The Value of Suppression

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Peace, through superior firepower.


Why has it taken THIS LONG?

The US Marine Corps has started fielding suppressors to rifle squads …more here. (h/t Claudio)

The service “began the process of fielding thousands of suppressors to infantry, reconnaissance and special operation units” in December for use on the Corps’ arsenal of M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles, M4 carbines, and M4A1 Close Quarter Battle Weapons…

The Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons are all suppressed as well. They will chamber the 6.8 SOCOM cartridge, while the Marine Corps will stick with 5.56 mm for the time being.


In the USA, the government taxes civilian silencers. Why is that? Did the Constitution mention that necessity in the Second Amendment?


Old as Dirt?

I suspect that I am because I can recall this far back. How things have changed.


Some People take armor — too far.

Yes, I know that it’s concept art – but even so.


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29 thoughts on “The Value of Suppression

    1. Well, yes, it’s true that the Naval Infantry (USMC) does tend to take second place to buying ships and squadrons. The SEALs (Naval Special Warfare) gets their funding from the Army’s SOC budget so they have lots of cool toys. Before they did that, the were even lower on the totem pole (now considered to be a racist comment) than the USMC and still had left over junk from WW2 to operate with. The moral of the story is that you need to tap into the Big Army or USAF/Space Force Guardians of the Galaxy budget if you want to play with the cool stuff.

  1. Yes, I remember those McDonald’s menus as well. One of my friend’s in college would get two double cheeseburgers, a small order of fries, and a medium Coke, as it was exactly $2. That way he could budget $10 a week for lunch as he worked his way through college.

    1. Taco Bell was good and cheap once. Now it’s neither. What happened? They also support Black Lives Matter, so I won’t go there.

      1. You can’t deficit spend into the many tens of trillions if you need to have your currency backed by gold. American currency today is like the cold kiss of a stepmother.

  2. Another memory trigger.
    While the prices weren’t quite THAT low when the following happened, it was still low:
    I was part of a group dribbling a basketball across the state to raise money for a fellow college student diagnosed with cancer. At the end, a local McDonald’s said ‘first time through all participants get a free order’, of the participants’ choice. When my turn came, I gave my order and everyone behind the counter turned around to look. They were curious who could possibly eat all of that. As it turned out, I could have ordered more, as I still had empty stomach space.

  3. If suppressors are issued to ordinary soldiers, they move to the center of the civilian capability 2A is supposed to be protecting. (Not that any part of government respects that)

  4. I hate that cans are an NFA item. In Europe a can is a courtesy to others, but here in the US it’s a tool of assassins and therefore must be regulated.

  5. Sigh… I remember that menu too… And the lede is why I can’t get a damned suppressor out of SureFire until ‘maybe’ 2022… sigh

    1. Everyone needs to go full suppressed. They’d go crazy building enough prisons for all of us.

      1. A glass mug even – in high school, during the summer, I’d play some tennis and then swing over to A&W for a quart of root beer. Never found anything that tasted as good as their flavor of root beer in that mug.

        1. A&W forgot their roots. NOTHING tasted better than their root beer in a frosty glass mug. Then they went to paper or plastic mugs for dine-in and – yeah, tasted ok, but not the same.

  6. Our local root beer was Hires. A big mug of that with a scoop of local diary (Weber’s) vanilla ice cream on a hot day was heavenly….

    1. Once you drop the uber cold vanilla into the root beer, it all changes and the wonderfulness of the experience is elevated.

  7. Supressors cool finally. Be nice if they could go piston with that. Supressor on DI = even dirtier. 6.8 would be nice too. Leave it to the DOD. Never change just one thing change it all and roll It out across all the players over decades. Gotta keep the logistics guys busy. Bullpups are weird unless you are clearing halways (in which case I have been jonesing for one of those KSG shotguns), but for rifle shooting the ergos suck. Ammo Telescoping and plastic bullets are weird. SIG for the win. I admit I am a fanboy. Still love the m11/p228 after carrying it for years. Sig is the new Colt.

  8. Think of all the money the VA could have saved on hearing loss over the years, if we didn’t equip our Service personnel based upon feelz ?


    1. It would have saved my hearing. My right ear (shooting ear) has severe hearing loss. My ego won’t allow me to buy a hearing aid, but one day – if I live long enough, I’ll have to tumble for it.

      1. My son lost hearing while rattling around in tanks, those things tend to be noisy.
        He also got a bum knee and ankle out of it as well.

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