Did Dinosaurs Contract COVID-19?

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(link) Three TSA staff who work at San Jose airport test positive for coronavirus sending all employees who came into contact with them into quarantine and sparking fears they could have passed it on to thousands of passengers.
Passengers and their luggage was pawed by three TSA staff, and they interacted with other TSA staff who likely haven’t shown symptoms yet. 
I realize that you, healthy people don’t die of this particular plague often, but there are a lot of old people who are at risk who passed through those gates.

10 thoughts on “Did Dinosaurs Contract COVID-19?

  1. If President Trump were to have time to think about it, this would be a great reason to stop the farce that is the TSA.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. I like that. Perhaps LL or someone can suggest it to him. Save us a bunch of tax dollars.

  3. Seen on another site regarding the T Rex – maybe it is always shown on TV/movies as snarling because a certain region is itchy, and his arms are too short for scratching it :)

  4. The Israelis profile you to death, but there is no TSA in Israel and their civilian aircraft aren't hijacked. That's the El Al answer. TSA doesn't stop much in my opinion. They simply make everyone miserable.

    Even though the Democrats howl and hate TSA as much as we do, you can only imagine what they'd do if President Trump disbanded the bureaucracy. I think that the solution is to "Precheck" and do backgrounds on would be fliers, even though some disqualifications of Muslims who move in circles would be "racist". That happens now. I have a SENTRI pass, I have every trusted traveler clearance that I know of, yet in some airports, like Honolulu, I'm still forced through the chute with the herd. TSA does not operate the same way in all locations. It's mystifying.

  5. That would make me into a crabby grouch too.

    Some say that T-Rex's went extinct because they couldn't throw hand grenades far enough. It's about as good of a theory as any other.

  6. "The Israelis profile you to death, but there is no TSA in Israel and their civilian aircraft aren't hijacked"

    Indeed. I point out the Israeli strategy as a more useful model, but of course that would never fly (so to speak) in these United States. A little while back I happened to pass through BOS Logan TSA with a fellow who claimed to have been (in a past life) a security consultant for El Al. His hatred of and professional disdain for the TSA was not only palpable, but actively radiated from every pore.

    In my limited experience, TSA at local/regional airports are more efficient and more courteous than those at large hubs. MHT beats BOS hands down; DIA was much much worse than COS, and so forth.

  7. TSA is a welfare program; the Dems will never let it go.

    Also a great way to steal innocent peoples' money through the vile act of Civil Forfeiture.

    It was never about any good motive.

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