Cathead of HMS Victory

The end of the stout timber projecting out from her bow is decorated with a carved and gilded crown. The cathead was often carved with a cat or lion’s head, which presumably frightened away wharf rats. As the massive iron anchor is brought up from the bottom and gets closer to the hull, there is the danger that the flukes could damage the hull, especially in rough waters. The cathead allows this operation to be carried out a short distance away from the hull.

A special tackle is fastened to the ring of the anchor and it is fished and catted (brought up and secured) in its riding position on the bow.

The black loop of rope that holds the anchor to the cathead is the “stopper”. This could simply be cut through to drop the anchor. The main anchor cable is bent onto the ring. The ring itself has been wrapped in cord as an anti- chafing measure called “puddening”.


The Queen Anne’s Revenge

An anchor from the wreck the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s Flagship, has been recovered from the sea in 2011, where it had been since 1718.


Will Santa Claws Survive 2020?

The jury is out.



Any bets on when the rock will fall?

Any bets on how Creepy Joe will last in office before he dies of natural causes – and a nation mourns.


Winchester M1897 trench gun

Designed by John M. Browning, manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Manufacturing Co. c.late 1918 based on their 1897 Riot model for military use notably during WW1

12 gauge brass buckshot shells, 6-round tubular magazine, pump-action repeater, shortened barrel, bayonet lug and heat shield.

The US entered World War 1 long after it devolved into trench warfare. This shotgun was a trench sweeper, devastating at close range and with a much faster rate of fire than the bolt action rifles then in use. The M1897 served from the war in the Philippines in 1900 to the various conflicts of the Cold War, with equal effect.


It Still Flies

A few dings…that should buff right out.


Obama the Girly Man

Hiding behind Michelle, who wore the pants and the strap-on.

Now, he’s writing his 3000 page autobiographical series in which he’s said to have butched up a bit.


The Dream of the Obama Era 

Try not to harbor any unrealistic ambition. You’ll just be disappointed.


Your FBI…

Is said to be hot on the trail of white supremacists, who are the real problem in America.

Definition: A “white supremacist” is said to be any white or Asian person (Mike_C, you’re lumped in.) who doesn’t drink the democrat Kool Aid.


Black Guns Matter


  1. “A “white supremacist” is said to be any white or Asian person.” Ya didn’t include Cubans and Venezuelans that are here… They are some of the most anti communist/socialists people that exists, besides the Soviet vassal states. I say spare Santa, he gives Hope and Joy to kids and adults alike. We don’t get out of this life anyway…. Black Guns Matter, I saw a bumper sticker just today here in Idaho; Black Logs Matter. I wouldn’t mind having a Winchester M 1897, had an uncle that had one, nice gun! my cuz’ got it, damn him.

    • The M-1897 is a fine piece. I wish somebody would start manufacturing them again, I’d buy one today.

      Cubans and Venezuelans are dear to the hearts of Barack and Broke-Foot Joe – but only if they’re communists.

    • According to the Government, Cubans and Venezuelans and Mexicans and Hondurans and and and are all considered ‘White.’

      No. Seriously. White. So that very dark Meztica with the Incan nose? White…

      That cafe-au-lait with the natural afro? White…

      Unless they vote democrat, then they suddenly become something wonderful, Not-White.

      Not kidding. Used to do crime stat reporting for the Feds. Yer white, until yer not. And they get to decide.

      Meztica shoots a Nigerian? White on Black Hate Crime.

      Scots-Origin shoots Meztica? White on Colored Hate Crime.

      Honduran shoots Venezuelan? White on Colored Hate Crime.

      Any actual non-white shooting a White? (insert sound of crickets….)

  2. One other capability of the 1897 Winchester is that they can be slam fired. Just hold back that trigger and work the pump as fast as you can.

  3. Cut Santa Loose.

    A Winchester trench gun would be very cool. At one time, I lusted for a Model 12. I was trained on them in Small Arms Repair School, and I have a 1917 bayonet. It can also be slam fired.

    Looks like that pilot has both hands full (literally) keeping his Avenger level.

    Yes, black guns matter. We may soon find out just how much. Praying we don’t.

    • I own a pump action shotgun that I’m fond of, but there is something incredibly cool about a M-1897. Please, I’d like a LUNGER bayonet/trench knife on it. That triangular stabbing blade completes the set, trench knife with brass knuckles, plz.

  4. Yep, y’all beat me to the slam fire comments… And you CAN put six rounds downrange in a HURRY!!! Re the cathead, the poor bos’n that had to go strap the anchor down was low man on the totem pole…

    • Usually it was not a bos’n, but an (expendable) apprentice seaman who worked under the cathead. If he splashed in the waves and went down to Davey Jones, they’d call for another apprentice to lash down the anchor in the teeth of the gale.

  5. A high school classmate made a career in the FBI. If he was a special agent sterling example, the organization is a joke. What the hell, they can’t even nail the contractors that built their headquarters with shoddy material and poor workmanship.

  6. “if we were a problem…” they’re about to know it. watch the STOP THE STEAL rally in Georgia from yesterday. folks down there are fighting mad. they keep saying “its 1776”, like they mean it. i’m proud to be American again. lost it for a moment. got it back. let’s do this…….you’re killing me with that mp5. had one decades ago but traded it in a moment of stupidity, back when you could get them easily….santa worth more than all them sheep put together….they won’t kill biden, he’ll just fade out when they cut off his meds…..1897, worked on a few back in the day, nasty guard still had them for riot control. nice gun, good steel, felt like you had a good tool in your hand…..American dream? ha! taxes and insurance is why i have to still drag my ass over the mountain every morning to work when i should be chillin on a beach. worked hard, bought into the bs, built up a little something. now i have to sell it all off or keep working into perpetuity to pay the taxes on it. “livin the dream” we used to say, eyeball deep in cold stinking mud. yeah. but hey, its 1776. come on april!

    • “The shot, heard round the world,” could be fired again.

      Biden needs to croak in his sleep so that Camela can take over. That’s how I see it going down.

      Trump is a larger problem. Gunning him down on the steps of Congress or something along that line creates a martyr and mobilizes a cause. I see the ‘death of a thousand cuts’ by the media as their preferred strategy, and rounding up people around him.

  7. The world would be a better place if certain people died. I’m just not sure that Santa Claus is at the top of the list.

    Thanks, I think. I haven’t been accused of being a white supremacist in those exact words … yet. But we’re getting danged close: After I refuted some entirely fictional statistic (inter-racial crime rates, I think it was), this Pakistani girl at the office confronted me with a scowl and “You’re very pro-white, aren’t you.” It was not phrased as an actual question. “No. It’s more that I’m anti-bullshit. Most anti-white propaganda is bullshit.”

    @Cederq: yes re Venezuelans. Interestingly enough a friend of mine from there has a visceral hatred of collectivism, yet she is rabidly anti-Trump, and anti-Republican in general.

    @Beans: “white when inconvenient”. I noticed this in high school. My high school proudly touted “40% of Advanced Placement students are minorities!” (Twelve Chinese and 1.5 Koreans; no negroes, no Hispanics.) But when it came time for college admissions, we were all white. Fine by me, but make it consistent. The real trick is when you have achieved a position where you can be “your fellow white” when it serves your purposes, and poor minority victims when that serves your purposes. East Asians have it entirely backwards.

    • Mike, the LGBTQ+ marker would seem to be the vehicle for selected white people to enter the grievance train from the caboose, in a manner of speaking. With the proper identification, you can be just as aggrieved as a white person as you can as a “person of color”.

      It’s just a matter of self-identification.

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