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The Frontier Airlines Airbus 320 jet that carried the nurse/ebola patient made 5 flights before being taken out of service. The jet flew from Cleveland to Dallas, back to Cleveland, then to Ft Lauderdale and Atlanta.
CDC advises that ebola can only be transferred by fluid from a sick, infected person. 
People with fevers sweat. Did the sick nurse sweat on the seat that all of the subsequent passengers sat in? She had a fever. Did she sneeze on the airplane and did that fluid end up on her seat or an adjoining area? Did she blow her nose? What did she do with the tissue? Did somebody cleaning the aircraft touch it? Who are those people?  Did they go home today? Do they feel ill? Are they sweating, sneezing or barfing on or around people thinking that they just have the flu? Do they know that they were exposed to ebola? Not just the people on the airplane with her…all of the people who sat on or around that seat? Did she use the restroom on the aircraft? Who else used it?

We won’t know for 21 days until their internal organs begin to melt and they start bleeding from their eyes, will we?

(LA Times)US-based Frontier Airlines said Wednesday it thoroughly cleaned a plane that carried a Dallas health care worker the day before an Ebola diagnosis. 
Denver-based Frontier issued a statement in response to news that the unidentified health care worker flew Monday on Flight 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth with 132 passengers. 
The airline said it is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to contact all the passengers on the flight. 
The passenger “exhibited no symptoms or sign of illness while on Flight 1143, according to the crew,” Frontier said. 
The Airbus A320 that carried the health care worker was put away for the night on Monday after it carried the woman from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth. But Tuesday morning the plane was flown back to Cleveland and then to Fort Lauderdale, back to Cleveland and then to Atlanta and finally back again to Cleveland, according to Daniel Baker, the chief executive of the flight monitoring site Flightaware.com.
Who are the happiest Americans? Lois Learner, IRS Mandarin (and Obama factotum). The national focus shifted away from both Lois and her hero, Hillary, the Bitch of Benghazi. 
Meanwhile what is happening on American Borders?

So long as the illegal aliens illegally vote for the Democratic Machine candidate, it doesn’t matter what hitchhikers are coming north with them.

Restricting flights from blighted Africa is racist. 

11 thoughts on “Sweat?

  1. "The passenger 'exhibited no symptoms or sign of illness while on Flight 1143, according to the crew,' Frontier said."

    — that's the thing that gets me. The false reassurances. Who would notice if she sneezed or coughed?? Would the crew notice that?? Of course not!
    Would just be REALLY helpful if the media, all relevant agencies, (and oh, POTUS) could start exhibiting a sense of SERIOUS CONCERN about this.

    Until they do, folks will continue to do stupid and careless things like walking into urgent care centers and flying on planes with fevers after being exposed to Ebola.

    A little healthy ALARM might be helpful at some point.

  2. Why do I feel like im am livkng in an old Clancy novel except so Muslim did not weaponize ebola but my own .gov may be trying to cover all their scandals with one issue while trying to create sa situation where it might be actually necessary to declare marital law.

  3. Did they declare Martial law for the flu in WW1? Heck no. Article 4 section 4 of the seldom used Constitution states we will have a Republican form of Government. Martial law is not that. If they attempt that, they are no longer the legitimate government. Act according to the dictates of your conscience.

  4. Listen to the voice of the mainstream media, the opiate of the masses… and what ever they assert – is 180 degrees off true.

    The flight crew didn't see her curled up in a fetal position or bleed from her eyes…so she had no signs of illness…

    How would ANY of us feel if their child was in that airplane seat after the sick nurse traveled in it? That must be the litmus test.

  5. I don't know where the truth is in this, but they're playing with fire. And with a mid-term coming up that will by all accounts cost the party in power the Senate, the shield that Obama has been hiding behind is withering.

  6. Completely understood but I was referring to to an old tom clancy novel where a muslim doctor from iran weaponized an airborne strain of ebola this administration has had scandal after scandal and cover up after cover up I have hot trusted them for years and given the chance I would not put anything past this administration and we are not a republian gov
    republican is a party that has to democratic

  7. Dear God I hope so I voted in my primary and the tea party guy lost to mitch mcconnell (I wont cap his name hes a rino and career dem In my opinion … but now what do I do vote for him hope for change and waste my vote on a write in or let hilliarys pet win ….. just fed up with it all

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