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Youtube: The Greeks are spraying pig’s urine on Muslim refugees who are trying to cross the border into Greece from Turkey.

Now I understand that if you’re a Mohammedan, you think that it’s a horrible thing to do, but the Greeks are just trying to hold onto their sovereign nation and tall fences make for good neighbors. Not to say that Turkey is a good neighbor irrespective of how high you might build the wall.
The strategy is apparently working in the short term because the would be refugees don’t like being sprayed with pig urine.

When tear gas isn’t working the way you hoped that it might, other alternatives are sought.

21 thoughts on “Pig Urine

  1. Getting sprayed with pig urine would be gross to anybody….if they knew what it was. Just like hollow-point bullets packed with bacon grease, unless you tell the muzzrat before he expires, how would they know they are now impure and can't get into heaven? Unless you believe their anti-piggy nonsense as well.

  2. I think the border with Turkey should feature pig roasts and bacon cooking competitions 24/7 with ghurkas as judges.

  3. Wasn't there an American military expedition in Africa in the late 1800's where the greatly outnumbered troops dipped their rounds in bacon grease in front of the Muslim leaders representatives resulting in the Muslim hordes holding back? Perhaps it was British forces? If it is stupid but it works, it ain't stupid!

    Retired Cop

  4. Similar story out of the Philippines involving General Pershing. Many sources say it is false. Who knows?

  5. My dad used to suggest threatening potential terrorist that should they die after committing a terrorist act, their remains would tossed into a pig pen for porcine consumption. Half serious, but half not.

    I, on the other hand, believe it would work a treat.

  6. The Greek Border Police/guards told the Mohammedans what they were going to be sprayed with. They remained near the fence, and got a bath. The Greeks are going to need to collect a lot more pig urine. Air drops from crop dusters might back them down the road further.

  7. Retired and WSF, I know that during the war with the Barbary Pirates, captured Mohammedans were questioned. If the US Navy didn't like the answers, they were sewed up in pig carcasses, a cannon ball was added and tossed over the side. After that, the rest were more forthcoming about Pirate harbor defenses.

  8. Ending up as pigshit rather than going to their 72 virgins? A fitting conclusion to their filthy lives.

  9. What's wrong with .50 BMG? Sure the cost per round is high, but the effect per round can be net cost effective. Of course, the place to use it is when rafts are about a mile off shore, not in country at the gates.

  10. At the request of Greece, Bulgaria opened an Evros River dam located on its territory on Monday in order to cause intentional flooding and make it more difficult for migrants amassed at the Greek-Turkish border to cross the river.


  11. They are starting not to be, squeamish that is.

    Occasionally the strong past gets more attention than "oopa" and dancing after too much ouzo.

    First Italy, now Greece. What next? Spain recovers its testicles? France starts to remember Charles 'The Hammer' Martel? Romania remembers a guy called 'Vlad' and decides to decorate their forests for Halloween real early

  12. Don't discount the value of ouzo and lamb souvlaki. It would be nice if Europe would grow a spine but – who knows. The Greeks don't want a million unemployed military age Muslim males in their country. It's a start.

  13. I made the recommendation that they load crop dusters with pig urine and rain it down after first dropping propaganda leaflets. Opening the dam is a short term problem. Nightly runs with the crop dusters are also short term, but they make a point.

  14. Yes, indeed, there have been shots fired on the Turkey-Greek Border and I expect that there will be more. This has not gone away and based on what the Sultan said, the pressure campaign will only ratchet up.

  15. I hadn't heard about the P.U.just the dam and the shots. Sounds like there might be more of the latter in short order.

  16. His other solution™ was to bombard them with pork products (the gooey bits that don't make it to sausage production- no fool he).

    Logistics of the viscera-to-muzzie pipeline were best left to someone else, he said. "I'm am idea guy."

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