Crazy Saturday

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For the VW owner who doesn’t know whether they’re coming or going.
I’ll bet that you read it.
Taking out political enemies one at a time – until she’s in charge.
When you’re not quite sure how you feel about sodomy. 

10 thoughts on “Crazy Saturday

  1. It's Saturday. I have a bit of a head ache. I slept late. Tomorrow is Sunday. I have nothing more to say.

  2. See a silver dollar on the ground? Don't pick up, kick it back home. Unless you're in Dallas, in which case you're probably too sick to do anything anyway.

  3. If I bend over to pick it up with my left hand, my right hand will be on a Colt 1911 with +P+ ammo on my back, pointing aft.

  4. Personally, I think Hillary ought to stick with the flying monkeys in her ad campaign. The hangman is over the top.

  5. Really? You think so?

    The Winki Guards at her castle and the Flying Monkeys are so cliche these days. Ever since that Oz movie came out…

  6. I think that in San Francisco, you're encouraged to hand those around you condoms before you bend to pick up the coin. Having a less than bath-house-mentality, I find that the .45 is far more appropriate.

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