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Does Sasquatch Live on the Mogollon Rim

(link) You’ve seen allegedly authentic alien skulls, found up in the Arizona highlands, but what about Bigfoot?

Isaac Bailey found the cave below the lip of the 8000 foot plateau, near where a retired Phoenix police officer and his wife reported seeing a sasquatch walking down a mountainside in July 2005. That incident was reported to local rangers immediately after it happened. The rangers investigated the area on the following day, and found, and cast, 20″ sasquatch tracks, which they showed to some of the expedition guides.

The article was found on the Internet, therefore it must be fact.  And it was reported on the BRFO website, YOUR unimpeachable source for Bigfoot sightings.
The Colorado plateau ends with the Mogollon Rim. It’s a limestone formation, which means that the place is full of caves, mostly unexplored.
I am not a cave explorer since mountain lions often make their homes in caves as do bears. Encountering a bear or a lion in its lair may be intriguing to some people, but not to me. Sure, I could clear caves with hand grenades, but they’d likely come down around me, and what fun is that?
The Army built a road along the Mogollon Rim during the Apache wars (General Crook Trail). There were not published reports of Bigfoot sightings back in the 1800’s and the Army but there is the Mogollon Monster… (trail info here) ok, it’s not a real monster, it’s a foot race down the trail that’s held annually.
Then there is Fact

Big Trouble in “Little China”

So much for “one country, two systems”. Hong Kong citizens would rather deal with the system developed under the British Crown rather than the tender mercies of the Communist government in Beijing. One in seven citizens of Hong Kong took to the streets today.

(Wall Street Journal) HONG KONG, this morning—Demonstrators staged the biggest rally challenging China’s authority over the city since Britain ceded control in 1997, marching through streets for hours to protest a proposed law that would let Beijing take people across the border to stand trial in the mainland.

A US State Department spokesperson said Washington is “concerned by the Hong Kong government’s proposed amendments to its Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, which would allow for individuals to be transferred to mainland China at the request of Communist Party authorities, and is closely monitoring the situation.”
And the Plot Thickens
Sunday’s protest comes days after the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, a pivotal moment that dashed hopes China would democratize before it took control of Hong Kong in 1997. 
Hong Kong has commemorated the massacre with a candlelit vigil ever since, the only place on Chinese soil where mass remembrances are held. Organizers said more than 180,000 people joined a vigil in the city’s Victoria Park on Tuesday, the largest such event since the 25th anniversary in 2014.
The linkage between the Tiananmen Square Massacre and present protests are creating a head-ache for the Communist Oligarchy that runs China.

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  1. Bigfeet are everywhere. Ask me if I want to meet an 8' tall hairy beast and offer them a Slim Jim. Go ahead, ask.

  2. Looks like Bigfoot has expanded his range, or just as likely, simply up and moved. He may have tired of living on the left coast, and like LL, decided to move to sunnier pastures.

  3. Old Mountain Man wisdom applies to Bigfoot. "Don't go bothering something that ain't bothering you".

  4. Not to mention you'd destroy the Bigfoot evidence, clearing them w hand grenades.

    If Hong Kong isn't careful, China may send the Army in…

  5. DRJIM maybe onto something here. I don’t think that bigfeet (or is it bigfoots) eat Slim Jims

  6. Yes, it could have been me (awkward).

    But that would suggest that I’m not invisible in a gillie suit (also awkward)

  7. Yes, you nit pickers got me on this one. Slim Jims, Oh Boy Oh Berto, Jack Link, Twinkies, whatever. We all saw the commercials, good ones at that.

    I'm sticking with Slim Jims. Big Feet, if they have not tried them, will like them, right before slamming your face into a Douglas Fir tree trunk.

  8. I was wondering, way back when England was returning Hong Kong to Communist China, why the heck anyone in Hong Kong would ever believe that the Reds wouldn't slowly (or quickly) strangle any dissenting voice.

    Let's see… Try to become a separate country or become part of one of the world's most oppressive regimes. I'll choose oppressive regime, please!

    Duh… the stupid, it will eventually burn.

  9. LL, Why is it every time aliens or bigfoot are seen, you just happen to be around? Huh? Kinda co-inky-dinky if ya ask me. Sumthin' weird going on here!

  10. Hmmm. Mad Tom Slick the Monster Hunter. He was famous for stealing a Yeti finger from a Tibetan monastery and replacing the relic with a human copy.

    His relatives don't like to be reminded of that.

    Nice supermarket infographic.

  11. The people in HK didn't have a choice. Well, they did – knuckle under, or be crushed like a bug by the PRC, and then knuckle under from an even worse position.

    The Brits didn't even let the Ghurkas emigrate/escape.

  12. The local Washoe people say the big guy exists. In the local tongue thy call him Honawewe….and he's friends with Tahoe Tessie.

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