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A fried pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. They’ve
got you covered.

It’s pronounced “Frad Payeh” and they’re good. 

When I’m in Texas, I make it a point to get at least one frad payeh, cooked in erl. The cherry pies are excellent as are the apricot pies, and the peach pies, and the blackberry pies. 
You can’t get them in California, likely because it’s illegal to serve them there. So goes the People’s Republik of Kalifornia—always looking out for my own good.

I don’t suggest that they are good for me, just that they are delicious to eat.

Cherry frad payeh
The Tex-Mex frad payeh is a fried pie with chili inside.

I always ask the nice lady at the fried pie store to make mine fresh, which they always do if I ask. Normally you stop at the fried pie store when you finish the training day at the range.  If you are on a diet, you should decline ice cream on your fresh, hot cherry pie. It shows willpower and character to say, “NO!” to vanilla ice cream dolloped on top of your pie.

I expect that I will get one for the road when I leave town and head back west, toward the Pacific Ocean…ok, maybe two.

18 thoughts on “Ye Olde Fried Pie Shoppe

  1. That sounds like a slice of heaven to me. Everything in moderation, sometimes moderation.

  2. I'm in! But where do you get these in Texas? I've never seen them in H-Town, but that's the only place I've been lately.

  3. I know that they're in Hillsboro and Cisco. It's a chain so they have to be in Houston as well, but it's such a massive city that you'd need to Google it.

  4. Open one there at the Mountain of Christ where you live in Colorado. It would be a BIG HIT!

  5. 2615 North Stallings Drive, Nacagdoches TX 75964 and the location on I-35 in Hillsboro are the closest to Houston. Most of them are in Central and East Texas… except the one in Cisco on Hwy 20

  6. Excellent! Thanks for the locations. I can hunt those down when I get there next time. Unfortunately, it will be a while. All the Houston guys I work with are coming to see us at Langley, VA next month(I commute from Colorado to VA irregularly), so we'll just have to wow them with Chesapeake Bay seafood and no frad payehs for now. But I'll ask them if they eat 'em. They sound amazing.

  7. Whatever you do, avoid the "Mexican Food" in Northern Virginia. All the restaurants are run by El Salvadorans and they don't do well at "Mexican cuisine". I know, trust me. The seafood is a real winner!

  8. GOMC — if you keep an eye open, in Texas, you start seeing them, but mainly in kolache country. There's the chain but also mom and pop frad payeh ops too, and they can be even tastier. Just so you know.

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