Homage to Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi

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Nancy Pelosi may be the best friend that conservatives have. 
The seventy-six year old multi-millionaire who represents California’s 12th District (San Francisco) has presided over the demise of the Democrat Party from her seat in The People’s House.  Some Republicans had harsh words for her election to be House Minority Leader yet again. I take a very different approach. 
It’s Ms. Pelosi who says that the Democrat Party has it right – and that the public simply doesn’t understand how well they have it.
She’s also the same politician who coined the word, astroturf, for the Tea Party, claiming that it was a fake grass roots movement because people took time off work, showed up to protests well groomed, and picked up their trash when they left. If the Republicans can keep Rep. Pelosi in House leadership for another 8 years or until she dies (whichever comes first). It may shrink the Dems to a few concentrated populations in California, New York, Massachusetts, some Indian reservations and ghettos. It’s headed that way now but she can pound nails in that coffin.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the San Francisco democrat is the ninth wealthiest member of Congress and has a net worth of $197 million. She postures herself as “one of the plebs”, and she’s anything but. Rep. Pelosi typifies the coastal elite class that more and more makes up the Democrat Party.

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20 thoughts on “Homage to Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi

  1. $197 million! That's a very powerful sum of money. I guess that makes her a socialist.

    BUt I agree, Nancy's our friend.

  2. $197 million, from her service to the nation, I'm sure. She doesn't give it to the poor though, and near as I can tell, has not moved illegal aliens onto even one of her five mansions/estates.

  3. Unless the Dems put Keith Ellison in charge at the DNC. Topping Nancy Pelosi in block headedness is tough, but that's an appointment that would be even better for Conservatives.

  4. I still would like to see her publicly hanged. If we start doing public hangings again, that is…

  5. Re: Keith Ellison at DNC…
    Puleese! Don't toss me in dat briar patch, Missa Fox! Don't toss me in thar!

    Here's hoping they install Ellison and his Koranic logic as DNC head. I love it!

  6. Tossing the rope over the light pole — or slapping the horse on the rump such that it rides out from under her, would both be jobs that I'd interview for.

  7. Just look at how mean spirited you guys are! Lynching, in all manners of execution, is a violent method. You brutes. Now me, I'm in favor of a lethal injection, and there's no pain involved. That's just the kind of guy I am, you know, decent. Not like you guys….

  8. I heard Nasty Pelosi in a recent interview after the losses the Dems suffered nationally say "we just didn't get the word out on our positions on the issues critically important to the American people." I found myself yelling at the TV set "everybody, even those with half a brain, heard your message loud and clear, Nasty. Loud and clear, and we want no more of it."

    Didn't get the word out, my butt. These guys are completely delusional.

  9. The hydra's teeth have been sewn and others are popping up. Living here, you see it and it's not pretty.

  10. Today she's pressing Obama to pardon the illegal immigrants. We're not even talking out of touch now with her. We're talking zombie brain death

  11. He'd have to do it by name. I don't think that a president could pardon a nation or a category of people. If he could to do that, he'd pardon every black felon and open the prisons as he's been trying to do.

    Hillary is nuts.

  12. I would love to lethally inject her. But she would have to be tied down…or up…tie her up on the light pole, and I will inject.

    *USSS, I am joking. Really.

  13. *This is all harmless speculation. None of us are serious. You'll note that I am advocating that Pelosi remain in office and in House leadership for as long as possible, for America's sake.

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