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Mostly Medical Bullet Points

* The University of California San Diego’s top-rated medical school integrates progressive social justice and racial politics into its curriculum in an effort to “expand medicine’s role as a mechanism of social engineering.”

* Putin scrapes the bottom of the barrel in his announced trip to Iran.

* Bio-Security State — “It is inconceivable on any level that thorough testing would not be required for life-altering drugs such as experimental mRNA injections, but Big Pharma’s influence over the FDA has accomplished just that, giving eugenicists full and autonomous control over human health and genome. Thus, humans are the last frontier to be conquered in the quest for total resource management, aka Technocracy.” ⁃ TN Editor

* Wishing LSP a swift recovery from his hernia operation. I’m a little hurt that he didn’t ask me to perform the surgery. I’m a renowned trail surgeon. Really, I’m sure that if I studied a few pictures and had a full bottle of 55 year old Macallan-Lalique single malt to steady my hand that I could have done a great job. I operate for practice (medical practice), not even pretending that I’m a licensed surgeon. Who needs a license when somebody is in need of medical attention?

* Reference the above, as an amateur medical practitioner, I don’t believe that men can get pregnant – which is a big deal these days.  It’s only one reason to pick me to remove your tonsils – or straighten out your hernia. I need an attractive nurse with whom I will share the Macallan – and not one who looks more attractive as the drinking and surgery proceeds.


Aliens Among Us

Used my per capita data of Bigfoot/Ghost/UFO sightings to create a “Paranormal Score” for each state Scores above 1 (green) indicate higher than average paranormal sightings, scores below 1 (yellow) lower than average WA has the highest paranormal score by far, followed by MT/OR.

The Paranormal Score is calculated by comparing Bigfoot/Ghost/UFO sightings in each state to the national average (1=average), than averaging those 3 types of sightings.

The Bigfoot sightings may have skewed the results toward Washington/Oregon and Montana. I didn’t make the map. Just sharing the results.


Cows per square mile in the Contiguous United States.


Blast from the Past

Not that long ago, but long enough. A lot of my recreation time was spent on off-pavement runs with friends (pictured right). MRSLL was running around the nation as a cosmetics executive and the kids were mostly grown and didn’t want to go along all the time. It was on one of those runs where I found the White Wolf Mine (without the hovel that I built/had built) that became home. The road above – massively less traveled because of very deep, dry, get-stuck-in sand was one of those places I found by accident, west of Kanab, UT. Once found, I brought others along. I don’t do those adventures/expeditions very often now, but I miss them. Living in the remote mountains takes some of that need to get into the remote mountains out of my blood.

52 thoughts on “Mid-Week

  1. In my younger days my buddies and I ran the dirt roads in a 4 county area, either in 4 wheel drives or dirt bikes. I know every road that is a mile long driveway with a shotgun at the end of it, plus everyone that becomes impassable with a 1/4” of rain. Knowledge that has served me well with my fire department supervisor job. If my people are lost they call me. None of my time doing that was wasted in my estimation.

    1. It’s useful to know the area where you live – well.

      When I first moved to the Mogollon Rim, I realized that while I found the place where I “wanted to move,” I knew next to nothing about it. I knew about the three big battles between the Apache and the US Army that were fought here, about the Pleasant Valley War (sheep men vs cattlemen), and I knew a little of the topography, but it’s taken me three years doing what you did to really understand which road goes where.

      1. A minor pastime is watching YouTube videos of off road recoveries. Somehow I doubt you need their service. Being prepared, two is one, etc. In my younger days had occasions to use a hi-lift jack as a winch. Slow, but the job gets done.

        1. I’ve done my share of recoveries, sometimes recovering myself. I’m not to proud to admit that. In the rig, I have a Bushmaster X-Jack, 50′ of winch (steel) cable, a 40′ strap, U-joints, Hi-Lift (yes, can be used as a come-along) Warn winch with synthetic cable, and Delrin rollers that don’t chafe the synthetic cable, and so forth. I have a big Pelican case in the back where the smaller pieces are kept. I know how to bury a spare tire and winch from that if there are no large trees or rocks, etc. Even all that is sometimes not enough.

  2. LL, “as an amateur medical practitioner” you’re clearly “transphobic”, maybe you need to take this moron’s class to “get your mind right”:

    Law professor Khiara Bridges’ exchange with Sen. Josh Hawley:

    “Females are not “birth parents.” We are a “person with the capacity for pregnancy.” “Many women, sis women have the capacity for pregnancy. Many sis women do not have the capacity for pregnancy. There are also transmen who are capable of pregnancy, as well as non binary people who are capable of pregnancy.”

    Well, there you have it. That exchange pretty much covers her tortured brain activity, along with some portion of society who’d agree with her, having wandered so far off the reservation and into the mental institute basement they couldn’t find their way out with Google maps. Maybe it’s from eating too much Lab Meat and multiple Covid Crap “Boosters”. These people are a cancer, locusts swarming at every level.

    Same goes with that lunatic so-called doctor who made up the story of the raped Ohio 10 year-old forced to go to Indiana for an abortion because…Supreme Court ruling!! Sick in the head. There is only one remedy available for excising that sort because evil people tend to hang on forever.

    Critical to know ones spot on the map. Exploration is half the fun, learning the history is the other half. Gives one understanding in where they reside.

    1. One former (thankfully) daughter-in-law about two years ago went from “Jenifer” to “Cody”. Still drinks in excess. Such a tortured soul! My son is still friendly with “Cody” but their contact is limited to cell phones and the internet. I’m sincerely grateful they never reproduced.

    2. There is XX and XY – and in a microscopically small part of the population, XXY mutations. You could call them mutants but that would be unkind. They can’t help it.

      However, I’m not averse to calling the majority of LGBTQI people “mutants”. They may not be genuine genetic mutations but they wish to pretend to be so identified – so I’m ok with LGBRQI-M.

      1. “Mutants”. Fits perfectly. Personifies their mentality, because in “the image of God” they were created yet are not living as such. But who am I to Judge, I leave that to Him. In the meantime I keep my distance when it can be helped, too close is dangerous…for them.

      2. XXY people were for many years helped by the late Stanley Biber, MD, Trinidad, CO. In a very conservative town and county, he was respected and served in several elected political offices. His patients needed extended stays in Trinidad and the locals treated them decently. 2003-2006 we had several off site car sales in Trinidad and I got to know many of the locals. When asked about Biber’s patients they usually just shrugged.

    3. The medical profession is pozzed [1]. At least the academic portion of it. A shocking proportion of medical students think it is the right thing to do to ask pronouns on first meeting a patient. ANY patient [2]. At a recent mentorship conference (which actually had med students present, unlike professional academic conferences) I noticed that over 50% of the students were voluntarily wearing masks, while the percentage of us oldsters was maybe 15% tops. There was excited talk from a senior mentor about increasing “representation”, as in “Not only under-represented minorities, but also sexual minorities.” The students were ecstatic. I was disgusted.

      [1] “pozzed” has the slang meaning of “woke” or “adhering to leftist dogma” and is used in a negative pejorative sense. Many people know this. What is less well known is that the original meaning of the term was from “positive — for HIV”. There was this weird sort of identity movement where having HIV positivity apparently showed that you were dedicated to the stereotypical Bath House Homo lifestyle, and men deliberately set out to become infected. Sick. Figuratively and literally. (And expensive — for the rest of us. Who pays for those highly profitable anti-HIV medications? Us of course.)

      [2] If any MD treating me asks my pronouns I will walk out. I have a male name. I have a beard (usually). I present as male; I don’t do the “John Wayne” thing (which I never liked) but there is no uptalkng, nervous giggling, or soyface (all three of which that I see increasingly on young men). The “what are your pronouns” thing is worse than ridiculous. It is a deliberate assault on normal people and traditional values.

      1. To the credit of the surgical team when they cut me last December (about 3 hours on the table) before I went out, the team was chanting, “Fuck Joe Biden”. I may have encouraged it but they didn’t ask pronouns and we had political discussions. 2 of the 4 were planning on leaving California. The 2 who weren’t wanted to but family situations got in the way and they couldn’t.

        I wasn’t a bad influence on them. They’d made up their minds long before meeting me.

        Now if I’d been in the Bay Area, they’d have cut off my balls during surgery.

        1. Your well-honed ESP would have woken you up preventing them from continuing..and with so many weapons around they might not have fared well in the attempt. After, you’d have stapled yourself up, added some triple antibiotic and a bandage, gotten dressed, eaten the butterscotch pudding, then walked out.

          Just like the movies.

          1. YOU might be Chuck Norris, we don’t have a picture of you two together in the same room!

          1. I asked Cowboys & Indians to scrub the Aspen socialite western themed fundraiser pics to keep my true identity mum.

      2. and here I always thought the word “pozzed” (I am not Wiktionary) arose from the Italian “pazzo” meaning crazy

  3. darn ll, you tried to go to a peaceful place but wound up in an area of historic conflict. i believe these things repeat.

  4. For the “Paranormal Score” it would be interesting to bump that map up against legalized pot map.

    1. I know that in the Age of Timothy Leary and Orange Sunshine, the Laguna Beach crowd was continually reporting flying saucers. Today the reporting crowd moved south to Del Mar (home of the Del Martians).

  5. “a full bottle of 55 year old Macallan-Lalique single malt” would be a great intro to an adventure story, or a lotteryesque fantasy exercise. Speaking of lotteries I actually recieved a $2 bill in the change from the grocery store today. I’ll have to pick some decent numbers so I can feel good about spending it, at least I can have a few hours of lottery dreaming. It sure won’t buy a gallon of gas, or milk, any longer. You know, the democrats will really be screwed if they raise lottery prices…..

    1. You can get two-dollar bills from the bank. You just have to give them notice. I give each of my grandkids a stack at Christmas. They enjoy spending them.

  6. 55 year old Macallan-lalique would be a waste on me. My palate is not that refined, kind of happy about that because plain old Glenfiddich suites me just fine. Much easier on the wallet.

    Most of the roads/tracks I used to travel in Montana now are reserved for ATVs with posts set 48 inches apart to limit access so not even UTVs can get to the places I sued to drive a Jeep Wagoneer to. Not progress.

    FDA/Big Pharma seems to be a revolving door. A CEO or chief scientist for a drug company will leave the company and go to work at the FDA/CDC managing that company’s drugs for the government. If there was one good thing about the COVID debacle it’s that it taught a lot f people to question everything. Now, how to convince the rest.

    1. Most of the roads/tracks I used to travel in Montana now are reserved for ATVs

      On my last trip to the Grand Staircase National whatever in S/E Utah, the forest service or whoever blocked off the road that I usually used, so I got out of the rig, did a walk around, stacked some rocks, and rolled around the blockage on the PUBLIC Road. Later in this same visit, I found a road reserved for ATVs, took a photo of the sign and found a workaround. I still have the photo on this computer. Now, you can call me an abuser if you’d like but in BOTH CASES they were public roads on public land and I took umbrage with the Forest Service. In Arizona, there are rules about which forest roads you can traverse, and they really don’t want. you leaving the dirt roads. BUT to explore some mining claims that I may wish to purchase, I needed to use them, so I marked them on my map and did so. Ed, I can be a bit of an “arse” with these things, but I do tread lightly and don’t tear things up.

      1. LL, I have driven around those posts on several occasions and think that as long as someone respects the land there is no problem. Some you just can’t get around though darn it. I normally go out by myself and as I get older it gets a bit tougher to self rescue although a Hi-Lift can be a wonderful thing.

          1. Add a couple of t-posts in the event you need to set the tire hanging over air on something before winching. Don’t ask me how I know this (at the time it was my ‘85 Toyota pickup, my first and a great pickup other than the 4-banger power plant.).

    1. My mom had that surgery a number of years back. They found an interesting collection of gall stones in the process. She recovered and carried on a number of years until her heart gave out.

      1. I think that Jules is somewhere around 40. Hopefully, she has a number of years ahead of her.

    2. Jules is a rock star…that was hilarious despite the seriousness of going under the knife.

      Rest up.

  7. There’s a small issue with the cow density map – it goes by COWnty.

    Bristol County R.I. is only 21 sq. mi. of land area, Newport County R.I. is only 102 sq. mi.
    of land area… doesn’t take many cows to make them look like cattle country, when they aren’t.


  8. There is a lot of BLM land in the West (no, not Seattle or SFO).
    Conflicts occasionally arise as to access.
    Sometimes adjacent landowners try to keep the public from using these lands.
    One of the young guys I worked with liked to run hounds and hunt on a piece of BLM range and was told by a landowner that he could not hunt on that piece of BLM property.
    The hound-dog-man proceeded to open the gate and the landowner shot him through the chest with a .30-’06.
    Before he died the hound-dog-man drew his Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum and shot the landowner through the head.

    On entering an unfamiliar area: the Brits picked up a word from Aribic: it literally means “look”, but has evolved into a term for a quick reconnoiter upon entering a new area.
    I have worked on this concept with the younger progeny (that and not walking around looking at the cell phone instead of their surroundings). None of them get it.

    Cows: the seal of the county in which I reside is graced with the head of Hereford bull. I live in an area of California that votes on the side of conservative politics and the sheriff has a pretty much ” shall issue” policy which drives the SFPD insane when one of our citizens pass through.

    The XX XY XXY thing kind of goes out the window when you do a strip-search and discover unexpected parts not due to surgery.
    Kind of a shock to a country boy

    1. I arrested a black male prostitute, posing as a female. He only gave BJs. He placed a piece of foam in his nether regions with a cut out for his courting tackle. When I drove through the salley port I called for a jail matron to do the strip search. She came out of the search cage with a very red face.

      1. A guy I went to high skool with always said when he graduated, he was gonna move to DC and become a metropolitan po-lease like his big brother, and eventually he did. After various jobs in the department, he became a detective, first in robery and then into homicide. I was out that direction on bidness and looked him up. He took me down to where he first walked a beat with various stories of what happened here and there and then we drove thru the hooker areas and then into the tranny hooker areas. Made me damn proud to be an American to see all that in our nation’s crapital. This was over 30-years ago; don’t imagine it’s any better nowadays. Anyway, he took me into roll call the next morning and now I know what the guy who fell into the shark tank felt like. After 19 years on the job, he had a massive coronary in the living room at home, fell down dead. RIP Louis Greene, should anyone out that direction know the name, gone but not fer-got.

  9. Wishing both Jules and LSP a complete and speedy recovery. I am sure both will be aided in the recovery process by their four footed family members.

  10. “Living in the remote mountains takes some of that need to get into the remote mountains out of my blood.”

    Doing so – maybe not as remote as WWM – cured me of the desire “to go camping” for the sake of camping. Too much like sleeping outside in my yard – I can do that for free … and with plumbing. Camping these days is for when I’m too far out to head back in to find a motel.

    1. Agree. Camping just might be me opening up the french doors to the back deck. That way I have a comfortable bed, indoor plumbing etc. Civilization is there for a reason might as well use it. On the other hand when you are 4 hours away from the nearest motel or restaurant camping out does have its place.

  11. About your last picture: you found the Barracks road. It was one of the routes ranchers used to move their cattle from summer ranges on Cedar Mountain and the west Paunsagaunt to winter on the Arizona Strip. That is indeed a sandy stretch from where vehicles are down to the East Fork of the Virgin. Relatively unknown a decade or so ago, now it’s wall to wall (or bumper to bumper) ATVs.

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