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2024 Campaign Launch

President Donald Trump could announce his 2024 plans as soon as Inauguration Day, if his legal battle over the presidential election falls short, according to a published report. …more here

It would be a reason for Republicans (with the exception of Mitt) to boycott the inauguration and go to the big rally.


Nose Art (Danger – Politically Incorrect)

The last of the nose art on display at the EAA Museum, Oshkosh, WI, a collection of roughly 3 dozen pieces saved at the last minute from being melted down as scrap.



Originally it was Annam, Tonkin and Cochin China before the French united them as Vietnam. Then it was part of French Indochina. Then the Japanese came (allied with Vichy France, run by the Nazis). Then the French came back (Free French) and then the Americans and then they left. Then the Vietnamese and they tossed out the ethnic Chinese (boat people). The Chinese tried to invade and had their asses kicked. I may have missed a step or two. The Red Chinese still want to rule the place.

(bove) Japanese troops, part of the first contingent of reinforcements sent under the Franco-Japanese Joint Defense Protocol, await orders to advance into Saigon, Vietnam. 1 October 1941.

Personal Aside: I’m an avid collector of French Indochinese Currency.


Fun with Maps

Plague Maps



Non Plague Maps

Where you can grow palm trees in the United States


UK population distribution if the UK was the US, which it is not, but you get the drift.



I like both banana bread and carrot cake.



Bill Gates likes it.


  1. Regarding 2024, if Trump loses and the Donk-Leftists take over, what makes you think he’ll not be imprisoned or Arkansided?

    If they can railroad Flynn during a supposedly-friendly administration, what can they do if they are actively unfriendly?

    This is a Go-NoGo forever gauge moment. Either Trump wins, and we can fight for election integrity and truth, justice and the American way, or Trump loses, and we become Venezuela Norte.

    Either Or.

    It is that bad.

    • Yeap! I suspect that if the Presidency is handed to Harris/Biden (that’s the way I see the ticket), Trump will be arrested as soon as he is no longer President. If he deigns to attend the inauguration, it will happen on the Capitol steps in full view of the cameras. The Democrats have to show that they Rule this nation and you are not to dissent.

      I understand that “Binden’s” (actually the Democrat Party’s) picks for Cabinet and high visibility appointed offices is a basket full of nuts and fruits.

    • Beans – yes, I know. We’re going to be playing for ALL of the marbles.

      BillB – when you say “Democrat”, I think “fruits and nuts”.

  2. Since flu is apparently no longer a priority (in the MSM/CDC/NIH/Grifters), wonder what those Covid maps would look like for last years Flu? Yeah…but Lies-Thru-His-Teeth Fauci and the Scarf-Wearer Birx will continue to tell us Covid is far worse an illness. Nudges need to be ignored.

    Guys/Gals Old Joke (post dinner date):

    Her- I wonder if he loves me. I’m really falling in love with him. I wish he would say it. Oh, no, he’s not saying anything, he’s quiet, now I’m worried he doesn’t love me. Oh, this is terrible. I feel like a fool. He probably won’t ask me out again. I’m so devastated. (on and on)

    Him- Geez, I completely forgot to change the oil in the pickup, wonder if I can get into the lube place tomorrow? Maybe I should call them and leave a message.

    • BTW, if need be…the proverbial jury is still out…Trump should hold his 2024 Presidential Bid Rally across the street from the “inauguration” podium and make a lot of noise. Time to mess with these losers, shove it in their face that we know they’re illegitimate and will be ignored.

  3. Trump won’t get arrested, just like Hillary didn’t. The optics would be just awful, to do either. Yes, I know that one of them (not Trump) deserves hard time, but folks who have multi-millions of supporters tend to be immune to just about anything.

    With any justice, and a Supreme Court that entertains a challenge to all of this malfeasance and skullduggery, at least the upcoming elections will not include mail in ballots, ballot harvesting and Dominion vote counting machines. If this is the Trump legacy, so be it.

    No matter what, the Biden administration is illegitimate, we’ll see how this affects how he ‘governs.’

    • They’ll go after Trump in the courts, most likely. “The process is the punishment” and all that. Also, pour encourager les autres lest anyone else think of challenging the system.

      But you never know, the brains (and there ARE real brains involved, it’s not all dusky street theater) behind the Bad People are the Eternal Masters of the Overplayed Hand.

    • Fredd, I expected you to pox Biden and the whole voter fraud issue. I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t. WSF has been poxing people in your absence ….because there are people who need it.

      Mike_C, I expect that the hand will be significantly over played.

        • Fredd is a master of the pox. I suspect that he honed his sills eating his Aunt Sally’s cooking, which required a lot of poxing… along with fervent prayer so that he didn’t keel over and die.

    • Memphis Belle is “safe nose art”. And the crews of B-52’s are not allowed to paint nose art of their choose. The legacy nose art is selected with care. I don’t think that you’ll see the nose art (above) on any current USAF aircraft for the sake of legacy.

  4. IIRC, Both “Surprise Attack” and “Sack Time” had illustrious careers. Nose art is a wonderful thing, along with colorful paint jobs for aircraft in-theater. Perhaps the Space Force will pick up what others have abandoned.

    I’ll go through my foreign bills. If I have any relevant to your collection I’ll forward them along.

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