Caption: That’s the bullshit being peddled…historic risk cited…from a disease with a 99.9% recovery rate. And wear a mask while you sit at home, alone and nurse a bottle or twenty of oh-be-joyful, listening to Christmas music on your i-pod. (downloading it from Apple, poised to make another fortune).

My personal message, here on the Internet, for all to read is simply this: Kiss my white, male, heterosexual, Republican ass, you filthy, lying, donkey scum.

…more dire warnings here.

Whatever you do, spend Christmas alone. Open a can of Christmas dinner dog food and enjoy.

Do you think that I’m sugar coating my response to the CDC?


  1. SLW is headed to SoCal tomorrow afternoon. She’s a bit apprehensive after hear some “news” report that IF you fly on the airlines, you WILL get covid. I think it’s just more scare tactics for the sheeple, but she’s loaded up with vitamins, masks, hand sanitizer, and a few pair of gloves.

    I’m just praying she doesn’t get locked-down there. Who knows what Gruesome Newsome will do…..

    • Dr. Jim, I take The Plague relatively seriously and I have no concerns. The data we have from airlines suggests the filtration methods in the airplane itself is effective, which leaves the airport experience. Social distance, wear a mask, and sanitize – truly, it is the one activity I consider the least risky right now.

      Most people are probably more at risk in the daily shopping and outings than they are traveling – at least by airline – at this point.

    • Get some Airbourne…will help bolster the immune system to ward off everything else plus corona…which is part of everything else anyway, especially since the novel aspect has been id’d by most immune systems by now.

    • Only if you travel by executive jet with elite friends and donors. If you’re a common man, you’ll die of the plague if you leave your home.

  2. You sound more like a senior NCO than an officer and a gentleman!

    Flying? The Denver airport was closed yesterday for an hour while the control tower was sanitized for COVID-19. My sister flew in from Reno and was late, late, late. On the bright side, Banner got a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendys to tide him over until we got back from picking her up.

  3. Even Tom Clancy got it right in “Executive Orders” that lockdowns and travel restrictions are against the Constitution. That was back in 1996.

    But then again, when has any Dem ever cared about the Constitution, except when it benefited them, of course…

  4. I have reservations in the Keys for Christmas. Right now they are a hot spot for Kung flu. In 3 weeks it should be calmed down.

  5. I concur with your “kiss my….” sentiment. These people are out of control with no end in sight with their lunacy. Back in the day they’d be wearing a straight jacket inside Bellevue. Today they eat at the French Laundry at $500 bucks a pop, and that’s without booze or dessert.

    Anyone traveling should tell the numbskulls they have a “touch of the flu”…apparently that’s benign nowadays so will be ignored all the while the Covid hyperventilating continues unabated like it was Ebola.

    There’s a sale at Amazon on pocket Constitution’s, buy a dozen, hand them out to the infidels who seem to have forgotten (or never learned) what it says.

    • We need to devise a rational resistance strategy to both the RINOs and the donkeys. The RINOs {such as Sen Mike Lee (R-UT)} are just as bad as the donkeys. Did you hear about the Immigrant Employment Act that they passed?

  6. I have neighbors who are medical types – husband and wife. They live on a small spread about five miles from me, here on the Mogollon Rim. They were the outliers up here, wearing masks, gloves, socially distant, fearful of contracting the plague. He is a diabetic and she has chronic respiratory issues. Both are over 70 years of age.

    Guess who contracted the plague?

    Yes, them. I brought them a gallon of home made chicken soup (quite delicious).

    Did they die?

    No, they’re fine, feeling a little weak from the ordeal the way many older people feel after coming down from a nasty bout of flu.

    I asked him whether he still planned to wear a mask. “Oh yes, we have to slow the spread.”

    “But D. you’re immune now.”

    “That’s true, LL, but I have to set an example.”

    “The mask, gloves, PPE, etc. didn’t keep you from getting the plague.”

    (crickets) “That’s true.”

    • Touche’…but were minds changed? Likely not. Often people convinced against their will are of the same opinion still. Prager says the more education the more moronic. (a total paraphrase, altho lately he’s pretty peeved…usually more measured.)

      Over at Adrianne’s Corner she lined out (in her inimitable fashion) the mask-wearer being the new holier/smarter-than-thou social meter. It’s a spot-on crusade against the idiocy.

    • “The mask, gloves, PPE, etc. didn’t keep you from getting the plague.”

      That just goes to show how dangerous the plague really is. Masks and gloves don’t prevent one from catching the WuFlu. Therefore the solution is literally locking people into their own homes. Food will be delivered by Amazon. Anyone caught on the streets will be shot, to protect them from catching the plague.

      • You’d make a great evil elite overlord, Mike. You have the mantra down pat. Maybe a career change. I heard that in New Jersey, the state was cutting MD salaries by 10%. I’m sure that the comrade cadre will be getting massive raises because of their awesome power and responsibility.

        (hint: At the FEMA Camp, WSF wants a bunk near the stove, and I’m going to try for the job of King Rat {novel by James Clavel}. I’ll also sit on the porch of the hut in the camp and binge listen alternatively to: Edith Piaf, Um Kulthum, and Janice Joplin.

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