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It’s Settled Science

Man-caused global warming has been shown to have begun as early as 1200 BC. In this article (link) scientists discuss how the city of Heracleion was once above water.

The lost city of Heracleion (Egyptian and Greek) was city that existed before the foundation of Alexandria in 331 BC. The city saw its golden days as it served as the main port of entry to Egypt for all ships arriving from the Greek world.

Some are concerned that the beachfront home of Barack and Michelle Obama at Martha’s Vineyard will suffer the same fate as the oceans rise due to global warming.

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Sometimes what CW posts, resonates.

13 thoughts on “Ancient Global Warming & More

  1. What the scientists didn't count on was that the city of Heracleion was serviced by submersibles.

  2. In sales we refer to identifying dominant desires, then tailoring the presentation accordingly. The climate thugs need to change their approach. Scare tactics seldom work long term.

  3. In the short term, a lot of prog women are refusing to have children because they'll be killed off in 10 years. I call that a win for the babies and for humanity in general.

  4. I love this post for its powerful imagery. The lost wonder of Heracleion and the power of canon.

    I dare you to transpose this to the prospect of a Mini Mike and Hillary ticket.

    Chips fall where they may and Devil take the hindmost.

  5. That would even be worse. Like my grandkids building with blocks – and demanding that I assist them in their architecture. Of course I do and then they knock it down. I'm sure that young aliens would do the same thing. Which is why we don't see many of their pyramids. Just a pile of unassuming rocks.

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