Why do we still cling to the United Nations?

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What possible value does the UN have to the United States of America today?
I understand what many other nations get out of it. They can send spies posing as ‘delegation staff’ to New York, they get free money and every minor despot and potentate gets a pulpit from which to attack the US.

Isn’t it time to allow the UN to go somewhere else? Why not Cuba or some other ‘worker’s paradise’? Let the minor nations of the world gather in Cuba and rant against Europe and the US like they do in so many other forums that nobody cares about. Why do we fund the rants against us?

6 thoughts on “Why do we still cling to the United Nations?

  1. [chickenlittle here, Google is doing weird shit to me again–probably a sign to get off]

    It'a conundrum. We started the UN, ostensibly to help guide the world after WW II. But the member representation (Britain and France both on the security council?) is itself a distortion.

    The UN is thermodynamically unstable. It's going to end one day and the aftermath is not going to be pretty.

    If it were located elesewhere, it would be diametrically opposed to us, even more so than it already is.

  2. We allow it because the ones charge feel guilty about our success. They are taking care of that here at home and in the UN.

  3. I often leave a comment here, and it gets lost in the ethernet…

    I think I will turn my lost comment about the sick amount of money we send to the UN and UN related scames…into a post

  4. Chickenlittle – If we ignore it and it goes somewhere else, will anyone really care about it?

    WoFat – Yeah, that's it.

    Odie – Nobody has made any attempt to shut the damned place down, Rep or Dem.

    NFO – Self Evident…

    Race – UN related scams would take up several posts. I'll look forward to reading your take on it.

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