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Caption: A box containing materials used by a spiritualist/cultist. Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan.

The picture above: Haunted Mansion.

Below: Things are said to go better with a sip than a line.


Muad’Dib is wise in the ways of the desert. Muad’Dib creates his water. Muad’Dib hides from the sun and travels in the cool night. Muad’Dib is fruitful and multiplies over the land. Muad’Dib, we call ‘instructor-of-boys.’ That is a powerful base to build your life. We welcome you.” – Dune

Many people of your age have passed away. Yet, you’re still alive. What’s your secret?

We know that in the case of WSF, heaven doesn’t want him, and hell is afraid that he’ll take over. He is likely to ride Banner’s coattails through the Pearly Gates, guarded by US Marines, who will offer Banner a snack, allowing WSF to slide through.

DRJIM will likely have some device he created in his laboratory (who says you can’t take it with you?) that will spoof the card reader and identify him as LSP. When LSP tries to walk through, he will likely be diverted to secondary, where he’ll be interrogated for impersonating himself.

PaulM will have to tell them, “I’m with MRSDRPAULM,” to get a temporary guest pass. He must show his Virtual Mirage Points portfolio if he wants to put himself over the top.

PM to St. Peter: “I didn’t qualify for the two-slice toaster, Bass-o-Matic, or the Sham-Wow; they must be worth something.”

There’s one advantage women have over men…


Digital Chinese Walls…


Bullet Points:

** John Cleese: People Shouldn’t Be Scared To Acknowledge ‘Some Cultures Are Superior To Others.’

** (Nikkei Asia) “China’s publicly traded companies took a net profit hit for the first time in five years in 2023, as a protracted property sector slump bled into other industries. According to DZH data, the roughly 5,200 non-finance companies listed in mainland China logged a combined net profit of 2.85 trillion yuan ($394 billion) last year. This amounts to a 100 billion yuan decrease or a 3% dip. Meanwhile, net profit for the January-March quarter declined 5% on the year, indicating that earnings have been slow to recover amid a Chinese economy facing deflationary pressure.”

** “I prefer peace, but if trouble must come, let it come in my time so that my children can live in peace.” – Pres. Thomas Jefferson

** Cows and vegans have a lot in common. They eat plants and fart… do vegan steaks taste good? Asking for a friend who is becoming a prepper.

** If I’ve offended any of you, try to improve, so I don’t have to do it again.


Crécy (1346)

Edward III’s force destroyed the largest and best-equipped army in Europe, King Philip VI of France, with extraordinarily few losses on his part. Such was the impact of the English/Welsh longbow (and lots of arrows). However, the list of those lost on the French side is long and illustrious. As with the Battle of Agincourt (1415), where the French engaged in a frontal attack through deep mud against the same English light artillery (archery). Mud wasn’t the problem at Crecy, but they came piecemeal, arguing about precedence. The pavise crossbowmen routed and broke up the French cavalry charge. What a mess.

The most exalted name on that list of the fallen is Blind King John of Bohemia. What was the king of Bohemia doing at Crécy, an affair between the French king Philip and a recalcitrant vassal, Edward of England? John of Bohemia was born in 1296 into the Luxembourg dynasty and became Count of Luxembourg in 1310. John was married to Eliška of the ruling Přemyslid dynasty of Bohemia, and when her father died without a male heir, John inherited the kingdom on his death and was crowned in 1311.  He had close bonds with France and even sent his son to be raised at the Parisian court rather than in his own native Prague.

John was also blind.  He suffered from a genetic disease and went blind on a crusade in Lithuania in 1336.  Yet such was his reputation as a knight and warrior, his ability to rule does not appear to have been impaired, and there do not appear to have been any challenges to his rule from his son or his nobles.

When Philip called on his friend from Luxembourg to join him against Edward of England, John was in Trier with his son Charles, who had just been elected King of Germany. He met Philip at Paris on the 13th of August and rode north in pursuit of Edward towards the coast. The two Bohemians were at Abbeville with Philip when Edward was trapped between the sea and the Somme, and Charles would have seen Edward escape across the river to safety.

The only tale that is widely known about any Bohemian involvement in the battle of Crécy is the story of how John had his knights tie their horses to his in a long rope and ride forwards towards the English because no Bohemian, even one who was blind, could be said to have run from a fight.  The Czech sources infer that only two knights were tethered to John; English suggests far more.  We can securely say that some would keep him going in the right direction, but we’ll never know how many.

The timing of the charge is not recorded definitively, and the two primary sources contradict each other.  Froissart, an English source, suggests the charge came in the thick of the fighting, but a Czech chronicler, Beneš Krabice z Weitmile, records that he charged after the French had fled.  Froissart obtained his information from the English court, Weitmile from the Czech court, and possibly even from John’s son Charles directly.  So, who to believe?  Would Froissart have wanted John’s death to appear to be anything other than in the heat of battle and avoid the charge of having cut down a blind man?  Weitmile was reporting what his patron told him, but would Charles have preferred his father to have died in battle or a heroic last stand?  And would John, who guarded his royal prerogative jealously, have deliberately ridden to certain death?

The concentration of dead and dying horses on the ground, brought down by arrows and the pits dug into the ground, could not have been too great to prevent such a gallant charge from reaching the English vanguard.  Once close to the center of the fighting, around the Prince of Wales, John swung his sword around so violently and with such little direction that his knights were as much at risk of being hit as the English.  And so John died at the battle of Crécy.

In 1990, an examination of John’s skeleton revealed a stab injury to his eye socket. A weapon with a triangular cross-section had been pushed right into his skull.  Another stab injury was found to his left shoulder blade, penetrating his chest and probably hitting vital organs, leading to a swift, if not immediate, death.  The most macabre discovery was that his right hand had been severed by three blows with a blade, presumably to make theft of his rings and other personal items easier.  It seems that looting from bodies did not stop at kings.

And so a great English myth was born – that it was John’s feathers that the Prince of Wales procured for his emblem ‘for peace.’


Roman Artillery

Vegetius claims that each legion typically had about 60 artillery pieces of various types and sizes. Sometimes, specific legions could own pieces that were significantly more powerful and larger than what was otherwise considered the norm(as recorded for battle during the war of 4 emperors). Some of them typically shot arrows, other stones (and some perhaps both), and the whole thing is complicated by the fact that terminology was changing with time, so if 1st-century writers mention, for example, “scorpion,” 4th-century one might mean different types with that exact term.

The Romans didn’t use “meters,” so we may never know how far the head flew…

The smaller the arrow they used, the less distance it could travel (given the technology). Thus, heavier and longer arrows with more mass and momentum were preferred. People continually underestimate the power of torsion weapons.


Identify the Aircraft






This one might be too tough, so I’ll give you the answer.

This is the P4Y-2G, BuNo 66302. She was delivered to the US Navy in 1945 as a PB4Y-2 Privateer. She went directly into storage at NAF Litchfield Park, AZ. In 1950, she was taken on strength with the US Coast Guard. In 1951, she was reconfigured as a P4Y-2G. Her ERCO bow turret was removed and replaced by a large glass nose. Her twin side blister guns were removed and replaced by two large glass windows. Her two upper dorsal turrets and tail turret were also removed. In 1959, she became a Super Privateer when her Pratt and Whitney R-1830-94 engines were removed and replaced by Wright Cyclone R-2600 engines. She then spent time as a fire bomber. She is operated by Goss Hawk Ltd and is based in Casa Grande, AZ.



Parting Shot


42 thoughts on “Yogibogeybox

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Curtiss XF15C
    2. Mitsubishi G4M Betty
    3. Blenheim Mk IV
    4. P-51 with wingtip Marquardt ramjet engines
    5. Curtiss-Wright AT-9 Jeep

      1. It is my daily moral dilemma/conundrum/quandary…yet I am working on keeping the frustration of watching things literally go to Hell to a minimum. Not always successful.

      2. He said something about selling my cloak and buying a sword.
        I know I serve an external kingdom, but I don’t think He wants us disinterested in this one, or He wouldn’t have invested so much in it.

        1. The minstrel boy to the war is gone
          In the ranks of death you’ll find him
          His father’s sword he hath girded on
          And his wild harp slung behind him
          “Land of Song” cried the warrior bard
          “Tho’ all the world betrays thee
          One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard
          One faithful harp shall praise thee”
          The minstrel fell but the foeman’s chain
          Could not bring that proud soul under
          The harp he lov’d ne’er spoke again
          For he tore its chords asunder
          And said, “No chains shall sully thee
          Thou soul of love and brav’ry
          Thy songs were made for the pure and free
          They shall never sound in slavery”

          or if you prefer:


    1. No, definitely not Caesar. At both Agincourt and Crecy the English army was hungry. Surround them and starve them into making a disorganized breakout. When you best them by superior numbers, that would work every time. However it would not have been chivilrous.

    1. Depending on the beast, those steaks would make mighty find eating. Some of them would be so saturated with toxic drugs that they’d only be fit for composting.

      1. I believe Mad Cow disease is a result of eating your own kind.
        While I’d like to believe they are not of my kind, I don’t think that’s good enough.
        But I can’t think of a Biblical imperative against it.
        Except for eating something unclean.

  2. Apologies to those of you whose comments went to moderation. I was just now able to log in and approve them.

  3. “Yogibogeybox” – And here I was thinking it was either where The Husk’s DOJ/FBI are hiding Epstein’s Scumbag Blackbook – or – it’s a fake out pic-a-nic box for Yogi Bear.
    I’d buy the haunted mansion in a heartbeat, looks nicely sited…and with power tools and some materials could be brought “back to life” (the building that is). Finding a decent restoration mason in this modern techy era would be a challenge. But…a little paint and a thorough power wash to eradicate said spirits and she’d be grand…and with my “Online Minister’s Certificate” (a brotherly joke/jab) I could do the exorcism myself. Could even call myself king of the castle but would have ask HEB about the appropriate BDU armor outfit. Of course I’d have to think hard if it was located in a Dem [over]run county as they’d probably require solar panels, desecrating the place, under the guise of the newly minted “Net-Zero Castle” regulation (which extends to Haunted Houses over 1800 sqft). Plus the permit would be expensive even as a “remodel” because those counties make you pay for local “mental health services” and EV Power stations (run by a diesel generator as they are rural). There is one outstanding bonus feature, the thick stone walls are more defensible to invaders…and that one turret could house a Hydra-6.
    Heaven needs veterans to stand a post and secure the perimeter wall. It also needs veterinarians (all dogs go to Heaven), which gives DrMrsPaulM priority. As I am the “vet-tech” in charge of the truck and the box, I get to follow her right in…same as I do in the airport – her being ‘Pre’ and me being a regular schlub (association has its privilege’s). Thing is I’d probably mess up my “Heaven free pass entry”…get there and tell Peter – as we “boys” joked my father did – “that Pearly is really expensive, wrought iron would still look great with less cost and upkeep.”

    1. Yogibogeybox: And here I was thinking that the term sounds like something to do with Kamala Harris’ anatomy. ☹️

  4. I’m in Ohio at the moment, a few miles outside of Cleveland. I’ve been traveling a fair piece through Iowa, Missouri, Ilinois, New York, Kansas and of course, Ohio, where I am now. I have yet to see a Biden-Harris yard sign or poster of any sort. It’s strange for the most popular president in American history to be so ignored. I did see one road sign featuring Jo/Ho in Iowa that was captioned “Dumb and Dumber.” There were a lot of new TRUMP signs… Next stop, Vermont. Will there be Bernie signs everywhere?

      1. I only see Biden signs in villages or cities like Ann Arbor, City of Ypsilanti , Milan.
        But even there they are outnumbered by Trump signs.
        While I fly a Trump flag, I see no Biden signs around me in the township.
        And the township always puts in a conservative Dem administration.
        UAW territory.

          1. Never have I seen a Biden-Harris yard sign, saw a sticker on a Prius once. Just watched Jack Ryan S2…everything in that Season is what is happening here, only more subversive. Joe Groper Biden did not get 81million votes, it was rigged and stolen to install a shuffling moron half-baked brain dead puppet. The real trick is how we keep these seditious criminals from doing the same in November. A pox on all their houses.

  5. “Banner’s coattails through the Pearly Gates, guarded by US Marines”
    Nothing as good as having a Treat Hound at your side to grease the skids.

    Chatted with my SC Guard grandson yesterday. He just completed his two week obligation by prepping 40 vehicles for shipment overseas. He will remain in the rear with the gear. Why are we sending National Guard units to Saudis Arabia?

    Remember the US GOV losing money running the Mustang Ranch? Was the reason not having a robust DEI program?

    1. How could anyone lose money running a whorehouse. Even if you were dipping into the company ink, it’s not as if they wear out (easily). Yes, FEDGOV was unable to run the Mustang Ranch at a profit. But do you HONESTLY think that Pedo Joe or the Ho could work the window at a hamburger joint without screwing up orders or the till?

    1. I was in KC two days ago (I flew into town, with watercolors, ink pens, and sketchbook in hand, but I didn’t see a single haunted mansion – and split into Missouri.)

  6. Eh, old Victorian/Edwardian/Gilded Age home, neglected, unkempt and such. Sigh. To have the money to pay a crew to rehabilitate and take care of one. I mean, rehabilitate and bring into modernity (great insulation, waterproofing, fireproofing, heating and air conditioning) one of those old beauties. (And put an elevator somewhere ‘hidden’ unless the house was already equipped.

    As to torsion-powered weapons, they are great, except in very humid environments. And don’t stand near one when the torsion section blows. Then again, don’t stand around any type of artillery if one isn’t servicing the weapon as oopsies with artillery tend to be deadly.

    1. VM points are very much like bitcoin. They can be worth a little or a lot — depending. You might think you have $1M worth of VM points and you cash them in to see that you actually OWE LL $.32. It is written (is anyone writing this down) that they’ll help you get through the Pearly Gates – or you might be able to buy a ShamWow by redeeming all of them. It’s situational.

      1. Check’s in the mail (assuming the postman knows where WWM is, even without a street address…rural carriers are good that way). Oh, and I don’t/will never use electrons for money, so it’ll be paper, redeemable wherever S&H Green Stamps are sold.

          1. One has to ask why those who [supposedly] work for We The People are trying to eliminate our currency? Doesn’t take a genius or prophet to see the “handwriting on the wall”.

            I thought with my faux pas tally I’d get at least a few sheckel’s refund to apply to the Hydra-6 fund. C’est la vie.

  7. Interesting excursus on Roman artillery. Not to be trifled with, and now I’m thinking trebuchets and pipe canon. Which is warlike on the Feast of the Ascension but there it is.

    Josephus, as always, is value, but let’s not forget Sozomen.

  8. Let me collect my thoughts and post this before I read the comments. Otherwise my Train of Thought gets derailed.
    The Oriental graphics are stunning. Reminds me of the “Bamboo Tea House” way back when Mom and I would take the bus into “Downtown”. The owner had genuine hand-embroidered small tapestries depicting scenes like you show. It was the place I had my very first fortune cookie, and the owner was quite impressed I could read the little slip of paper. The tea house was a couple of doors down from the pet shop where I got my first pet turtle at, and a few doors down from that, and right at the bus stop, was Jet’s Hamburgers, kind of a White Castle type of place. Thanks for bringing those memories up from the archives!
    Hack my way into Heaven? Uhhhh….don’t think so.

    1. I am amazed at the clarity and detail…I want an explanation of how LL does it? Again, if the ESB/5th Ave street scene was done by him…incrddible (give Jules a run for her money, and that’s sayin’ something.)
      No hacking…but the thought was provoking. The spiritual world transcends the radio world, yet we have the ability to tune ourselves into the frequency by adjusting our antennas and making small dial moves to bring clarity to the Sideband signal in order to receive the Heavenly QSL Card.

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