The War Next Door

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It’s an interesting war really. And somewhat unique since there are occasions when prisoners are released from a prison, go forth, commit massacres and then they go back into custody that night. Check out this link from PBS
As the reporter in the PBS piece reports, it’s not unusual for one political hopeful who is doing badly in the polls to hire a narco-assassin to murder his more successful opponent.  Welcome to modern Mexico. I haven’t read the book being touted by PBS – El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency. However, I sort of live that every day so I’m sure that I’d end up finding fault here and there. Part of the problem with the whole examination of Mexican drug cartels is a general ignorance on the part of Americans (even most in law enforcement circles) as to how they really work.
There was a time when 220 lbs (100 kg) of cocaine sounded like a lot to me. Today, a ton of cocaine (standard or metric ton, doesn’t matter) doesn’t even cause me to raise an eyebrow. Am I becoming a cynic?
I hear people asking, “what is the United States doing” about the war across the border. The official death toll is 45,000 – and the real numbers according to people who live the war are likely exceeding 150,000. To get an official answer, you’d have to go to somebody like Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. However, she doesn’t have a clue. And US Attorney General Eric Holder would lie to you in much the same way as he lies to Congress regarding his roll in Operation Gunrunner (Democratic Party effort to impose gun control on the innocent firearms owners in the US by manufacturing false statistics through facilitating the transfer of thousands of firearms to the Sinaloa Federation in the hope that they’d use them in the US against citizens, therefore creating a hue and cry against US gun stores).
It’s the War Next Door.

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  1. LL, the real problem is they don't have an answer, so they think by ignoring it, it will all go away… The fact is, it's HERE in the US today…

  2. Investigative efforts inside the U.S. focus on interdiction (which targets couriers and the endless supply of product) and on street level investigations, which only go up one level or two.

    The Cartels don't care if you take the product, there's always more…and they certainly don't care if you put the American's in prison – there's always more of those too. And after years of this War Next Door – there are less Mexicans to get in their way.

  3. Deprive the Narco-traficantes of their subsidized revenues by decriminalizing their product.

    The ONLY reason kids really use the shit is because its illegal and therefore "COOL".

    Here's a thought, make good fun and healthy endorphin generating exercise illegal, then the kids would go all out for that.

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