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Demonstrations and marches occurred through the day yesterday, May 1, but the large opposition rally that Juan Guaido called for did not materialize. There are take-away style messages that can range from “the Venezuelans don’t want freedom enough” to “the Venezuelans are starved to the point where they are unable to resist.” You can slice it any way you please. I think that both ends of the spectrum may be true.
25,000 peace loving Cuban troops arrive to keep the peace
in Venezuela. Having your leader import mercenary troops
wasn’t a good idea for King George and it may backfire on
Maduro in Venezuela.
News services said that 20 people were injured by gunshot wounds inflicted by Cuban troops, there to prop up the Maduro regime. No KIA’s were reported, though there are certain to have been a few.
The attempt to unseat the Maduro regime failed for the second day. For the second day, the armed forces remained in garrison. Maduro does not trust the armed forces enough to use them to protect his regime. Cubans are more reliable and will shoot Venezuelans. Army troops are less likely to shoot friends, relatives and neighbors. 
Barack told us that the Cubans are peace loving and are friends of democracy now… yeah. Every time those blue lips moved, I heard lies, but the elite media really loved the magic inner city person, didn’t they?
Socialism/Communism – and absolute rule by tyrants provide a lesson in how easy it is to invite them in and how much trouble it is to get them out. The Founders were wise beyond measure and gave us a system that works if we can but follow the Constitution. The Progs want a living Constitution that “means whatever we want it to mean”. Bad idea.

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  1. The Progs want a living Constitution that "means whatever we want it to mean". Bad idea.

    VERY bad idea…..

  2. The third would commies are coming up in the world-looks like they have optics and suppressors. Is that some Cuban elite unit, or standard issue stuff?

    The Cubans add a whole new dimension to this- the same advantage US troops have had for 150 years- they are fighting on foreign soil and do not have to worry about reprisals on their families.
    Thus shooting the Venezuelans is just in an ordinary days work.

  3. It's disheartening to see yet another country bedeviled by the horrors of socialism/communism. Like you said, easy come, never go.

  4. Disarmed people are easily transformed into slaves. History is replete with examples. One of America’s great strengths is a potential militia of 100 million that brings their own arms and ammo

  5. The Cubans have relatively modern equipment from a third world view. A lot of their military doesn’t have trigger time. Killing Venezuelans for a living and being paid though the taxes of the people they are killing is a sweet hustle from the view of the Castro Family.

  6. The price of freedom and liberty (not the same thing) is eternal vigilance.

    As soon as politicians figure out that they can use our tax money to buy votes, the trouble begins.

  7. I don't know about recent years, but the Cuban military has a lot of "trigger time", especially in Africa.

  8. That was back in the 80’s. Mozambique, Angola, etc. they’ve all retired.

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