Cheating Death (ride the way-back machine)

These photos were taken following an ambush in Mexico c. 2009. I’ve heard it said that any ambush you walk away from is a success story. It’s better if you’re sitting in the back seat…

The black and whites were taken by the Mexican police. I asked for 8×10 glossies.

Sometimes life and death are measured by a split second.

The Federales orbiting around the scene.


Church of St. George

The Church of St. George was built in the 15th century and acquired its final appearance in 1678. It is famous for its unique interior paintings and no less unique iconostasis from the mid-17th century.


It would suck to be from a nation that is poorer than Botswana – I’m not a hater, just saying.


Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness


A Note on Fuel Prices

In June 2018, heading into the midterms, President Trump requested that Saudi Arabia and its cartel, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, lower energy prices by increasing output, and the kingdom complied.

Prices bottomed out in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, and usage sank to record lows. Prices surged once the pandemic waned and the economy reopened, and Jo/Ho in August 2021 requested that OPEC again increase output. This time MBS refused, angry at having yet to be granted an audience with Brandon and contemptuous of the U.S. pullback from the war in Yemen.


h/t Frank


That Looked Familiar




  1. Can’t even spend that massive 2 cent fuel pump savings at Dollar General, still 23 cents shy of the BuilDBackStupider Dollar Twenty-Five General.

    Appears the amateurs (aka politicians) believe they are the height of merciful and doing God’s work despite turning everything they touch to garbage. Satan has them deluded to the point of insanity while feeling good about themselves.

    That interior, when art transcends mere construction, lifting the spirit. Notre Dame will not be Notre Dame if it is rebuilt as the moronic politicians prefer. Thankfully the Guild isn’t listening.

      • ExactLy. That scene of tossing bread to the fawning crowds, who the “merciful” were starving. Food with entertainment wins the populace.

  2. i call it devine intervention. can’t cheat death. i believe if its your day its your day, ambush or sleeping in your bed. after the ambush i would have gone to the next church on the road and bent my knee. ” the day of my death was recorded before i was even born. why then should i fear it?” attributed to t.j. “stonewall” jackson.

  3. All of the following seen over at AOSHQ.
    Word of the Day:FACINORIOUS(adj.)
    extremely wicked
    Heh. Anybody else read this as ‘faucinorious’?

    • Fauci will apparently not be held to account for funding and participating in gain of function research at the Chinese Bio-Weapons Lab. But it doesn’t mean that shouldn’t fear the reaper.

    • The democrat agenda is not an American agenda. People who have the hearts of beasts can not understand this because of the narcissistic strain that runs through them.

  4. I read this as a pretty powerful sermon. A second? Are we ready to meet Him? And then the uplift and truth of St. George compared to the chicanery, malfeasance and hypocrisy of our elite Overlords.

    Powerful stuff.

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