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  1. Please stop reading my mind, Opus, or Men-in-Black will take you away and lock you up for possessing all of those national secrets… ;^)

  2. Race, there's a world of difference between the VOLT and the BMW I8…

    Old NFO, there is no price but the speculation runs rampant. I think BMW will want to grab the market in a price range. The $250K number is only my uneducated guess.

  3. I love the second photo of the BMW car with the bizarre white and blue design. Those sliding doors and huge wheels are breathtaking! Driving one down the road will definitely get heads turning towards it. =)

  4. I would be proud too, if I happened to own one of these cool cars! Though the 2nd one is still in production, many will look forward to its release. But I do like the third car. The futuristic look and style looks very attractive and dynamic. The colors look cool too!

  5. These cars definitely have character. From the styling to the build, everything exudes uniqueness and individuality. Iā€™m pretty sure a lot of car enthusiasts would love to have their hands on these works of art. It will surely give them an amazing driving experience!

  6. Now that I-8 is, I believe, the future of motoring! It's striking, fast, and very eco-friendly. The I-8 features an electric motor that produces 131 horsepower and twin power sources that are not connected to each other but work together. This allows the car to run with both power sources or independently of each other. Cool, right? šŸ™‚


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