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The 51st State Initiative is potentially only a symbolic gesture, but it expresses just how divided Colorado is (and much of the US is) because of policies being undertaken by the present administration in the state capitol and by extension, on the national stage.

A Google map of the Colorado counties that had added the 51st State Initiative to their ballots or are in talks to do so. According to 51st State Initiative organizers, the counties highlighted in yellow support the initiative and are likely to add it to their ballot. The counties in blue are still discussing the initiative. The counties in green have already added North Colorado to their ballots.

Phillips and Logan counties have become the latest to add the question of North Colorado to the ballot, joining Weld, Cheyenne, Sedgwick and Yuma Counties. Because it’s very unlikely that the Colorado legislature or the governor would let these counties go and even less likely that the US Congress would rubber stamp the deal, it says a lot about human desperation in the face of Constitutional attacks from liberals in Denver and Washington DC.

North Colorado would end up draining the best and the brightest from Colorado as people interested in living in a state that upholds the Constitution is formed. And how far behind North Colorado will South Colorado be? 

Meanwhile, back in Denver, the bitter governor, John Hickenlooper, lashes out at citizens who are pushing for recall elections for Democratic state senators who followed him like the lemming that they are. (READ MORE HERE)

The Colorado Governor went on to suggest that the elections are merely attempts by a radical few to “intimidate and punish a select number of Democratic legislators for daring to vote their conscience”. Well. . . I guess facing the discord of a gun owning public certainly could be intimidating. Oh, and let’s not forget that more people signed the petition to recall John Morse (one of the two State Senators who are currently facing recall) than originally voted him into office. Is the Colorado Governor really suggesting that legislators should be free from reprimand as long as they feel that they voted “their conscience”?

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  1. The Federal Govt. pays out pensions in all 50/51 states. They're not proposing to leave the country, just Colorado.

  2. I lived in Fort Collins for several years in the 1980s and again in the 90's. I see that Larimer county is blue, but that's only because of left-leaning voters in a couple communities. It, like the state, is caught in a city vs. country political divide.

  3. All politics is local.

    State battles are important. Especially voter ID. I bet a bunch of the Colorado-is-a-swing-state nonsense would fall down under the scrutiny of something as simple as voter ID.

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