not stupid, suffers from being so far left – swallowed the Green New Deal but didn’t vote for it in the Senate – that her brand of National Socialism would likely be rejected.
Harris, the empty blouse, really doesn’t have a position at present. Her handlers have cautioned her to be vague. But that may not be enough as the other 20 Democrats who-would-be-king savage her.

North Korean Artillery (tube and rocket) – a response to WSF:

North Korean Artillery is the mainstay of their land army and they test fire it regularly. It’s effective and it has to be. Their infantry is inferior to South Korea’s infantry primarily because of endemic health issues. 100% of them have severe intestinal parasite infections, etc. The elites are believed to have good healthcare and go abroad for treatment if it’s needed, but the peasants and the army does not. Thus the North Koreans put great reliance into hard-hitting artillery. They also understand counter-battery fire and their tubes and rockets are well protected against everything but a ‘direct’ hit.

11 thoughts on “Another Empty Chair?

  1. So much catching up.
    Agree about the ladies.
    Thanks for the clarification. Now I need to read that post.

  2. How can you say that Harris "self identifies" as a negro? She is clearly an underprivileged victim. I can hardly think of a more disadvantaged childhood than to be the daughter of a Jamaican-born Stanford University Economics professor and a PhD from Berkeley who spent her career at prestigious institutions ranging from Berkeley itself to McGill to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Furthermore, Harris is married to a Jewish entertainment lawyer, from Brooklyn, yet! If that is not the typical life arc of a poor black victim in these racist United States then I don't know what is.

    Mean people have snarked that the most American black that Harris has ever had in her was when she was, er, working under Willie Brown. But that would be hateful to say, so I'm not repeating that horrid claim.

  3. Point taken, although Willie Brown might beg to differ. (Sorry. It was a softball over the plate.

  4. Are we ready for another democrat leading-from-behind, affirmative action hire president? I don't think so. Well, at least I hope our electorate will follow.

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